Oricon unveils their Yearly Sales Rankings for 2016

Music DVDs:

  1. Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Sandaime J Soul Brothers LIVE TOUR 2015 “BLUE PLANET” (Sales Number:  496,073)
  2. Arashi – ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism (Sales Number:  292,411)
  3. Arashi – ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi (Sales Number:  286,692)
  4. Sensations – Sayonara Sensations (Sales Number:  219,754)
  5. Hey! Say! JUMP – Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2016 JUMPing CARnival (Sales Number:  204,962)
  6. Kis-My-Ft2 – 2015 CONCERT TOUR KIS-MY-WORLD (Sales Number:  186,774)
  7. EXILE – EXILE LIVE TOUR 2015 “AMAZING WORLD” (Sales Number:  174,734)
  8. Kanjani8 – Kanjani8 no Genki ga Deru LIVE!! (Sales Number:  163,435)
  9. Kanjani8 – Kanjani8 Recital Omae no Heart wo Tsukandaru!! (Sales Number:  149,642)
  10. V6 – V6 LIVE TOUR 2015 -SINCE 1995 ~FOREVER- (Sales Number:  143,182)

Music Blu-rays:

  1. Arashi – ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism (Sales Number:  309,487)
  2. Arashi – ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi (Sales Number:  266,941)
  3. Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Sandaime J Soul Brothers LIVE TOUR 2015 “BLUE PLANET” (Sales Number:  148,768)
  4. μ’s – Love Live!  μ’s Final LoveLive!  ~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~ Blu-ray Memorial BOX (Sales Number:  79,663)
  5. Nogizaka46 – ALL MV COLLECTION ~Ano Toki no Kanojotachi~ (Sales Number:  74,550)
  6. Kis-My-Ft2 – 2015 CONCERT TOUR KIS-MY-WORLD (Sales Number:  73,179)
  7. Mr.Children – Mr.Children Stadium Tour 2015 Mikan (Sales Number:  65,605)
  8. Kanjani8 – Kanjani8 Recital Omae no Heart wo Tsukandaru!! (Sales Number:  64,871)
  9. Mr.Children – REFLECTION {Live&Film} (Sales Number:  64,829)
  10. μ’s – Love Live!  μ’s Live Collection (Sales Number:  64,136)

(via oricon.co.jp)

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    • mamoswine21

      OMG Sayonara no Imi will almost reach 1M!! and it is funny the Morning Musume entered the list with their Endless Sky single instead of the Utakata whatever the single name it is which the fans area comparing to High Tension recently. The irony.

      • Alberto Moreno

        Which is a proof that sales in Oricon don’t mean a popular song, and stop trying to create a war please.

        • mamoswine21

          so what are these songs? donation count?

          • Alberto Moreno

            Singles bought because of hardcore fans, just that.

            • Kanjo Maru

              which is true for every song here. That’s the only reason pretty much anyone buys physical. Except a percentage of johnny’s sales because they don’t sell digital.

      • bix

        Not a Morning Musume fan at all but I’ve heard of Utakata yet that sayonara song doesn’t ring a bell. Alberto is correct. Oricon sales don’t reflect a song popularity.

        • mamoswine21

          oh really? sayonara imi was nogi song not AKB and it is always been played as tribute to Nanami while utakata what was when? oh for foreigners only?

    • the groupie who

      it’s their 5th year in a row in the Top 5 <3 congrats eito!


    • Matsumiyalover

      Congrats all, especially Arashi <3

    • light

      Congratulations Arashi!!

    • yacchaitai

      somehow the singles ranking gets worse every year

      • Meutia S Aishah

        hahaha, i feel like that too..

    • Lol

      Wow smap single sales a lot without any promotion..and congrats to arashi
      Get the money xD

    • REMISU

      why is akb so popular? :/

      • Alberto Moreno

        The sales don’t mean they are popular you know, it’s just wotas buying the most material they can son they can shake their hands the most time.

        • mamoswine1

          don’t be delusional man, they are still popular well their songs are not that so popular anymore but their brand is still popular that is why they can sell like that. Morning Musume was doing that handshaking too but where the heck are they?

          • Alberto Moreno

            Well this ranking is about singles and music activity you know, if it were about just idols then it’s ok, but it’s not like that.

        • dude

          But it doesn’t change the fact that (generally speaking), they ARE popular. The 48 brand IS popular in Japan, and the GENERAL PUBLIC KNOWS THEM. OP was asking why AKB is so popular IN GENERAL, you know. You’re the one who brought up the wotas-buying-their-material when the OP was NOT even asking about their selling tactics.

          Please improve your English comprehension skill. It pains me to see your responses to others’ comments because you clearly don’t understand what they write.

          To answer OP’s question:

          They are popular because they are being promoted basically everywhere, you can’t help but see their faces if you live in Japan. Tho I must add that most of their early songs are damn catchy, actually, and this must be one of the reasons.

          • Alberto Moreno

            Well comments are about a topic right? And this one was about singles and music activity, so of course I had to take that question based on the topic of this article, if the article was about idols in general, I wouldn’t have said anything, I know the popularity of the 48G as idols and I acknowledge, but just to that point, It would be good if people can tell apart idols and music topics.

      • Nic

        Because they have tons of members where each member has a lot of wotas rooting for them

      • honey girl

        Because they know how to work the system both in the industry and charts. As sad it is for me to even say this, we wont be seeing them leave the charts for a long time and once they are done, probably some 46 group will take over. Oricon is pretty much Aki-p’s bitch for years to come.

      • Meutia S Aishah

        and they’ll still popular for a few years (especially 46 group) so we better prepare ourselves seeing this charts for a long~ time~

    • monica_monami

      I was laughing so hard at the single chart. I wonder if 5 years later top 50 will be filled by the 48/46 groups only

      On other note, congrats Arashi

      • Kanjo Maru

        12 x 48s, 6 x 46s, 22 x Johnny’s

    • aqua88

      Does HSJ’s ‘Give Me Love’ fall under next year’s sales ranking?

      • honey girl


        • Meutia S Aishah

          from when to when they’re counting the yearly sales? I though it’s until 3rd week in december?

          • honey girl

            From December 14, 2015 to December 12, 2016. It usually is the 3rd week of Dec but 2015 consisted of 53 weeks so it caused this year to be pushed up a week. Further proof of this is because Fantome crossed 575k on the 19th (3rd week in Dec) but when the yearly came out, it only counted the sales total for Dec 12th (569k).

            • Meutia S Aishah

              thanks for the info~

    • bix

      Past Total Sales Ranking compilation

      B’z in 1998 made 35billion yen. No one in recent decade managed to break 20billion sales.
      Arashi broke Akina Nakamori record with consecutive ATS #1. They are also the record holder of artist who topped ATS the most.

      • honey girl

        1999 – 2004, the glory days of jpop. I’ll give Koda Kumi her lil props too for 06 & 07.

        • Meutia S Aishah

          that glory days…
          the songs from that era still playing in my radio sometimes, it feel nostalgic

    • Anonymous999

      The fact that Kpop singles and albums are doing well in the Oricon, congrats to exo and to YG artists dominating

      • :)

        I never realized Arashi and AKB48 were YG artists!

        • honey girl

          Of course they arent. They would require Johnnys/48s to actually have talent that’s a level beyond a 5th grader and know how to appropriate black culture to the T. Oh and that their music is actually listenable. :)

          • Ha

            Aw, so sad they’ll still make more money that your “talented” faves will ever make in their lives :D

            • honey girl

              Sis I can guarantee you that 98% of those in j-idol groups are going to end up at some low-class sex coffee shop or in some drug/sex scandal when their tenure is up. The only people thats pocketing coins from these groups are the leaders and companies.

              • Ha

                So sad when that time comes your favs will be already disbanded or inactive.

              • Nya
              • kou

                lmao..try harder sis

              • Kanjo Maru

                “Sis I can guarantee you that 98% of those in j-idol groups are going to end up at some low-class sex coffee shop or in some drug/sex scandal when their tenure is up. The only people thats pocketing coins from these groups are the leaders and companies.”

                Holy shit are you desparate to get a dig in or what. You’re fine 90% of the time but when kpop comes up you just turn rabid like this. I’d recommend ignoring it next time.

              • lol

                and korean celebrities get expensive gift from fans..the agency pocketing their money mostly XD

                atleast JE artist refuse gifts from fans lol

          • :)
          • :)

            Oh, and just in case you misunderstood something – I don’t particularly want my “faves”(?) to join YG. I much prefer them without an embarrassing try-hard attitude and actually releasing new songs, even if it means they have the talent that’s a level of a 5th grader instead of a 6th grader. Oh, and as for listenability, I hope you realize it’s subjective. I’ll rather listen to an AKB48 song (I’m not a fan of them, by the way) over a jumble of speed talking and singing reminiscent of a tortured goat that most YG songs nowadays are, but that is obviously me. It’s fine if you think otherwise, we all have different tastes in music. :)

            • honey girl

              So in short, your ability to have great taste in music is non-existent. How brave of you to broadcast this to the entire community. Here’s a remedy for your ailment.

              • kou

                not everyone like EDM and hiphop wannabe music sis..

            • kuku

              preach…and YG only treats his favorite talents…he neglected the unfavorite talents..
              and their stans are the worst

          • lol

            i hope they wont join them..they will be left rotten in YG though they have a hella talent…XD

      • fufu

        well, exo is selling around 140.000 with 10 different version, so i’m not surprised. boudan shonen dan (or bts) RUN single got around 133.000 with 4 different version, so no surprise there too

        • honey girl

          Why does that matter when it only comes to kpop artists? Every single one of AKB’s singles have over 10 versions. Heck, pretty much every single artist on that chart has about 3 or more versions of their single. The entire chart as a whole isn’t surprising…because that’s how idols sell their music. The true Kings are HI-Standard since they were able to pull off 220k w/ 1 version. It’s good that K-pop artists were able to chart in yearly because they are combating an industry that’s prejudice against them and their competition are from agencies that Oricon would bend over backwards for no matter what.

          • ;P

            “Why does that matter when it only comes to kpop artists?”
            Can’t you read? People are already pointing out AKB48 inflated numbers and agreeing the single rankings looking horrible. Also can you do maths? Count the difference of EXO’s 10 versions minus the average 2 versions jpop release (that is not 48s).

            • honey girl

              Stop. The average is at least 3 for non-48s. And you need to go back and read the post again because no one has mentioned AKB or any other j-artist releasing multiple versions of their product in a negative tone. One person mentions k-pop and you guys are bringing it up. My problem is it that every time someone brings up Kpop artists doing good, you guys have to bring up them having multiple version as the reason why. lol Like uhm duh! Just about every single artist on the chart is manipulating the chart by releasing more than 1 version. It’s a common sales tactic. It’s not some foreign concept. K-pop stans know all too well about the damn multiple versions tactic since the K-industry loves the repackaging concept.

              • ;P

                Fufu comment wasn’t in negative tone either. Read again
                “well, exo is selling around 140.000 with 10 different version, so i’m not surprised. boudan shonen dan (or bts) RUN single got around 133.000 with 4 different version, so no surprise there too”

                Even if the average is 4 versions, Exo had well over 60% difference to boost their sales. Everybody manipulate their fans/wotas to buy but in Exo and AKB48 case they exceeded the norm.

                • honey girl

                  Learn to read between the lines, sis. It was in a negative tone because it served to only put K-pop artists on blast for doing something that their Japanese peers do as well. That’s just idol culture period.

                  • ;P

                    Correction: It was not in negative tone either since you can’t even comprehend a direct blast at 48s/Johnny’s for dominating the charts. You keep on being a stereotypical kpop stan by playing the delusional oh-kpop-is-the-ONLY-ONE-boohoo victim.

                    This wasn’t your first time with this oh-so-oppressed kpop narrative and they shut you down sis.
                    Done. Bye

                    • honey girl

                      Is this all in your head? Who directly blasted them? Literally 1 person said the charts looks horrible w/ no names mentioned.

                      No one shut me down, sis. Everyone in that thread still answered my question. Like you, you jpop stans just like to always bring up already known information while trying to hide behind “they need to know this because they have no idea about the industry”~ when Kpop sites report more about Kpop japanese releases than all the relevant jpop sites do. Yall are such a bitter fandom. No wonder its clinging to AKB (and now Nogi46) for life support. Mess!

                      • ;P

                        Literally ONE person wrote about being unsurprised at kpop sales rank which you mistaken it as an attack. Who’s the bitter one?

                    • lol

                      she is typical kpop stan who cant accept the bitter truth XD

                      • honey girl

                        No matter how many times you try, you still wont be Troll of the Year. Now make like SMAP and split.

                  • fufu

                    since I’m the one who make that comment, I just want you to know that it was not in a negative tone.
                    I’m just saying they’re selling how many with how many version. If you consider that a negative tone, well I’m sorry. but usually, even if there’s a comment in here saying “this group48 selling with a lot of version”, no one (usually) feel offend with that, because it’s the truth.
                    and in case you want to shut me up with the word ‘you bitter jpop fans’, I’m sorry for loving what I love. but I’m a proud great song fan, a Generations fans, a tobikko, a BABY and Inspirit. and I will always said that deep from my heart.
                    so, thank you for (again) make me realise that a kpop fans rarely can take a truth, and remind me to never cross to deeply there.
                    ps: just in case you want to know, BAP release a single with 4 version that sell around 20000, and I don’t fell bitter about it

                    • honey girl

                      I was never in denial about the multi-version sales tactics used by Kpop artists. I just find it funny that when someone praises them, you guys run to the good ol’ multiple versions excuse. For a “niche” market, they pretty much achieve gold with every release, chart yearly, and able to stand on their own against their Japanese peers, who use similar tactics as them.

                      You guys keep trying make this an apples to oranges situation when it is in fact apples to apples. Doesn’t matter if one artist sells 1 version less than another artists. They are all manipulating the charts. I just dont get why that excuse is thrown at kpop artist here while people are congratulating Arashi & Nogi w/ none of you using the same said excuse. It just makes jpop stans look like seething hypocrites.

                      And are you really using BAP as an example for anything? They barely made a splash with SKYDIVE in Korea so those JP sales are a given. They were at iKon level of sales but now they are BTOB level since the whole lawsuit scandal. Their next comeback in both countries will be the real test of their fanbase.

                      • ;P

                        All of us jpop fans here are unsurprised at idol AND kpop gimmicks, all in the same fruit bowl. You’re the only kpop stan representative who’s trying to create nonexistent drama. A weak troll. Meh

              • Matsumiyalover

                Arashi only ever released 2 versions I think.

              • lol

                Stop. The average is at least 3 for non-48s.

                JE artist at least release 2 version girls..

                • honey girl

                  JE artists usually do 3 editions w/ a single and/or album at least once every year. The only reason I seek / Daylight was #7 yearly was because it had an extra edition. Same with Japonism in 2015. It only was #1 yearly because they released it in 3 versions.

                  • bix

                    I seek / Daylight would still be in top 10 with only 2 versions (see Power of Paradise) and they always released 3 versions for double A-sides. It was business as usual for Arashi, not the same with Japonism.

                    Japonism was an anomaly. Jstorm didn’t go overboard with it though and they actually would get #1 without the extra edition but only by a hair’s breadth.

                  • mikamika

                    At least as far as Arashi goes, they only release 3 editions when it’s a Double-A-side (with Japonism being the exception). Other than that they always have just two different versions. And look at this year: Are you happy? had 2 versions and is the most sold album of the year.

                  • Ha

                    Oh girl you are so butthurt. Stop putting excuses for everything!
                    You’re even analyzing every Idol’s releases more than a JE stan XD if you don’t care about them, then don’t care! Go and follow your own groups and stop being butthurt!

                    I don’t need to go to a Kpop fansite and say everything I don’t like about them to feel better make my favs look good, lol

                    I tell you, It’s a happier way to enjoy life girl!


                  • lol

                    I seek and Daylight was doyble A side single…
                    and why Arashi must release I seek and Daylight separately when the release date was so near..and Fukkatsu Love only has 2 version yet it listed on top 10…xD

                    Are You Happy only has 2 version tho XD try harder sis

                    your comment is a typical of a YG stan who acts holier than thou to others..xD

                  • Summersplash

                    Dragging arashi? Wrong move

      • ;)

        just because they’re on charts doesn’t mean the song is popular, just like a comment above said

      • honey girl

        They really did do a good job this year. I think pretty much all the Kpop artists this year were able to go Gold with their releases. Big Bang was the only kpop artist to have a Top 20 album this year. I think their album will be certified platinum if it hasnt already. Don’t think that has happened in quite a while.

        I am sad that the only K-girl groups that made a splash this year were AOA and Apink. AOA’s RUNWAY album wasn’t good and that WOW War Tonight cover was horrible. I don’t like anything from Apink except Hush. I wish my queens AFTERSCHOOL was still active. I’m still not over Dress to Kill. Hopefully we’ll get a better batch of girls next year.

        • Matsumiyalover

          What’s an AOA or Apink. This is aramajapan right?

    • geust

      Where can I see the sales numbers for the 51-100 singles? Oricon doesn’t list them.

      • Meutia S Aishah

        there’s a link to that in the end of article

    • demasta

      yay nogi! :D

    • guest

      Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone 25th Anniversary Best (Sales Number: 163,856)

      Damn, they’re old. They look great for their age though.

      • Meutia S Aishah

        isn’t that supposed to be 5th? typo?

        • guest

          No, they actually debuted 25 years ago.

          • Meutia S Aishah

            are we talking about the same sexy zone then? since the sexy zone that I know is having a 5th anniversary debut?

            • gurlll

              LOL you DO realize that that was SARCASM, right?
              Obviously Sexy Zone didn’t debut 25 years ago and we ALL know this, god.

              Some people sure take everything too seriously.

              • Meutia S Aishah

                actually, I don’t know that was a sarcasm
                and since I’m in the middle of studying so I can go there next year, I just want to make sure I follow the latest news as much as possible
                so, I’m sorry for being a stupid person for asking this kind of thing?

      • lol

        they are vampires XD

    • Meutia S Aishah

      congratz for everyone~
      I’m surprised that hoshino gen is in 32 even though all my japanese love him and keep talking about him

      • bix

        That’s only physical sales. Your Japanese friends probably downloaded his song on iTunes. He has been on top of digital charts for over 8 weeks now.

        • Meutia S Aishah

          I see. thank god I rarely use oricon as a reference for nice song, that song is nice ;)

    • Nya
    • Meutia S Aishah

      just wondering if anyone know, but why are akb48 total gross is less than nogizaka46 or sandaime or arashi?

    • An_dromeda

      yeyyy my hardworking 2pm is here is in the list!!!!

    • Historia Lenz

      Congrats, Arashi! XD Slay!

    • nikonikoni

      even though their sales is that much not including concerts, cms and other thing, Arashi are nowhere in forbes highest paid celebrities list ne. Big Bang is there with 44million USD.