ONE OK ROCK releases “We Are” MV

ONE OK ROCK just released both a Japanese version and English version of the track “We Are” from their upcoming album Ambitions.  The Japanese version of the album will be released on January 11 2017, while the English album will be released two days after on January 13.

Check out both music videos below!

(via ONEOKROCKchannel and Fueled By Ramen)

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    • This isn’t bad. Nice job OOR.

    • gus

      This is like Cry Out & Decision being blended in with some overproduction. But I’ll give it a pass since the NHK Special 18Fes to hype this song is very touching. Aren’t you gonna report on that one too? That was OOR first appearance on National TV.

    • HyperMoot .

      Jeez, sounds like a killer. Best feel since Liar me thinks !

      • gus

        is this sarcasm?

        • HyperMoot .

          ???? absolutely not, I like it

    • Jo

      What’s the difference between the International version and Japanese version? Just different videos?

      • Ryusei

        probably, also the tracklist of the album differs a bit

      • gus

        The Album will have 3 different song. I read somewhere there is a song titled “American Girls” that none of the members actually liked, but they put it there anyway due to Fueled By Ramen’s request. So they create another song for Japanese release only to replace that song

        • Jo

          lolll thanks for the info :)

        • kazu_no_ko

          I wish the Japanese version was offered on iTunes US. :'(

        • Oh wow I didnt know that about American girls, its the same with 35 and how they were hesitant with Paper planes. I know Hard to love(song abt Taka dad) is on the US. vers.

    • eplizo

      Fucking LOVE it! Finally! A song from them that I like on this album lol. Love the MV too actually.

      • kazu_no_ko

        This track was definitely the magic that everyone was waiting for on this album. I’m feeling this song a lot. I love the video too. I’m glad they released this track.

    • yamakita

      I just found out last week that Takahiro is the son of Mori Shinichi and Mori Masako, and Shinichi and Masako were married to each other, AND Takahiro used to be in NEWS. AND he has a younger brother just like him! What a background. Pretty awesome.

      • Himi Tsu

        BTW, he was a member of NEWS during their first 3 months, before they went “major” :) The first single, the only one he was in, was released in a special way – don’t remember much but it wasn’t available everywhere.

    • demasta

      very nice

    • Not my favourite single of theirs, but I don’t mind it. As always, impressed by Taka’s English but much prefer the Japanese version.

    • guest

      Taka’s voice is done no justice with the effect on it in this song. It makes it sound generic, and his voice is anything but that.

    • I surprised when I saw them on my youtube sub feed yesterday! Wow!

    • Yama92

      This is the song…that NHK perf was everything….just wow! I am a bit more interested in this album I like the most of the singles released so far but this song is the best one so far!

    • starlightshimmers

      Nice. Japan has the best non-alternative rock scene right now.

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