FEMM post polished version of ‘Girls Night Out’ video

Pop mannequins FEMM previously graced us with a closer look into their creative process by releasing a prototype version of their music video ‘Girls Night Out,’ but now they’ve done it up like it’s their birthday and it’s ready for our lesser eyes to see.

It’s a very visual and color-heavy experience; a huge improvement from the prototype, so check it out!

It hasn’t been decided WHEN and what form this song will be released on, but ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ will be available on iTunes worldwide on July 30th! Everything else they’ve released so far is on iTunes already.

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    • idi u kurac

      these girls r so overrated the only reason why anyone cares about them is because “fuck boys get money” is exactly what angry tumblr girls want to be hearing

      • Guest

        I don’t know. I hated that song with passion but I find this one very catchy. At least it’s not snooze inducing like the stuff E-Girls and AKB put out.

        • iGleaux

          Aww I like an E-girls song or two but lmao.

      • Cosmic Unicorn

        “The only reason people even like them is because they make stuff that people like”

        That’s what you just said.

      • iGleaux

        Tumblr users piss so many people off. I love it.

        • idi u kurac

          oh yes pissing people off for the fun of it is so mature

          • iGleaux

            But you’re mad about a diverse group of people who use a social media/blog site and making assumptions about all them over a pop song. Okkkaaaayyyy…

            • idi u kurac

              oooo yaaaa they’re all so diverse when they’re so easily manipulated and just like whatever is the flavour of the month

      • Juan Torres

        They are like a japanese version of any American crap music, nothing special, I still don’t know why all the excitement for this group.

      • Guest

        You forgot the delusional K-Pop stans who are convinced one of them is Kiko Mizuhara and that G-Dragon is somehow involved in the making of their music.

        • idi u kurac

          lmfao i was not aware of that but it does not surprise me at all. fuckin retards everywhere

    • Nayla Rêgo Monteiro

      thesseeee cuties are perfect<3 muc loveeee<3 i already want a new song hihih

    • tiffany nicole

      are they sisters or something?

    • iGleaux

      They are going to have all my damn money.

    • Minako

      Love them, I really need a album or something like that.