Oricon Flashback: 2006 Year End Chart

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking back on the end year charts for the years that were covered in the 2016 editions of Oricon Flashback. This is the third part of this series, 2006.


1. Ken Hirai – Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection ’95-’05 “Utabaka” (2,070,766)

2. Koda Kumi – BEST ~second session~ (1,768,628)

3. Kobukuro – ALL SINGLES BEST (1,748,682)

4. Def Tech – Catch The Wave (1,225,757)

5. B’z – B’z The Best “Pleasure II” (1,191,725)

6. Mika Nakashima – BEST (1,109,420)

7. Utada Hikaru – ULTRA BLUE (882,343)

8. Ayumi Hamasaki – (miss)understood (877,433)

9. Kobukuro – NAMELESS WORLD (866,948)

10. Ai Otsuka – LOVE COOK (831,633)

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    • yacchaitai
    • surfboardt

      Good lord, so many iconic (Both good and bad) moments. Bold and Delicious’ iconic PV, Koda Kumi Best Second Session’s 12 singles promotion (With covers that definitely aged badly if you know what I mean), Ultra Blue, Planetarium’s hype via Hana Yori Dango, pre-mayo licking Yamapi, etc.

      • OMG people would freak out over the “cultural appropriation” of Kuu’s singles now.

        • surfboardt

          Eh, I wouldn’t call it cultural appropriation solely because there isn’t a cultural object stripped of its original cultural meaning/purpose (As with many cases where people use “cultural appropriation” to describe people dressing up as other cultures in general), but it’s definitely culturally insensitive especially considering how there’s literally no purpose/significance/connection to the “featured” cultures in a vast majority (If not all) of the singles tbh. ngl, the American cover was accurate tho.

    • gerol

      still can’t believe how underrated Ultra Blue is…