Perfume serves a luminous MV with “TOKYO GIRL” (complete ver.)

Perfume is putting Tokyo in the spotlight in a bright and sparkling music video for their 23rd upcoming single “TOKYO GIRL“.

The set is a nightly Tokyo city, literally being highlighted by mysterious strangers spreading triangular-shaped luminous crystal throughout the whole city.

Check it out on the link below!

Not to set a precedent, the trio is remarkably set aside from this MV which seems to focus on showcasing the beauty of the Japanese capital urban nightlife, but still doesn’t fail to serve its usual stylish outfits and cute choreography on the radiant rooftop of a skyscraper.

What are your thoughts about this MV? Did you get the appeal of the glorious brightness of Tokyo city?

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    • Prfme

      It sounds great! Definitely not one of their best, it keeps the “FLASH” and “Pick Me Up” sounds from their previous album, but given they achieved great success from that it’s obvious they want to reach high again. The MV’s overral concept doesn’t fit them tho, it’s just not their style. Perhaps they are planning to perform on the 2020 Olympics…

    • Dalooshe

      What I got from this MV, is how amazing it would be if there was a rooftop club that overlooks such an illuminated city. I would practically just party/live there for good! Other than that, their skin and hair makes me question science :’/

      • starlightshimmers

        They’re Asian, skin care is the cultural past-time of Asians.

        Source: I am Asian.

        • TruthSpeaker

          That’s too generic. Not all of Asia.

          Source: I am Asian but not Japanese.

          • starlightshimmers

            Oh my kami-sama! Help me Buddha, Confucius and Vishnu! Blasphemy! Asians are required to have smooth skin.

            You are a fail Asian.

            Grade F for failure to complete Asian smooth skin requirement.

            Commit seppuku immediately, you shame the Asian race!

        • Dalooshe

          Yeeaah.. but I know there must be a thousands of years of hidden fountain of youth somewhere that you guys refuse to share with the world :p Ah the pain.

    • iWatson

      Ooooh~ I thought it was pretty spectacular when all the lights beamed up!

    • Guest

      Like the song, except the final chorus is too short and should be repeated. I mean, there was such a long instrumental buildup before it…

      • hasawa

        The chorus is the main interesting thing about this song so i felt too the ending was a bit rushed since there was a lot of potential to built up a more powerful final chorus..

    • Michele

      ENOUGH with this trite EDM. We’re in 2017, not 2012.
      I can’t bring myself to listen to them anymore.

    • light

      I like the song and love the mv =)