E-girls take on Las Vegas in “Love ☆ Queen” PV

Girl group E-girls have revealed the video for “Love ☆ Queen“!

The music video unveils the new E-girls over an eight bar intro that show offsets the dazzling video and high energy song. Their most ambitious project yet, the video was filmed in the United States, most notably Las Vegas. The variety of shots place the members against the backdrop of the red-brown sandstone of Valley of Fire State Park, with the classic neon lights along the Las Vegas Strip, showing off their sexy and powerful dancing at the club, at the casino, as well as scenes within the Paris Las Vegas hotel.

This is the group’s first release since the announcement of E.G Family, which revealed some major changes regarding the entire structure of E-girls including the disbandment of Dream and graduation of Dream Ami.

Check it out below!

Love ☆ Queen” is the upcoming nineteenth single released by E-girls. It will be released on July 26 in three editions: CD+DVD+Photo book, CD+DVD and CD Only.

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    • Um

      Exactly as predicted…Washio ft. other girl ft. E-GIRLS smh.

    • What

      The video and the song seem mismatched to me.. and why did they have to cut it at the dance break :/ That part actually looks interesting

    • Bubi.

      It’s a nice video but their videos, or LDH as a whole rather, never have any Direction. It’s just a barrage of visuals. But nonetheless they’re nice visuals!

    • annie

      i feel like i was only hearing reina tbh (except for the rap obv). i do like it tho

      i really don’t mind the lineup – i just wish ruri or or someone like shizuka was singing too because the vocalists all kinda sound the same

    • I really don’t know what to make of this. Part of me wants to like this, but there’s something holding me back from doing so. I can’t put my finger on it tbh.

    • surfboardt

      Washio Reina has two groups where it’s basically her solo career with backup singers/dancers, Beyonce who?

    • ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥

      Song is not even catchy. They were cute but the editing was weird like the part where they danced in the canyon looked awkward to me. They usually hit or miss so this wasn’t surprising.

      • hasawa

        MVs are the poorly-made songs fig leaf these days. Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing an ambitious video clip serving a mediocre song. But at this point even this crooked ass MV won’t be able to save this one :/
        A good MV can fool people but the mp3 test doesn’t lie lol That being said, some songs are actually better without their MV (Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrrty” comes to my mind lol)

    • hasawa

      I will never understand those units of 10+ girls with barely 2 of them singing…
      At this point produce a solo act with back up dancers.

    • Midori

      I really don’t like this new line-up…I’m glad Karen is still there (she is my bias in E-girls), but I miss Shuuka (my bias in Flower), Ami and Shizuka. Both of them had such distinctive voices and now it really sounds more like Reina ft. The Rest. ~.~

      But maybe I’m a little too harsh, because the song is bad (the first song I haven’t loved from them in a loooo~~ng time) and the MV is well, nice visuals, but that’s it. Let’s see what the future brings.

    • Christina Gmiterko

      I was there at the Paris end of May when they were actually filming this. All the hotel staff would tell me was that there was some Jpop group here filming a music video; nobody knew who they were. Finally one of the staff was like “it’s something girls” Not really being a fan of e-girls, I didn’t try to find them in the casino/hotel, but still thought it was cool that they were filming there.

    • l3012

      Reina is my favorite, but I agree with the comments…there’s no balance now. The MV is nice but I think it doesn’t suit the bubblegum feeling of the song.

    • Sugar Bunny

      I agree with every single comment here! The lack of vocal diversity is truly annoying even though I love Reina, but having at least Shizuka and Ruri would have been so much better. Despite the awesome MV, the song’s quite a bore and doesn’t suit the visuals. I was hoping for another Pink Champagne type of song, but nope… :-(

    • Jolly Roger

      Stop whining. At least it isn’t kpop where everyone pretends to be a singer even when they have no vocal abilities, and the true vocalists get 10 seconds of singing time because the song has to be broken down for all members to get a line or two. Reina is a very talented vocalist, so if she gets the lion’s share of the singing it is only natural. Plus, this e-girls lineup isn’t likely written in stone. If the demand for Shuuka, Ruri, or another active member not currently among these 11 is big enough, the label will likely add them later.

    • Owari Konoyono

      I guess LDH spent much money on PV.
      It is something contributed by the reduced members.