°C-ute Have Reached Their Denouement in the PV for ‘Dreamlike Climax’

On a dark and stormy night….” is how many stories and °C-ute‘s new video for “Dreamlike Climax” start. Featuring a sampling of Beethoven‘s Modschein Sonate we’re given an energetic , but haunting, dance track; and the music video definitely took it’s cues from this. Taking place within a mansion with baroque-styled interiors, the group are stuck within a time loop as the reminisce about the ‘dreamlike’ love from their previous encounters. As with all Hello Project groups, dancing is always featured in their videos; though this time it seems as if °C-ute is dancing with a little more energy, heart and soul in each step. Come watch their “Dreamlike Climax“.


CD Regular Editions A, B + C

  1. Dreamlike Climax
  2. Love Like Static Electricity
  3. Singing~anogoro no yo ni~
  4. Dreamlike Climax (inst.)
  5. Love Like Static Electricity(inst.)
  6. Singing~anogoro no yo ni~(inst.)


DVD Limited Editions A, B + C

  • Limited Edition A includes Dreamlike Climax PV
  • Limited Edition B includes Love Like Static Electricity PV
  • Limited Edition C includes Singing~anogoro no yo ni~ PV

°C-ute‘s new single will be released 11.2. This will be their 30th single with Hello Project and Up-front Works.

  • Comments

    • Kyle
    • Ash

      Only took Seiko Oomori to fix them

    • Ari

      Best song to come out of H!P since 2013. Good job Seiko.

    • forever

      damn I want a dreamlike climax too shieeeet

    • So

      Is this their final single? Will there be more?
      Damn. Much superior than any other female idol groups out there. Too bad they are disbanding soon.

      P/s: lol they autotune the heck out of that girl with the weakest vocals. She’s cute though

      • They’re disbanding in June, so we might get one more single out of them.

    • guest

      I like this one. I haven’t liked C-ute’s song in years.

      Mai’s voice doesn’t fit this song though.

    • j d

      This is awesome.