Oricon Flashback: 1997 Year End Chart

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking back on the year end charts for the years that were covered in the 2017 editions of Oricon Flashback. We’re going to start things off with 1997.


1. GLAY (¥17,630,000,000)

2. globe (¥14,180,000,000)

3. Mr.Children (¥11,750,000,000)

4. Namie Amuro (¥10,390,000,000)

5. B’z (¥9,980,000,000)

6. SPEED (¥9,340,000,000)

7. THE YELLOW MONKEY (¥8,490,000,000)

5. Every Little Thing (¥8,450,000,000)

9. ZARD (¥8,290,000,000)

10. JUDY AND MARY (¥7,720,000,000)

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    • AkaneHaga

      wts> who is in speed whose becoming a center attention?

    • K

      SPEED 😢

      • U

        Also these year end charts are beautiful. Not as balanced as 99 year end, but well balanced.

    • neko

      So this is the world before 48 idols

    • Tomorrow Never Knows is indeed one of the best songs from Japan. It is just timeless and everlasting.

      And didnt know KinKi’s Garasu no Shounen is the 2nd best selling single of the year. I know it sold really well but didnt know this well lol

      • WD79

        If it wasn’t because of the restriction placed by the jimusho since Matchy’s incident, Kinki would’ve been nominated for Japan Record Awards that year too.

        • What Matchy incident? Do you mind telling me?

          • His song “Orokamono” won the Japan Record Award in 1987. However, someone was not happy about Matchy’s nomination and stole the ashes from his recently deceased mother’s grave. To this day the culprit nor the ashes have been found. Obviously as this was a completely horrible thing to happen, it’s said Johnny’s and Associates have since made the decision not to accept nominations for any music based awards (except for 1988, when Hikaru Genji won the award).


          • WD79

            Basically, as Ronald says.

    • WD79

      What a year!