Watch Sandaime J Soul Brothers COOL new MV for “J.S.B. LOVE”

Sandaime J Soul Brothers have released a brand new music video for their song “J.S.B. LOVE”, originally included as the b-side on their 21st single “HAPPY”, it will also be featured on their upcoming BEST album “THE JSB WORLD”

“J.S.B. LOVE” is an upbeat EDM track, which has become a staple for the originally R&B friendly LDH groups. The setting takes place in a dystopian wasteland where the boys seem to be “leaders of the pack”, posing and dancing while their minions look on.

Many Japanese netizens have made shady comments on the video basically calling it imitation K-POP, mainly comparing it to BIG BANG. Some J Soul Brothers fans defended them by saying the EDM style isn’t exclusive to South Korea and was clearly more inspired by western music, they also added that the video/visual is not a stretch from what J Soul Brothers, and their other brother groups under LDH have been doing for the past couple years. What do you think?

“THE JSB WORLD” will be released on March 29th, 2017. Watch the video for “J.S.B LOVE below.

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    • Dave

      Nothing about this makes sense to me

    • I just don’t get this track… I liked JSB Dream, but this is nothing, but a pointless, lame cover of that. The video is nice though.

    • What

      The song is so bad and the music video can’t even save it for me because all they’re doing is posing in those ugly ass outfits and then dance for the chorus

    • Pink hair? 👀

    • Gunchan… Pink hair? 👀

    • aoivsc

      The song’s different parts feel kind of patchy and poorly put together, much like Welcome to Tokyo. I guess Gun-chan’s hair makes it look ‘K-pop’ because this is the first time any one of them have had such brightly-coloured hair. I was really disappointed with the choreo and those big white coats make their movements look even more awkward.

    • One Piece

      Ryuji’s lips are sexy

    • soukeeya

      Dunno why, when I saw it,
      somehow it reminds me with Backstreet Boys 😂😂

    • Ryusei

      Ofc since it’s 3jsb throw some random “controversy” into the article, I see you. Not their best song but i wont skip it either. The music video is nice

    • Light11520

      Not as bas as welcome to Tokyo which should go back to 2009, not as boring as happy, but it is still pretty mediocre. I appreciate the different styles, but how I wish we went back to 2014-2015. Orion, Ryusei, JSB dream and eeny meeny miny moe.

    • eplizo

      I actually like it. It’s catchy imo. The MV is pretty basic though, but at least their outfits are cute and Hiroomi looks amazinggg.

      Iwata’s pink hair and Elly’s rap during the chorus might be a bit ‘kpop-ish’, but otherwise, the rest of it isn’t. It’s pretty much just a mashup of their past few MVs….. which have been just as generic lol. I wish they experimented more with their MVs. It’s always the same set-up nowadays.

    • ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥

      ewww. They could have kept this. Last song i liked by them was Ryusei. This mv is so tryhard and they always sound like they have a cold. They need new direction.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      “Many Japanese netizens have made shady comments on the video basically calling it imitation K-POP, mainly comparing it to BIG BANG”

      many japanese netizens = big bang’s japanese fans lol

    • The verses are actually likeable, but the chorus is super shit.

    • LDH

      I don’t know them that well (at all), but I’m pretty sure this is a Western-styled song by a Westernized Asian group that Western brands and Western music producers love to promote a Western, commercial life.

    • it was meh for me i like the direction they are going, but they have not polished it up enough, its like its unfinished.

    • Jeyjey

      Eww, the hell are they doing?? Looks so gross and sounds bad. What happened to these guys? :(

    • This is terrible. They have to change the producer and song writers completely. Is it just me who thinks Ryuji can’t sing and Elly can’t rap?