Base Ball Bear perform from on high in their Music Video for “Subete wa Kimi no Sei de”

Last month we reported that alternative rockers Base Ball Bear would be releasing their eighth studio record “Kougen” on April 12th.  Now that the date has finally arrived, the trio have uploaded the PV for the album’s lead track “Subete wa Kimi no Sei de” to their official Youtube channel.

This music video was directed by Tomokazu Yamada and stars actress Tsubasa Honda, who previously appeared in the group’s PVs for “PERFECT BLUE” and “short hair”.  The video splits our attention between Honda and the band, both of whom are suspended 25 meters in the air on a pair of high rider platforms, granting us a brilliant view of Shinjuku’s nighttime lights as the camera moves between the two.

You’ll find the dazzling PV for “Subete wa Kimi no Sei de” below.

(via natalie)

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    • Base Ball Bear

      I’ll be honest, I’ve always ignored them because of their name (I know, (most times) it doesn’t mean anything) so this is the first time I’m listening to them.
      I can’t describe the song that well since my English isn’t the best, but I can say I enjoyed the way it flows, nicely punctuated with “subete wa kimi no sei de”, plus the way it finishes just makes one want to replay it – even if just to repeat that last part.

      I wonder how they filmed this? From what I get, it’s like she’s bored in her apartment in Shinjuku until she decides to get out and live the city’s fun nightlife (like the song and the lights suggest). It’s not a music video I particularly like to the point I want to watch it for more than just the song, but the idea is nice.