Watch the dance edit clip for Perfume’s new song “Everyday”

Perfume has uploaded a special “AWA DANCE edit” clip of their newest song “Everyday”. 

To the surprise if no one this song has a tie-in, Everyday will be the image song for the latest line of Panasonic washing machines. What makes these washing machines so special is that it features an “active foam system” technology that allegedly “makes laundry time happy time!”. In the video the girls are wearing sleek two-tone outfits, and mismatching shoes (one white and one black. The shiny white fabric on the dresses are meant to represent the fluffy foam and bubbles created by the active foam system.

Perfume dance in a set surrounded by giant fluff balls, as the clip progresses it turns out they’re actually performing “inside” one of the new Panasonic washing machines! The dance routine also plays off the bubble theme. Longtime collaborator MIKIKO was responsible for the choreography, wanting the evoke the feeling “floating”. Despite the complicated choreography the girls quickly nailed down the routine making filming a breeze, barely having to do any outtakes or edits.

As usual Nakata Yasutaka created the music & lyrics, the clip was directed by Tanaka Yusuke. No commercial release date, psychically or digitally, has been announced for “Everyday” as of now. Watch the clip below the jump!

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    • lol

      like 2 lines of lyrics then nothing but onomatopoeia or a word repeated for the rest of the song

      perfume since 2015

      • Bubi.

        everything they release has only been for some tie-in and that’s all a CM needs I guess

        • starlightshimmers

          In Japan, CM = money = not starving artist = success.

          Good for Perfume, I’m sure they’re washing their yens on their new Panasonic washing machines.

          • Bubi.

            i know that and it doesn’t mean i can’t want more from their releases

            • starlightshimmers

              Join the hype train. Woop.

              • Bubi.

                Don’t worry my coochie is still SHAKING

      • deebosco

        The CM needs those songs with brainwashing and repeating 2 lines lyrics when it only get 30s on TV.

      • halle berry

        you mean since 2012, right?



    • MomoHirai

      Feeling a little iffy about the song so far.

    • yaaaaaas

      “No commercial release date, psychically or digitally, has been announced for “Everyday” as of now”

      psychic transmission? perfume in the year 3008 and your faves are so thousand and late!!!!

      • Kusen Goto

        oricon gonna be making a chart for that in 15 years at this rate

    • Bubi.

      the riff is kinda HOT but there’s not much at all to this, even at one minute long…

    • monica_monami

      u don’t hv to hv gazillion of members to be successful :) kinda I like this.

    • WorldGN18

      I love Perfume!! I think for a CM this is good!!

    • I like this and I’m mesmerized by those clouds.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead
    • Kusen Goto

      Celine Ready-to-Wear Spring 2017 Mismatching Shoes at Paris Fashion Week is shook

    • hasawa
    • DT

      like the beat, but man, Nakata really needs to hire a lyricist

    • Ash

      How are people praising this? So generic and “everyday”

      • gus

        “How dare people liking things I don’t like”

      • anon

        “How dare people liking things I don’t like”

      • Bubi.

        Some people are just happy to see their faves doing Something regardless of quality

        • Ash

          Well, it was mainly just a leap joke at the title “Everyday”.

          But to quote YOU, on the comments from this this article

          “i know that and it doesn’t mean i can’t want more from their releases” ;-)

          I still stand by what I said with that Natsume Mito album, that’s the best Nakata you’re gonna find this year. At least the one with the most heart anyway.

          • Bubi.

            I wasn’t dragging you but Ok on being defensive?

          • samaheux_1013

            Natsumelo isn’t only the best Nakata you’re gonna find this year, it’s the best Nakata since 2013. And I don’t think we’re gonna get anything better unless he wakes up from his artistic coma.

    • Midori


    • iWatson

      Looks more like a CM for those cloud lamps haha!

    • angel223_

      Yay!! I love perfume.😍
      fabolous as always.

    • Brett

      This so bad omg they really just plummeted after JPN