Tackey & Tsubasa Announce Hiatus to Follow 15th Anniversary Activities

Idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa—consisting of Hideaki Takizawa and Tsubasa Imai—have announced a hiatus, citing “differences in the direction of activities as a unit“.

Announced just before the 15th anniversary of their debut on September 11, 2002 with their debut album “Hatachi“, the two came to this conclusion after a thorough discussion over time.

In a statement, their agency apologized for the sudden announcement right before the duo’s anniversary, and said the reason the decision was made is due to the two being unable to perform together over the past few years due to Imai’s inner ear problem. As a result, they started discussing how to approach the future, and about a year ago, they finally came to the conclusion to focus on solo activities for the time being.

With this break, they hope to focus on their individual talents and build upon their skill sets for when they reunite again. The duration is unknown, though they want to reinforce this is not a dissolution.

Their hiatus will begin after filming their performance for TV Asahi’s “MUSIC STATION Ultra FES 2017” scheduled to be broadcast live on September 17.

Takizawa and Imai joined Johnny’s Jimusho on the same day in 1995. When the agency’s president Johnny Kitagawa had the idea of pushing Takizawa as a soloist, he asked to debut with Imai, creating Tackey & Tsubasa. Since 2002, the two have released 16 singles, 5 original albums and 2 mini albums together.

(via Yahoo, Tip: Cherry)

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    • james

      Johnny’s way of saying u guys are disband.
      Just like KAT-TUN.

    • WhySoLonely

      Not to be mean or anything but… Takizawa Hideaki would have been much more successful if he’d debuted alone.
      Right now he should focus on acting. He’s actually good at it.

      • Takki

        Not to be mean either but his solo singles didnt sell as well as his group singles. In general, T&T still have better sales than his solos.

        He should pick better acting projects as well. I wish to like at least one of his dramas. :(

        • Kielbasa

          True. It’s not Tsubasa’s fault Takki is not successful. Adding to that Tsubasa is the better singer, Takki needs him to round up his vocals.

      • neko

        I hope to se more of Taki now that the group is on hiatus

    • AoZora

      Wrong place, but let me put it here …
      A new movie for kimutaku “Masquerade Hotel” alongside Nagasawa Masami…. Yay…

    • Diego

      Jhonny is probaby not interested in keeping them around anymore because they are getting older and they are not popular anymore.

      • Takki

        i doubt it. je still keeping their other groups with similar lackluster sales until today. this is just a phase, they will get through it. but sucks for the fans tho.

      • rshina

        I don’t think so. Taki have quite decent of fans (it just…he’s more successful in his butai). as for Tsubasa, while he has some butai too, just like everyone said, has a hearing problem.

        I just hope this won’t happen for kinki kids too, with tsuyoshi having hearing condition too

    • Jp_matrix

      No… Their situations are not like Kat-tun, the duo has always been active but don’t have bigger impact like many Johnnies idol, since Tackey specialize in Butai.. and Imai, hearing conditions ..

      What happen to KT was a drastic decisions, half of the members gone and they won’t do something about it. LOL!!!
      (Happy that JE didn’t disband them)

      It was just I hope T&T hiatus were ended like Kat-tun in which remaining members step up, and their decisions was great after all,
      I mean, like what happen to SMAP the three member that will be away from JE doesn’t have that much impact anymore like Nakai and Kimura does. (If only they went into hiatus but older men I guess does have much pride)

    • Nasukwa

      I always felt that Johnny’s Ent. did a terrible job with marketing them. Especially considering how popular Takki was when he was still a Jr.

    • So underrated. I’ll be supporting their individual works.

    • yamakita

      I’m beginning to think that “ear problem” is code for their not getting along.

    • HevRev

      Seems like the older Johnnys groups are starting to fall apart and the younger groups replacing them aren’t really up to scratch. SMAP gone, Kinki Kids struggling health-wise, T&T about to go on hiatus, KAT-TUN already on hiatus…

      Then you’ve got HSJ whose songs seem to alternate between brilliant and boring, kis-my-ft2 same problem, Sexy Zone freaked me out by having that name when the members were all children and A.B.C-Z have some of the worst songs Johnnys have ever produced.

      Not looking good…