Sandaime J Soul Brothers release new MV for “HAPPY”

Sandaime J Soul Brothers have released the latest MV for their 21st single “HAPPY”. The high energy track will be released nationwide in Japan on March 8th, 2017. A b-side titled J.S.B Love will be included on the single, first press editions will feature slipcase packaging as well as postcards.

In the HAPPY video a retro look was chosen, a similar concept shared with their brother group EXILE THE SECOND’s latest release. Sandaime J Soul Brothers go back in time a bit earlier with their inspiration though, where they seem to be attending a lavish party with a “Great Gatsby” theme.  The party is held in a beautiful mansion where the boys are seen mingling with the guests, and doing an impressive dance routine in the mansion’s backyard.

Furthermore, “HAPPY” will be included on Sandaime J Soul Brother’s upcoming best album “THE JSB BEST”. Check out the video below!

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    • Ryusei

      I like it, the title fits the song.

    • The song is not that bad actually, better than their usual EDM-heavy stuff. But I still hope they’d release more songs like Go My Way or FIELD OF DREAMS again. :/

      • eplizo

        Yesss! I miss their old stuff pre-Ryusei. Their discography was literally flawless before that imo, but once that hype hit, their music hasn’t been near as quality.

        • Ikr! Their first three albums are gems. It’s such a shame that they’ve become what they are now…

    • eplizo

      The song is fresh for a change. Not amazing though, but it’s nice. Better than most of their other recent stuff at least.

    • Jun

      Hope this is a sign of them recovering from their EDM fever. Now give us the ballads.

      • Himi Tsu

        What’s this guy’s name?

        • Takanori Iwata aka Gunchan ^^

          • Himi Tsu

            Thanks :D

    • #ZIXO

      Does the blonde guy have a lisp when he talks? Because it sounds like he does when he sings. Anyway this much better than welcome to tokyo.