Wagakki Band to release new album

On March 22, Wagakki Band will release their 3rd album, with the title to be announced later. The group is famous for their blend of rock and traditional Japanese music and previously for covering Vocaloid songs. The upcoming album will focus on the group’s original material and include the singles released in 2016, namely “Strong Fate”, “Valkyrie” and “Mirai”/“Kishikaisei”, along with 12 new songs (13 for the limited edition).

The group’s vocalist, Yuko Suzuhana, who released her debut solo album, “Cradle of Eternity“, in November 2016, comments that “they did not expect to record so many songs and that she feels like the compositions are something only Wagakki Band could come up with”. Check out the extensive tracklist and one of the music videos below.

She also adds that group strives to offer new experience for the fans, unlike that of the previous albums, and that the new album will help them discover “the Japan they have been looking for”.


  • Okinotayuu
  • Yuri Yori Maichire Sochira ni Mukate
  • Valkyrie ~Ikusa Otome~
  • Kishikaisei
  • Mirai
  • Strong Fate
  • Ukiyo
  • Ryuusei
  • Hotarubi
  • Sora no Kiwami
  • Tori no You ni
  • Mochizuki
  • Watashi? Shijoushugi
  • Howling
  • Children Record (limited edition only)

  • Comments

    • HyperMoot .

      that’s good news. I love her voice.

    • Guest

      Hope that means it will be more traditional sounding. I find their previous works still mostly a little too much on the generic rock side. Will get into them once they sound more traditional.

    • Midori

      Great news! I love their music! <333

    • circe154

      Are they popular in Japan or just among overseas fan?

      • Kano

        I’d say they are in the same tier as BABYMETAl (sell decently in the parent country and strongly appeal to oveseas fans).

    • eplizo

      Hopefully it’s good.

    • Cannot wait i love her voice and the whole group as well.