Ulfuls to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a New Studio Album

After a year and a half of silence, rock and funk band Ulfuls have announced that they will be releasing a brand new album titled “Jinsei” next month on May 24th.  Their first record since 2015’s “Born to be Waiwai”, “Jinsei” will include 13 songs which feature songwriting credits from all four members of the band.

“Jinsei” is currently planned to be released in two versions, with the Limited Edition to be paired with a DVD containing footage from their “Ulful Carnival” concert in Osaka.  Following the album’s release, the group will then embark on a nationwide tour to continue their 25th anniversary celebration.

You’ll find both the cover and complete track list for “Jinsei” right after the jump.

-’Jinsei’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Seya na Seyaseya Jinsei wa
  2. Mou Akan Boogie
  3. Bakayaro
  4. Koi yo!
  5. Nandenan
  6. Ore wo Muchuu ni Sasenaide
  7. Yarakashi Otoko
  8. Mayottara Do It
  9. Mune Pocket
  10. Kurakura Furafura Everyday
  11. Hito Hito Hito
  12. Shiawase
  13. Hageshiku Yasashiku
  • DVD (All Tracks from “OSAKA Ulful Carnival Ulfuls ga Yatte Kuru!  2016 Yassa!  Nijuunenme no Banzai ~Yattete Yokatta~”)
  1. Banzai ~Suki de Yokatta~
  2. Aada Kooda Sooda!
  3. Tsugihagi Boogie Woogie
  4. SUN SUN SUN ’95
  5. Asobou
  6. Aisureba
  7. Hito Hito Hito
  8. Ashita ga Arusa
  9. Waraereba
  10. Atsui no ga Suki
  11. Papaiya Mamaiya
  12. Let’s Go Monday
  13. Cheek Time
  14. Seya na Seyaseya Jinsei wa
  15. Konya dou? (Koko made wa OK!)
  16. Osaka Strut
  17. Wonderful World
  18. Samurai Soul
  19. Born To Be Waiwai
  20. Baka Survivor
  21. Eenen
  22. Ii Onna
  23. Guts Daze!!
  24. BANZAI 20th Medley (Tokoton de Ikou! / Boudou Chile / SUN SUN SUN ’95 / Tentekomai my mind / Osaka Strut / Dame na Mono wa Dame / Oshiai Heshiai Dotsukiai / Nakitakunai no ni)
  25. Banzai ~Suki de Yokatta~

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    • Ulfuls

      It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of Ulfuls. Could anyone tell me more about them?

      • Ryusenkai

        I’ll be upfront that I’m not as familiar with Ulfuls’ history as I am with some other acts, but I can talk about their music pretty well. To give an abridged version of the former, they’re a rock and funk band that formed in Osaka and got their name due to a mistranslation of sorts; they were in a music store looking at an album by the “Soulfuls” and only the letters “Ulfuls” were visible.

        To give you a good idea of what their music involves, here’s a mix of a couple old and a couple newer songs:

        • Ulfuls

          I was sure I didn’t hear about them before, or perhaps I have and didn’t associate the name to a music act. It’s quite unique, isn’t it?
          I really liked it, from “sun sun sun ’95” to “Hero”. Spitz are more surprising and sort of inigmatic to me, while Ulfuls seem more simple and “idyllic”. I don’t know about their lyrics so I can’t say much more.
          I really enjoy this J-Funk x J-Rock mix for some reason. Is it just me who feels nostalgic when listening to these songs, even though Japanese music in general (including anisongs) is new to me?

          Thank you again, @Ryusenkai! I really appreciate it. It’s great sharing some thoughts about J-music with you and @Hypermoot . since it seems we all respect each other’s opinions.