Bed In to Release New Album “TOKYO”

Bed In will release their second album, “TOKYO”, on December 6. The album aims to capture the dynamic energy of the city when it was at its peak during the bubble era. The album’s cover captures the fast-paced city life during this time as well, featuring ladies of Bed In working, but also partying and going on vacation. The concept also extends into the video for the album’s second track, “City Girl wa Isogashii”, which was recently released. Check it out below, along with more information on Bed In’s new album!

1. Kiss Me Kiss Me
2. シティガールは忙しい (City Girl wa Isogashii)
3. CO・CO・RO グラデーション (CO・CO・RO Gradation)
5. 女豹 -PANTHER- (Onna Hyo -PANTHER-)
6. Snow Magic
7. 燃えさせてよ (Moesasete yo)
8. Conscious ~闘う女たち~ (Conscious ~Tatakau onnatachi~)
9. 離れていても… (Hanarete Ite mo…)
10. 男はアイツだけじゃない (Otoko wa Aitsu Dake Janai)
11. ジュリ扇ハレルヤ (Juri Ogi Hallelujah)


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