Crystal Kay posts behind the scenes video for ‘Dum Ditty Dumb’

Crystal Kay has uploaded a behind the scenes look and interviews from the video shoot for her upcoming single. ‘Dum Ditty Dumb‘ is about a song about a girl going crazy over a guy and she’s so in love with him that she starts rapping in Japanese too. According to Kay, it’s not only a new song, it’s introducing a new genre to fans: “Yokohama Ratchet Pop”.

Directed by Tani Ikeda, the video will mix 2D animation with live action footage. It’s a new look a lot of Crystal’s fans haven’t seen before so she can’t wait to share it with the world.

The song was posted late last year but now it’s finally getting a video treatment as Crystal Kay moves further in her attempt to crack the American market.

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    • mac

      Eh. Don’t know about the song but the video looks awesome

    • 950619

      video looks interesting

    • Mita J

      loved her ever since Teenage Universe. she has yet to disappoint me and i’m surprisingly enjoying her english material

    • Guest

      Mess…The 2D animation is pretty thou

    • brown suga

      Song sucks..

    • Leilana

      This song… sigh. Why, Kuri? :/

    • Still facepalming at “Yokohama Ratchet Pop.”

    • ソフィー

      I really love this song, I’m really looking forward watching this MV! Looks great with the 2D animation

    • The MV is looking interesting though….