Discover Suiyoubi no Campanella’s most bizarre creation in “Baku” MV

If you are a Suiyoubi no Campanella fan that enjoyed their last album “SUPERMAN” as much as we did at ARAMA! JAPAN, you might have forgotten the fact that “UMA” was a thing! This album was a hectic, sometimes psychedellic trip into a wonderful, strange and mythical fauna of Unidentified Mysterious Animals, in which the award for the most bizarre song would have easily gone to the instrumantal track “Baku”. Now, nine months, one single and one full album after the release of UMA, the MV for this nightmarish song has been uploaded to Suiyoubi no Campanella’s YouTube channel, and if the song was already crazy enough, the music video doesn’t fall short, showcasing this strange living being, or aggregation of living beings, or whatever your mind can make out of this MV. The reason why it has been uploaded so late? Probably the MV was already made by the time UMA was released, though it didn’t finish its rendering process up until now. So. Many. Things! Check it just after the jump!

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    • What

      This video makes me uncomfortable for some reason

    • hasawa

      Don’t ask me why but i think this MV looks like a CM for some mineral/flavored water lol
      Also i don’t find the song THAT weird (“Walk on By” by OLIVIA sounded much more strange and trippy imo) it just sounded like a very long semi-instrumental interlude

      • Guilherme Teruya

        aaaah OLIVIA… how i miss her.

    • Ryusei

      Strange enough that they’re releasing another video for UMA instead of (the far superior) SUPERMAN

      • Midna

        UMA was disappointing. SUPERMAN was great for sure.

    • h

      didn’t this bitch kill an animal on stage tho

      • annie

        did she really?? wtf

    • Guilherme Teruya

      this triggers my trypophobia a bit lol

    • ….this made me itch.