SEKAI NO OWARI release English version of “Dragon Night”

SEKAI NO OWARI have released their debut English single! an English version of their 8th single “Dragon Night”. The song can either be purchased on iTunes or streamed on Spotify.

Check out the music video below!

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    • I smell lots and lots of hate for ripping off Avicii

    • eplizo

      Watched it earlier. Idc what anyone says I love this song lol.

    • Chris

      I love the song in both Japanese and English!

    • Never got the hoopla over SNO…

    • Jo

      I wanna murder that autotune in both English and Japanese!

    • Omnirosa

      This is really boring and really generic.

    • Ughh, why?

    • RT

      great move. now I at least got to understand the meaning of the song. was surprised to only realize now that the song is actually a bright song. always thought that SEKAI NO OWARI songs were more to the dark side. the fire scene at the end of the clip is scary though, i don’t know why they let it there. some better editing there would have really make the MV much better.

    • yixan

      His English got so much better and the MV is really really pretty, so althought I wasn’t really sure what’s the point of it, now I’m actually quite happy they did it.
      Although their lyrics sound kinda bland in English tbh… The lyrics for ‘love the warz’ or ‘ginga gai no akumu’ are what made me love them in the first place, so this is what I mostly pay attention to when it comes to Sekaowa. But I guess Dragon Night is just a fun song so I guess they didn’t care that much about lyrics.
      Plus this song is still one of the worst from them… too bad it’s usually a crappy songs that makes bands famous while their previous works and hidden album gems are actually their best.

    • merkypie

      s h i t

    • Hlynb93

      I love this, it’s really good

    • ….what makes this group so likable to Japanese youth?

    • Dany Roy

      Can’t believe the way he sung in perfect English ,, amazing