Perfume reveal sleek covers for new single “TOKYO GIRL”

Electro girl group Perfume have revealed the covers for their 23rd major label single “TOKYO GIRL” . The girls are modeling between transparent boxes of various sizes, meant to represent Tokyo’s vast number of large buildings and skyscrapers. A behind the scenes look on how the cover was made will be included on the limited edition CD+DVD version of the single.

“TOKYO GIRL” serves at the theme for the NTV drama “Tokyo Tarareba Musume”, while the b-side “Houseki no Ame” is the promotional song for Perfume’s collaboration with beauty brand Ora2. The single will be released on February 15th.

The covers, as well as a short preview of the “TOKYO GIRL” pv can be seen below!



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    • Himi Tsu

      I love this title styling and typo :)

    • meh


    • M

      Love the covers! It feels a little too cool for the sound of the song, which sounds more cute/fun from what I’ve heard of it. But maybe the covers will suit it better when I see the MV (I’ll wait until it’s up in full before watching).

    • Ben

      Real question: Do they even sing? All of their “music” has been processed to a point they all sound the same “robotic”

      • isanta

        Watch their performances – mostly they dance to their songs and comments are about their outfits, but at some points they sing and there are also videos from their karaoke parties and their voices are ok. Just the genre doesn’t focus on those.

      • hasawa

        You definitively ve got a point. But to be fair their music genre is not really prone to show off vocals. That being said, “Pick Me Up” verses were pretty great in a sense it was one the very few times their voices didn’t seem THAT distorted and we actually got a small glimpse of actual ‘singing’.

      • The one in the middle is a decent singer. The other two, not so much. Here she is singing Ayaka’s Mikazuki:

      • M

        A-chan (middle) is the best singer out of the group probably, Kashiyuka (left) is the weakest link vocally, and Nocchi (right) is very stable and a quite like her voice.

        I’d like to point out that Perfume don’t make the decisions on their sound or style or direction. The girls didn’t want to be electro pop when they started or have robotic-like voices (sounding like robots was the point – perfume’s whole theme was centered around that, especially in the early days…). And just as another tibbit as I’m sure you’ll come across it if you watch their awesome lives on YT, the whole lip-syncing thing isn’t their decision either. Actually, they used to sing live and had mics that would add an autotuned filter over their voices during live performances but now that’s reserved for slow songs once they switched agencies, UJ has them lipping everything basically. Just some info for ya lol.

    • I can’t really tell if I like the song or not with just this preview, and I’m also not sure that the covers match it. That said, I do love the covers themselves, especially that second one. Classy.

    • Niña

      Love the covers! But I do agree with everyone else, I’m not sure they exactly match the song? But eh, oh well, glad they have a new single still! Stoked!

    • yacchaitai

      when u only have scraps of ugly fabrics but need outfits for the next single

    • Ash
    • kashiyuka

      yikes these ‘fits