One of the big names I see thrown around in the J-rock scene these days is ONE OK ROCK. Aware of their rise to somewhat mega heights and international acclaim, I took it upon myself (an avid ROCK fan) to check them out, to try and see what it is exactly that’s causing all this buzz. When being fully honest, I’ve avoided them, knowing full well that they are fronted by a Johnny and photos of them to me just scream ‘try-hard’. But hey, never judge a book by it’s cover right? So, under the pretense of doing a review, I cleared my preconceptions, opened my mind and listened to their latest album “Ambitions“. All I have to say is…

ONE OK ROCK are just about the LEAST “rock” thing I’ve heard in years.

“Ambitions” album cover

I came from listening to their latest “Ambitions” (the Japanese version to be specific) frustrated, bored and felt I needed a cold shower to wash off the unbearable stench of lame. Wow, what an intensely tragic excuse for a ‘rock band’. It left me with that feeling you get when you hear a youth orientated pop radio station mention the word “rock”, I instantly knew the kind of demographic this group are aimed for: Non nerdy, rock-discovering, edge-less, 12 year olds, primarily of the female persuasion, because, as far as I can tell, this is just a boy-band with guitars.

Lets have a look at the single “We are“. About a decade ago, Linkin Park pulled out this sound, to great commercial success, and in turn, mockery from rock fans (who remembers the countless “I’m gonna go listen to Linkin Park” memes?). This sounds exactly like this- to the point of it being comical. The major difference is that for all their cheesiness, Chester Bennington is undeniably decent at being a ROCK vocalist. The vocalist here, Takahiro Moriuchi is, for the most part fine- for someone who is overly-trained and clean, to be a stand in. He’s an idol, and his voice sounds like an idol. It’s very hard to find such vocal stylings remotely convincing in a group that considers themselves to be ‘rock’. His heart is there but his delivery is shallow and pub-covers-band like at best.

“We Are” Music Video:

This album has two pretty big western guests that both outline who the real demographic here is. Those being… wait for it... Avril Lavigne and 5 Seconds of Summer. These two names should be enough to be a case closed but lets talk about it, shall we? Avril Lavigne (who funnily enough was flamed by western SJW‘s for her “Hello Kitty” music video for cultural appropriation… looks like her plan to appeal to a Japanese audience worked and didn’t offend afterall!) is actually the most entertaining part about the album. Her twangy nasal delivery adds a bit of charm and hilarity to the absolutely dreadful ballad “Listen” which would likely fit as a song on a cringe compilation. More baffling here is the inclusion of 5 Seconds to Summer on the closing track “Take what you want“… not because they don’t fit the mold, its that they fit it so well the listener can’t even tell the two groups apart. Again… a boy-band with guitars. For teenage girls.

However, what is interesting is that in the west, 5 Seconds to Summer are generally taken as this and only this- a light, safe, for tweens rock band. No-one is trying to claim they’re this big amazing thing, at least, no-one outside their teens. Tell your rock friends you like 5 Seconds to Summer and you’ll be a laughing stock. So why is ONE OK ROCK so highly regarded? Why do netizens consider them “for juvenile delinquents” (I wish I was making this up). Is it just another case of “it’s Japanese so it’s fine“? This is one of the only reasons I could suggest explain their international success (well, other than their Rorouni Kenshin tie in). Such questions, such questions.

As for the rest of the album, its basically an aural onslaught of average. Riff after generic riff that never really hit home, unbalanced vocals that drown out any kind impact the music could have had, and drums that sound like a kid with his first kit. The amount of ballads is ridiculous, the keyboard work dated. Emotions are lost through the group’s flimsy delivery, production is muddy, flat and safe. The most excruciating moment is on track “20/20” when the group attempts a ‘heavy’ breakdown and believe it or not- our vocalist actually says the word “sick”. Yep, “SICK“. This track is followed directly with the wimpy “Always come back” which I cringe at imagining fans holding up candl… erp I mean phones at shows thinking they’re experiencing something ‘life-changing’. And so on and so forth, until the album ends and you immediately forget everything you just heard.

In conclusion, ONE OK ROCK and their latest album “Ambitions” is definitely not rock. It barely works as a pop album, as I’d imagine most pop listeners would prefer something a little more mature, poignant, and far less cheesy. These hardcore fans who find them to be a second coming, can you explain it to this reviewer more? How does this one group stand out above the sea of similar bands? I find the album title to be a little off-putting too, there seems to be nothing ambitious here except for perhaps a sales target. I do not see any kind of serious rock fan ever being able to sit down and honestly find this album, or this group to be ‘legit’, and this reviewer is certainly not convinced.

ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK (except if you’re a teenage girl).

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    • Oxox

      Well, you tried it.

    • maguro part deux

      LOL. How do you really feel?

      • Ash

        I’m doing my hair right now to look like my idols

    • nogicunty

      since when were these bashing articles a thing no one cares about what you think is rock or not lol delete this

      • guest

        The amount of comments here suggest otherwise hun

      • HyperMoot .

        it’s not a bashing article, it’s promotion: clickbait, views, better ranking with search engines. This one is bound to beat the 400 comments record (see, I’m contributing) and when possibly things get sour and people resort to calling names then you get another niche syndrom: they’ll play the victims and next, scores of fake accounts and trolls come up to support. Have fun and enjoy the show.

    • non

      I never really liked ONE OK ROCK because it’s simply not the music I like, and I agree is mostly pop than rock.

      The necessity to mock their fans is what actually makes me “meh” this review, but hey if it makes you feel better and more intelligent good for you I guess.

      • aradidnt

        Mte. This is just another piece to fan their own ego. Ash is probably a male like Ronald.

        • He is, but what does that matter? If he was female, would he be blinded by their looks like a lot of their fans are and give them a good review?

          • aradidnt

            Oh yess, because you won’t see a woman write about teen girls as if they are above them. Both of your writing dripping with male entitlement.

            • I don’t see a reason to take the musical opinions of someone who goes on about looks when talking about a musical act seriously. This isn’t a beauty pageant.

              • aradidnt

                Oh so naive Ronald. I pity your impotence to comprehend that girls have the ability to be both, giving concrete opinion on specific musical piece and randomly praising their faves physical appearance on personal sns accounts. Probably you wouldn’t understand this since you like to pepper your published reviews with irrelevant personal opinions.

                • I stand by what I said.

                  • aradidnt

                    Stand by your misogyny? Chauvinism?

                    • I listen to what women think of music all the time, as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way. I do the same thing with men too, but that happens far less to begin with.

                      And stop with the buzzwords.

                      • HyperMoot .

                        “as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way” which means…???

                      • They need to see past the looks and focus on the music.

                      • hhhh

                        “They need to see past the looks” – speaking of which, what’s your fascination with this sewer rat? Didn’t you once say you only watch his videos because you’re attracted to him? Gotta stop letting your hormones get in the way!

                      • Am I listening to his music though?

                      • hhhh

                        That doesn’t make a difference, because you’re letting your fragile hormones dictate how you consume media, and it’s downright disingenuous to imply otherwise. Sometimes you’d be better off just keeping an eye on your own hypocrisy.

                      • You make no sense at all.

                      • not all men but DEFINITELY you

                        They’re not buzzwords if they’re 100% accurate, and in this instance they absolutely are.

                        Honestly every time I think you can’t get worse, you go and post something that reminds me of exactly why I absolutely loathe you. You are a horrible human being and a prime example for why so many women feel entitled to claim that “all men” are disrespectful, misogynistic pigs.

                      • aradidnt

                        Lol buzzwords. What next? I’m an sjw feminist who hurts your male feelings ;(.

                        “I listen to what women think of music all the time, as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way. I do the same thing with men too, but that happens far less to begin with.”
                        Oh boy. LOL. Thank you. I rest my case.

                      • il indio111

                        I mean, Ronald’s very unnecessary qualifier of “as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way” completely ruins whatever point he has unless he is trolling, but assuming “oh person who dislikes this must be male” isn’t the best starting point if you want to take issue with it.

                      • aradidnt

                        “oh person who dislikes this must be male”? this is what you (& whoever upvoted) get from my comments? Really? Comprehension might not be your strong point perhaps…
                        Let me help. This what I wrote:
                        – Mte. This is just another piece to fan their own ego. Ash is probably a male like Ronald
                        – yess, because you won’t see a woman write about teen girls as if they are above them. Both of your writing dripping with male entitlement.
                        Did I touched about their musical preference? Nope. As a matter of fact, i’m not fond of this album. I was criticizing their shoddy writing and disgusting attitude against women via their reviews.

                      • il indio111

                        “Ash is probably a male like Ronald.” You’re the one who brought up him being male as having any relevancy to the post. You made that leap, so good luck trying to walk in back. Y’know, in the exact same post you quoted to try and clarify yourself but just proved my point, lol.

                        Please go on about your superior reading comprehension. It’s adorable.

                      • :/

                        “Ash is probably a male like Ronald.” is not the same context as “”oh person who dislikes this must be male”. Aradidnt quoted her caused for the so called leap which turns out to be correct. I don’t see her clarification as backtracking tho and it is relevant since her issue was about Ash teenage girls dig in the article.

                      • I’m not the one ranting and raving, so…

                      • aradidnt

                        I see your ranting and ravings in your reviews all the time Ronald :). You can’t fool anyone with your own fuming here too honey.

                      • That’s the point of a review though…

          • aradidnt

            “If he was female, would he be blinded by their looks like a lot of their fans are and give them a good review?”
            This was added later I see. Only female be blinded by looks LOL. So typical of your shallow view Ronald

    • They are a boyband with guitars. I’ve been saying this for ages.

      • lololol

        Considering you’re a black gay man, I thought you’d like them because they’re fair skinned cuties.

        • Ohh, how did I know a OOR fan would bring up my race / sexuality again…

          And if I wanted to fuck a meth head, I’d go to the trailer park half an hour away.

          • Alexdhamp

            How do you know they’re a fan? You psychic now?

      • Axel

        KAT-TUN’s Real Face is more rock than OOR… and more KT songs.

      • OhNana

        You’re wrong! They’re not just a boyband with guitars. They have a drum kit too! Lol

      • kuku

        lol..yeah truee

    • Hyuuzu

      why arama become a place for so much hate?
      it used to be good place for news and reviews, but now all I see is a lot of people judging/hating others and saying [my opnion] as an excuse.
      Sorry but this is no review. this you, taking ONE album of a band that is in the market for YEARS and judging them as “no good”, and more than that, trying to put your ideas of the band in you readers head by telling them they should not like this unless they are teenagers girls.

      • Soyeon

        what time frame are you referring to cause it was worse on lj. at the end of the day it’s a entertainment/gossip place, not saying arama needs to turn into girls channel 2.0 but isn’t being snarky towards celebs expected.

        • People want snark until it happens to their fave.

          • OhNana

            Sad but true. Tho I would suggest at least backing the snarky comments with a solid basis to make it a bit more critical.

          • MightyLongFall

            Yeah these aren’t rock AT ALL

            Keep judging a band by one album (which is their weakest album so far, yet not that bad) arama japan :) that article definitely deserve a pulitzer LOL

          • slow clap

            Some of us are just here for news, dude.

            Arama’s had a history of snark and hate because it started as a gossip community that anyone could post on. The fact that you haven’t shed that nature — despite becoming a “legitimate” news source and restricting who can post to official contributors — should be a mark of shame, not further snark on your part.

            What you’re basically saying here is that Arama’s official contributors are no better than the drama hounds from the LJ days: unprofessional attention-seekers that can’t take criticism.

            Way to go.

            • Soyeon

              and just as many, if not more are here for the gossip.

              this is so funny, it all comes full circle. to this day people still bitch that arama isn’t on lj anymore, and they have become a “boring” typical news site like TH. as mentioned before if this was about someone like Ayumi Hamasaki the MAJORITY of the comments would have joined in on the witch hunt. you can’t pick and choose what you want arama to be when it’s beneficial to you

              entitled babies

              • aradidnt

                I am here for the gossips, but gossips that’s actually trending in Japan. Not here for the snark by writers who consistently force feeding their “lols boyband lols teenage fangirls” attitude to the masses. We don’t need a cheap version of Brasor/Martin tag team ala japantimes.

                Arama’s reviews by Ronald are known to be without substance, just an opportunity for him to throw acid. So now we know Ash is another one and should stick to writing fun PR piece when he/she’s high.

                At least during aramadidnt at lj, there were no self absorb personal ranting reviews posted.

                • Soyeon

                  utada finally released a jpn album after 8 years, one ok rock just made their major american debut. Those are relevant topics in japan are they not?? with the way some people are talking it’s like reviews are posted like this every other day. opinion pieces like this are in the extreme minority on here.

                  i also wonder why everyone was so silent when ronald included utada in the 2016 staff year end list for best albums and songs. but if he dared include them on a worst of list…??

                  you’re allowed to dislike the reviews obviously and say why, and a lot of the complaints about this article are valid but so many people making comments are acting like children

                  stuff like this wasn’t at lj cause no one bothered to write it, they were free to. instead we got constant whining about Johnny’s (whether it be too much, or the bashing against it) and borderline racist views on KPOP.

                  • People also ignored that she was one of my picks for the month the album was released.

                    I’m glad you brought up the old Arama. The creators of the site wanted a change. They wanted more than just idols and JPop queens, and now they have it. The music coverage at the old Arama pales in comparison to what we currently have. If we only covered those 2 kinds of acts now, we would be in dire straits because the scene has changed.

                    • HyperMoot .

                      A simple copy and paste will do for that one. Looks like trolling a bit but still better than some of the racialist thugs lurking around:

                      “You can’t at the same time review an album, claim there are only three
                      good tracks (in which guests outshine her) the rest being TV drama BS,
                      which leaves a mark of about 2.5 out of ten…call it garbage in the
                      comments of “UH is the least blah blah…”, call ‘blind stans’ those who
                      think Fantôme is a great album and THEN put it in your top 10 (#7)”

                      Coherence? Integrity? Honesty? My, holy cow! moo moo moo

                      • Let it go…

                      • HyperMoot .

                        copy and paste: “Let it go”? I prefer “Let it be” from some big mainstream band. Mainstream? bleh !

                  • HyperMoot .

                    “i also wonder why everyone was so silent when ronald included utada in the 2016 staff year end list for best albums and songs”

                    What? Pardon? everyone? my ass, read again!

                    I wasn’t silent and clearly slammed that choice for what it was: sheer hypocrisy and dishonesty. You can’t at the same time review an album, claim there are only three good tracks (in which guests outshine her) the rest being TV drama BS, which leaves a mark of about 2.5 out of ten…call it garbage in the comments of “UH is the least blah blah…”, call ‘blind stans’ those who think Fantôme is a great album and THEN put it in your top 10 (#7).

                    Either he was on crack when he wrote his review OR this is more plausible, the original purpose was to have the whole clickbait+views+feud paraphernalia while having a good laugh at the soppy blind stans. Let’s call a spade a spade, this has nothing to do with intellectual integrity as a reviewer.

                  • aradidnt

                    Sorry you can’t differentiate between “gossips” (read back what I wrote) and album reviews. So far the reviews (or you call it “opinion pieces” lol) were poorly written with very little substance for a legit music criticism. It’s mostly self absorbed rants and regurgitating acid.

                    “so many people making comments are acting like children” that’s what the writers gleefully welcomed with buckets of popcorns.

                    Not really. Aramadidnt wasn’t a place for personal reviews but a place to repost translated news or other professional reviews. Their original articles are mostly made up of polls, list and such. Acidic rants can be read in secret or hate journals. Tbh I don’t mind aramajapan’s music reviews if it’s written without unrelated bashing (looking down on women, the fans, artists personal lives, etc). I’m guessing you find their attitude towards teen girls, boybands or Utada mourning her mother funny/entertaining enough for this site. I have laughed at some of Ronald’s comments or Ash’s article but their male entitlement attitude is disgusting aff.

            • So you want the site to be news only? Well if that happens, then people would get mad and say “Why wasn’t so and so covered? It’s all over the internet in Japan.”

          • Ben

            Lol. Ronald, the defensive warrior.

        • Marshy

          arama on lj was the absolute pits and the mods were garbage.

      • Azrul Hakim

        Ikr? but at least they are not as toxic as Allkpop, but I do believe some of the reviewer are biased because being neutral is not edgy enough lol!

        • BAD KID

          the creator of allkpop is literally the devil.

          he is EVIL

      • HyperMoot .

        “why arama become a place for so much hate?” because the world is round, it turns them on?

      • hasawa

        From what i’ve seen, “hate” (if one could consider a ‘harsh’ review as “hate”…) comes from both sides. I won’t bring back the utter disaster of the review of some album that made so many ppl lose their shit and say pretty mean things to the author…
        Someone saying he thinks something is “no good” doesn’t equal as “putting his idea in your brain”, he’s just, well….expressing an opinion and you are not FORCED to agree with him. And the comment section is here for you to debate and tell why you don’t agree with it and express in return your free speech.
        In the end of the day, it just depends if you choose to be personnally attacked and offended just because someone doesn’t share the same taste and opinions as you…

        • HyperMoot .

          ” the review of some ‘jpop queen’ that made so many ppl lose their shit and say pretty mean things to the author…” correct thus far, too bad some used terrible insults, especially because it allowed the author and his buddies to play the poor victims.

          is calling fans of OOR or at least of this particular record 12-year-olds teenage girls o-p-i-n-i-o-n? or something more? You just read what you want to read man! In real life, I’d teach them good manners with a proper slap in the face so on the web, and especially on a GOSSIP site, I wouldn’t complain about being civil, respectful or whatsoever.

        • aradidnt

          Again, I see you keep on this narrative that the Utada review wasn’t a piece of shitty writing. As for this i do share the same opinion that OOR album is lacking the rock I like but this “lol teen girls” narrative is disgusting aff.

          • But when the fans themselves talk about how hot they instead of the actual music…

            • aradidnt

              *rme* yeah. Only teen girls does that. I still remember when you were thirsting over Miyake Ken Ronald so stop.

              • Yes, because I praise everything V6 does.

                • aradidnt

                  You fail to get the point again Ronald. I’ve seen OOR fans, even some comments here who don’t praise everything they did.

                  • They’re doing it now because they want to see taken seriously.

                    • aradidnt

                      Now Ronald? Now? I’ve been seeing their own fans negative comments on OOR music at arama for a long while now. You’re only being blind to defend your obtuseness.

    • Thomas

      As a former fan, I can’t agree more tbh. They used to have this fresh sound when they first debuted and actually released some jams that really hit home for me. Everything changed with their “Jinsei Kakete Boku wa” album. What they are doing now is typical “Fueled by Ramen” music that teenagers in their emo phase listen to to be #edgy. I can’t stand a SINGLE track on this album. 0/10

      • HyperMoot .

        It ain’t that bad. I gave it several tries before I making hasty judgments. What annoys me most is the production that drowns most tracks into er I don’t know what. Like too clean makes things unclean? I’m pretty sure that many songs would sound better live, without the studio layers.

    • gus

      Hell yeah the album sucks, but anything else written here is a tryhard.

    • byebicycle

      now *this* is actually a clickbait headline. and hey, it worked, bc i’m here, typing this comment, lmao. gdi

      been a while since i tried out oor’s music, but i’m not a fan either. they sounded dated to me, like an emo band from 2006, and taka, though he doesn’t have a bad voice, kinda sounded like he was trying too hard? too “amurrikan” or something, i can’t really explain it. idk if i’d still feel the same if i listened to them now though.

      that said, this piece just feels ott, like even though you explain why you dislike them, it still comes across as you just shitting on them rather than a proper critique. not to mention this whole “lols boyband lols teenage fangirls” attitude is just annoying.

      but tbh i probably should’ve stopped reading when you used “sjw” unironically, smh.

      • Azrul Hakim

        Hmm, as a proper reviewer they should be more focused by listening to the album thoroughly and point out the positive and negatives but what I can deduced they just spew ramblings and negativity, sigh this what happen when they tried to review Utada Hikaru lastest album and you know what happen to that, lol!

      • OhNana

        I think the proper title would be “ONE OK ROCK does not rock on their new album”

      • Pretsy

        Arama has been ridden by master trolls from JPS for a long while and people fail to realize that really. Idc about OOR either (there were feasible reasons provided below) but c’mon, Ronald and Ash – the more you do this the more Arama becomes the relic of snarky, grumpy J-enthusiasts circa livejournal/angelfire days rather than the prominent Japanese entertainment news provider. This happened with Gordon’s site (Jrocknyc – believe me Ash, us endorsing anti-idols makes no huge difference from those endorsing visual crossdressers FYI) much earlier AFAIK and you are more than just halfway there tbqh.

        • Azrul Hakim

          It’s sad actually (I do like Arama for their news about J entertainment which is not that many as kpop) if that is true, and what Ronald ask for 2017, remember? No more click-bait article but they themselves contribute to the shenigans and insults being thrown, name-calling and angry fans (lol).

        • I wouldn’t say that the people at JPS are trolls. The people that are there are probably the liveliest community of international fans who follow Japanese alternative music.

          I don’t see a reason why we can’t be a new source and have opinion pieces. When we post only news, people get mad and say the site is boring and all we post is release information, charts, and music shows. But then when something like this is posted, people bemoan us for not being strictly news. So what’s really real?

          • ProllyWild

            i appreciate that this piece is properly titled as an opinion piece. I think those are important for any outlet like this. Opinion pieces are not where my criticism lies at least. My criticism lies in the execution. There was no research presented to back up this opinion. It really just comes off as a long comment from the “Open Post” section presented as an article. It doesn’t really invite conversation and debate to say “they’re not rock because of the one release i listened to, and because i said so”.

            it structurally presents itself like an album review without the track to track in depth review. It presents the point that the band is not rock based on that album, but really only mentions 2-3 tracks from the album to support that claim. its hard to engage this opinion piece. Thats my criticism.

    • Inna

      I liked their stuff from when they started out, but yes, I’d have to agree that they’re starting to sound like the emo bands I listened to when I was younger. I appreciated the raw-ness had at the beginning of their career and now it’s all over processed, I think. If you like their style now, great! Good on ya. I’m just not a fan of their newer stuff, that’s all. Just my two cents.

      But good for them, the album seems to be selling well.

      • They’re on Fueled By Ramen, that says it all.

        • HyperMoot .

          and this ‘review’ is sponsored by Cold Noodles?

    • faifantc

      I wouldn’t go that far – this article is a little OD aggressive.

      I do think that their sound has gotten a lot more mainstream American emo pop-rock-influenced in the last couple of years, and it’s not for everyone. Jinsei X Boku = was the last album that I liked personally, but if this shift is something that is making them sell, and something they and their listeners new and/or old are into, then good for them.

      • MightyLongFall

        This is a troll review in a troll site. I too fall to their trap and taking this too serious. Stupid me -_-

        • deepdark

          I don’t like it either, but you do realize that by reposting this same comment over and over you are 1) giving them more comments, and 2) sinking to their level, right?

          • MightyLongFall

            My bad sorry

    • Soyeon

      interesting. if this was about LDH, AKB, or like Ayumi Hamasaki the tone of the comment section would no doubt be different.

      • Ash

        Ayumi Hamasaki rocks harder than ONE OK ROCK ;-p

        • MightyLongFall

          Shit so the writer is a troll and this whole site is a joke -_- i thought this was a dedicated music site smh i’m so stupid

          • lol

            the writer is not a troll…and the review is based on his/her impression of the album..

            • Oppai<3

              And the title for his review is “ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK”. He just review one single album not the entire album of the band and come up with the impression of “ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK”. I think he don’t know what are different types of rock music. ~use to figure out those different types of rock music

    • Steph

      When I first heard of them yearsss ago, I really liked them. Like even though Taka’s voice is mostly poppy and clean, the first song of theirs I heard was when I stumbled upon the video for “Jibun Rock”. Instead of having the singer wash out the rock sound, it was more balanced, raw, faster, and there was actual youthful angst in what he was saying. I agree that the band has gone the safe route though, trying to appeal to everyone to make sales, but losing sight of what rock musix is in the process. “Ambitions” is nothing more than a money grab, for sure.

      • Omnirosa

        Every artist changes over time but people are delusional if this is what’s considered “growth”. “Growth” would’ve been building on what was already there or showing their unique take on a genre but these dudes literally just jacked emo music’s sounds to get emos to buy their shit.

    • ♡violet♡

      “I’ve avoided them, knowing full well that they are fronted by a Johnny” …he was in ONE Johnnys single /fourteen years ago/ lol. but sure.

      • The idol tag doesn’t disappear once you leave the group / company.

        • Vivi

          It may be true for former idols who were actually known as idols (half of KAT-TUN lol) but I think in the case of Taka, the idol tag does disappear when you spent so little time in the agency (2 years). A lot of Japanese people have NO CLUE he was in a Johnny’s group, and even less which one. From what I know, Taka chose himself to quit NEWS and the agency at the age of 16. He knew that it wasn’t the kind of music he wanted to do nor the career. If someone thinks Taka is still labeled as a Johnny’s, it is their opinion, but for once it is definitely not the reality.

          • Actually it’s talked about often along with who his parents are.

      • Himi Tsu

        Yeah, and he was a Johnny’s JUNIOR two years at the most.. and never went major with NEWS.. It’s a stupid remark.

        It’s not the same as talking about Akanishi Jin or some other former Johnny’s..

      • roxie

        As a Johnny’s fan, is it so embarrasing that Taka started as an idol? All huge stars have to start from somewhere and it just so happen that he started in JE

        • It really takes away from this credibility. Other bands are made up of people who honed their craft over time, not people who wanted to be in a boyband. If he wanted to be a pop singer after leaving the company, it would’ve been easier for him. But since he’s going to a genre where authenticity matters, it’s a slight against him that he’ll carry forever.

          • HyperMoot .

            “since he’s going to a genre where authenticity matters, it’s a slight against him that he’ll carry forever” the Guardian of the Church of Proper Taste hath spoken and havoc shall fall on Taka the Sinner. Good, good, I like a bit of Gospel with Gossip, it quite ok rocks.

          • TruthSpeaker

            I think this is just your version of credibility and authenticity. Others don’t feel the same. Please don’t generalize these terms.

            • Kanjo Maru

              It’s true though. For a lot of rock fans not being involved in the mainstream pop industry is a big deal. It’s like when the lead singer of Busted tried to make a rock band. Fans of the genre approached the band with upturned noses.

              Whether or not we agree (I don’t care about this kind of thing anymore), it’s a fact that it matters to a lot of people. I’d say a lot of Japanese OOR fans aren’t generally rock fans, which is why they were able to change their genre without backlash (I’ve only ever seen foreign fans complain about it)

          • isanta

            I thought he was mostly viewed by Japanese as a son of famous parents, please correct me if I’m wrong.

            • Azrul Hakim

              Correct, his singing capabilities is mostly attributed for being a son of famous singer rather being on JE.

          • Azrul Hakim

            I think Taka is known for being a son of famous enka singer Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori rather than being in JE which was like when is was 15, and not even a year he quits as he felt restricted and not for him. His parents is very well-known in Japan and his voice they says comes from being a singing families rather than being a boyband….

            • lol

              not for rock fans tho,,he was in JE was still remembered

            • I said that too. I see his parents mentioned along with him being a former Johnny.

              It doesn’t have anything to do with his singing ability since it’s not as if Johnny’s are known for their vocal talent.

          • iGleaux

            Nah I don’t mind him being an ex Johnny because he doesn’t sound like one. I personally think the only Johnny’s I’ve ever heard that could sing is Taka and Jin (and Jin is just decent). Taka blows all those other Johnny’s out the water. Also he was a fucking kid not a grown ass man when he joined JE. Kids will want to be 15 different unrelated things in the span of a week. Y’all are being petty.

            • Rising Sun

              Both of KinKi Kids and Ohno are very good singers despite coming from JE. KinKi are more known as musicians instead of idols tbh…

              • iGleaux

                I won’t speak on Kinki Kids as I have never heard one of their songs but I have heard an Arashi song and not a single voice was to my liking.

        • Aleli

          Yeah. For all we know that’s where Taka got his vocal training. Hiss mind is already closed by his already boxed perception. Why is he a writer? A writer is supposed to be open-minded and objective.

    • MS

      The Linkin Park comparison (I realise you only made it for one song) is apt, as someone who was in the target demographic when HT came out, this type of criticism looks really familiar.

      At least you listened to it beforehand. I don’t like modern One OK Rock, but this comes across quite condescending with all the references to “serious rock” and “teenage girl fans” or what have you. I like a lot of music that is objectively not very good from a musical standpoint. But does it matter? Not really…

    • Mikey Toro

      At first, I hated this album to the guts. But then I realized they’ve entered veteran phase. They have 5 platinum albums, they can do whatever the hell they want now. Their first 7 albums will always be modern rock albums at best.

      Plus, this band is way better than pretentious rockstar band wannabe today like Gesu or Sekai no Owari.

    • Azrul Hakim

      I’m not suprised by this article. they’ve done this to Utada Hikaru as well. So much hate that I wonder this website become as toxic as allkpop as well.

      • Omnirosa

        A review you don’t like is hardly toxic.

        • HyperMoot .

          Wait! That was a review? OMG, PISA 2017 will be even worse, oh well

        • Azrul Hakim

          Like I already mentioned to Ronald in reviewing an album, research and knowledge on J-rock is very IMPORTANT even when you points out the negative so that reader will at least say hey, it does makes sense, but sadly it becomes personal ramblings by the author, and readers will definitely points it out in the comment sections.

        • Alexdhamp

          lol That was no “review”..more like a prejudiced hit piece.

      • Should people not say what they feel because it doesn’t praise supposed sacred cows?

        • Azrul Hakim

          Not really, as a moderator or someoneone in charge, you should stay out of a cat fights between readers (and you know it’s going to be heated, lol! judging by this article already have 100 comments, lol) and step in when somebody use racism, vulgar words among each other or spam for that matter. When you fights with the readers then you will be distracted and will not be able your jobs properly.

          • We are allowed to engage in a respectful manner.

            • HyperMoot .

              ù*%y$r8^# ??? was so shook I started writing in Venusian, sorry. Wow, quick! a screenshot of this for the record of the past, present and future.

              Hypermoot Butthurt Blind Stan y Ramirez (from Uganda)

        • Azrul Hakim

          Not really but maybe due to lack of RESEARCH on the subject matter maybe people are splitting hair over this article, I don’t mind healthy and critical discussion on the album itself (at least go through the song and points out the negative and positve) but readers WILL (and oh boy they did!) if they noticed something which is troll or plain nonsense. As a MODERATOR you will expect this kind of backlash…..

        • HyperMoot .

          Moo moo moo (tune: Billy Joel’s Honesty)

      • Lol

        Hmm i bet you didnt read arama on was worst lol

        • Azrul Hakim

          Haha, I’ll give it a try? But then again coming from anime community and kpop fandoms it does not suprised me at all….

          • lol

            but arama on lj was more fun…snarky and fun,,
            oh kpop…oh well

        • honey girl

          It really wasn’t tho. At least the title and topics were clever back on lj and didn’t sound like someone writing out their burn book thoughts. Plus these types of wank posts would have never made it to front page.

    • morning glow

      Lmao so much hate.

      I honestly like Taka’s voice but they are usually a hit or miss with me. Mostly miss though.

    • sanchan

      Wtf is this arama?

    • サビーネ

      Did you ever make the effort of checking out their older stuff? You can write a review on the new album and call it rubbish, but you shouldnt judge a band in a whole if you dont do proper research till the roots.

      • MightyLongFall

        I ask the “reviewer” to review these two song: NO SCARED and DEEPER DEEPER and tell me what you think

        • MightyLongFall

          Shit so the writer is a troll and this whole site is a joke site -_- i thought this was a dedicated music site smh i’m so stupid

          • jae

            you’ve left this same exact reply on almost every comment for this article, jfc…we get it.

            • Jo

              OOR diehard fans are just as desperate as any idol groups’ fans.

              • MightyLongFall

                another troll lol

                • Shiki

                  How are they trolling when they’re spitting facts about you? You might not realize it in the daze of pure ecstasy of defending your idols, but you’ve been copy-pasting the exact same sentence to everyone here, it’s so creepy.

              • lol

                sadly yeah

    • Guest

      This is a personal review,right? I don’t think people should start bashing others just because their opinion is different from them. It makes me sad how people used foul language against the writer in previous articles. Please,try to accept other’s opinion too….it will not harm you..

      • Guest

        I dont mind the review until the last part where the writer acted almighty and judge only teenage girls can like this band

        • guest

          I dunno, this writer always has a lot of sarcasm in his/her stuff. I find it funny more than offensive

      • Azrul Hakim

        Lol, however I do believe as a website specialising on Japan’s entertainment, they should have at least three reviewers at best reviewing the same album so that opinions can be even out and spread to different conclusions…and you know what happen during Utada Hikaru’s latest album review..

        • What publications have multiple people review the same release?

          • HyperMoot .

            Google is your best friend. Use it!

          • Azrul Hakim

            a Lot, Google it my friend, like HyperMoot said it best!

            • I asked for specific examples.

          • Alexdhamp

            You should check out other ACTUAL review sites…

      • Alexdhamp

        Why should someone respect them when they get insulted just for their interests?

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      i find this so funny

    • Alex M

      I like One Ok Rock, but I didn’t like their latest album. Also, if you haven’t listened to ONE Ok Rock before, you shouldn’t judge them by this album. They have much better, harder songs like Deeper Deeper, Mighty Long Fall, or Take me to the top. If you want something more “rock” from OOK, then try those songs. If you still don’t like them after that, then you can say you tried.

      • Zazu

        i totally agree!

    • 8giggles

      OK. I just have to add another perspective.
      I’m a rock fan. I rarely like many Hard Rock bands, but my listening has been 70% rock for the past 25 years. I went from a fan of “Classic Rock” of the 70s to the “Hair Bands” & punk of the 80s to what became my main choice of sound, the “Alt Rock” of the 90s. (I only skimmed through that 00s emo/punk)
      I’ve come to find that quite of few bands come out hard hitting & edgy, getting out all their angst, with their 1st few albums. Then they tone it down. They’ve spent a lot of frustration &/or rage over years of playing & performing it. Normally if I really like a band, I’ll stick with them so long as they still give me some decent harder edged tunes that I can really blast when frustrated.
      That being said, I came across ONE OK ROCK when trying to learn Japanese & DESPERATE for a decent Japanese rock band. I use music to help me as I try to learn a language. 90% of what I was coming across in searching for Jrock was Visual Kei which I absolutely hated. I nearly gave up thinking I couldn’t find anything of the style of rock that I would like. (I can’t even stomach most of Jpop)
      ONE OK ROCK is not my favorite Jrock artist, but they are in my top 3. But then again I have a range of rock sounds I like. The band’s earlier stuff, like some other US artists that I really like, is definitely harder hitting. Yes, the band has grown & seems to be expanding out their style. They were more hard rock/emo/punk rock and some of the hard rock edge has worn off, but they definitely still ROCK. (Listen to their earlier stuff if you want the HARD rock). I get a feel of some rock, alt rock & pop punk in their last few albums, but I still hear their sound.
      What artist doesn’t want to grow? (I’ve seen a lot of hate thrown their way from “old time” fans)
      They’ve made many friends in the international touring circuit. They’ve been pushing hard to make it bigger internationally. GOOD. FOR. THEM.
      I’ve seen the band 3 times in the past few years, but couldn’t make this latest NY gig. I finally was able to give Ambitions a listen today & really liked it. NO, it’s not as hard edged as their early stuff. YES, it’s much more radio/market friendly. Does it still rock? YES.
      But then again, I am anti metal bands & only like some hard rock ones, so maybe my 25 years of other styles of ROCK doesn’t count.
      The label behind them means nothing to me.
      As a band, you have to prove yourselves by what I hear.

      f I like it, great. If I don’t, bleh. (And DUDE, Don’t dish on Taka’s vocals. That kid can hit a range. Again, you’ve got to listen to earlier stuff as this last album doesn’t show it off. I am glad to hear his English pronunciation so much better)
      I came across these guys only 4-5 years ago, but they were a saving grace in what had been an abysmal search for Jrock that I would listen to mixed in with any other rock artist I like from other countries.

    • HyperMoot .

      “ONE OK ROCK are just about the LEAST “rock” thing I’ve heard in years.” bwahaha, I just wonder who’s next. WHO, really? What about a name change like “One OK Pop” then?

      • Let it go…

        • HyperMoot .

          “Let it go” ? I prefer “Let it be” from some big mainstream band. Mainstream? bleh

    • Breathless

      OOR does not rock, eh? Well, neither does whoever wrote this drivel. But I guess that’s ok, not everyone has to. It’s strange, though, if the band apparently appeals to teenage girls, it should appeal to the “reviewer” too, since they very much sound like one. How many lines dissing the band and trying to convince others not to like it either? Yeah, too many. Especially when all this is apparently only based on just one album. Seems like a piece that should be on Tumblr, not here.

      • HyperMoot .

        “Seems like a piece that should be on Tumblr” not very kind for Tumblr! I’d say a brand new My Space 2.0

        • Breathless

          Right, sorry. My bad.

      • MightyLongFall

        This is just a troll music blog -_- i too fall to their trap because i think this is a dedicated music site. I’m so stupid -_-

        • Shiki

          You’ve been replying with the exact same sentence to everyone while calling yourself stupid! Are you okay? You need to calm down lmfao.

    • LeSyub

      Why do you feel the need to put down “teenage girl” as if that is a bad thing OR as if there are no teen girls with better taste and class than you? As if a teen girl likes anything, it instantly loses credibility. I am no longer a teen but have loved legitimate metal and hardcore since I was a teen, but I bet if I listed the bands, you will instantly call them a boy band because they appeal to me, a young female.

      • HyperMoot .

        You’re in the wrong place, dear. Here it’s more like ‘Ash to Ash, Ron to Ronnie, Ground Control to Gossip Town’.

    • luna eriku

      I believe taka is rock. His voice, his band and everything. theyre rock. He is also a genius composer and a song writer. Their lyrics has so meaninful and wonderful. This is what we call a true artist. This album is just when theyre started to join the new label. Doesnt like it too but if u said the album title is a little off-putting and there seems to be nothing ambitious here except for perhaps a sales target, then u really an ignorant and just a hater. Of course it has deep meaning, are u just listening the beat so that u can throw ur childish reviews!? what about the meaning of the lyrics? Duh! As a fan, im also a music lover. If u doesnt know the art of music then go learn more bfore giv ur know nothing opinion!

    • wtf arama

      Isn’t Ash into OOR? LOL

    • eve

      Wow, when does Arama became so desperate? Just a clickbait

      • MightyLongFall

        Since ever? Need that ads revenue lol

        • Azrul Hakim

          Remember Ronald’s resolutions for 2017? Guess it’s all for traffic and for the bills (looks I’m contributing as well, lol)

    • Puncret

      I’m expecting a professional review about music but I guess not today..

    • OhNana

      I was thinking the same thing when I saw Avril. I did listen to her a lot back then and the song “Listen” actually reminds me of those (punk/punk rock) days. Also, I always thought that 5SOS was a LEGIT boyband before hearing that they did a tour with OOR. Those 2 aside, this opinion piece is still a pretty boring argument over whether or not they still “ROCK”. You haven’t even explain your POV of the definition of Rock itself and its subgenres before deciding that they “don’t rock” (in your opinion). And a little advice, if you want to understand more about the reason why they are regarded as such rock stars, why not give a listen to their past albums? Pretty lazy doing an opinion piece when you couldn’t even do some right research to justify your opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion since I believe in the saying, “to each their own” but I really don’t appreciate a half-assed article since it’s not even given the proper effort.

      • Alexdhamp

        Don’t bother with telling them they should do research. They strike me as the sort that would fall victim to confirmation bias, anyway.

    • Guest

      ‘We Are’ is just downright embarassing.

    • EnmaAiLabyu

      If so, have you already heard their previous album? Its just you only heard their new song in their new album. But please before you judge, please get to know more of whom you are judging. You might get surprised.

    • toriko

      that means you still haven’t heard their previous song and albums.

    • ProllyWild

      so close….

      this time the article is properly titled as an opinion piece…but again the content is a bit off the mark. the title judges the band as a whole, but the article seems to be a review of one album. Based on this album the band then deemed “not rock” by the writer. Just kind of a weak piece, even if I can agree with parts of the article, the focus is a bit off and seems more like bashing than a legitimate review of the album….if the point is to really judge the band and their rock credibility, then you have to listen to more than just one release.

      just saying…

      • HyperMoot .

        wow, for a 12 year old teenage girl that likes soppy stuff, you do have arguments ;) Sarcasm aside, well said.

        • ProllyWild

          sad thing is, I’m not, nor have ever been a fan of One OK Rock, so this is a conversation i would have enjoyed engaging in had it been presented legitimately. i would have appreciated hearing how their long career has still put them in a place of being pop rock to outsiders. I would have liked to hear if that was a gradual evolution that took them from harder rock to a more pop sound just recently, or if its always been that way.

          I think this article only manages to piss off fans of the band, and leaves people who aren’t fans without a clear image of what the band really is (or isn’t).

      • Ben

        Lmao. So true. and This is coming from a OOR “hater”.. I don’t get their music. I’ve tried.. really hard. They’re just not my cup of tea. BUT this “review” is more like a teenage girl throwing tantrums and acting all high and mighty because he thinks his “taste” is better than anyone else. I get it we all have our own musical preferences but just because you don’t like certain group/singer/genre/music does not mean it’s crap.

        This is like Ronald’ Utada “review” a while ago. Actually I don’t know which one is worse.. this or Ronald’s.

        I think Arama should stick to just basic news reporting site. The staff “writers” are obviously not open-minded enough to deliver a solid “review” piece.

    • Omnirosa

      Every singIe time I give this band the time of day, I can do nothing but listen to their songs and find a band who did the same shit except a hundred times better. It’s like they’re some sort of tribute act that you find on Spotify when you’re trying to search up your favorite songs or bands.

      That said, this review seems OTT but the band still sucks at the end of the day no matter how excessive the review may be. They really need to try to find their own style that suits their strengths, they don’t really have to try to copy other people’s sounds this blatantly and do a bad job at it all the time.

      • Alexdhamp

        So the concept of being “inspired” is foreign to you?

    • Eternal

      I’ve been a fan even before they made their debut, but I’m not really going insane.
      They did say that they wanted to rock and make rock music.
      I’ve already gotten used to One Ok Rock pushing us fans around.
      They’re that kind of band, but I like them so it can’t be helped.
      One Ok is the unconvential type too.
      Ash should just support their private life.
      Because we’ll be supporting One Ok’s Music=Soul.
      And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren.
      That’s how my DNA will blend in with One Ok Rock’s.
      That’s the “Rock” between One Ok and their fans.

      • From one former Johnny to another.

      • OhNana

        I’m a fan but even I can’t take this comment seriously. Is this sarcasm or sumtin?

        • kamben is here

          LOL that’s the Akanishi Jin ‘Eternal’ Meme yo. OP just changed it to Taka/OOR.

      • Lol

        Loll made my dayy

      • MightyLongFall

        So this is a troll site -_- smh i’m so stupid for taking this seriously

        • Shiki

          >being this new

          lurk moar

      • I get so happy every time this pops up.

    • Jo

      They want to live up to their name, not good or hard rock… just one OK rock.

      • OhNana

        Lol! Nice pun. I give you my applause.

      • Ash

        Damn shoulda used that as the closer. Oh well, next time.

    • Jenny Martell

      Their “middle” albums are excellent, believe it or not–truly good. Most long-term fans will testify to this. You will not waste your time listening to “Chaos Smyth”, “Clock Strikes”, “Living Dolls”, etc. These show off the true, unique personality of the band. That got lost in their most recent albums, as you have accurately described.

      But then their most recent ones (specifically the last two) shipwrecked. I couldn’t bring myself to buying either after listening to the previews. I love the band members as performers and sweethearts (met them in person and they are gentlemen), but I can’t support music that isn’t wholeheartedly produced, no matter what band it is. God bless them, I hope they go back to the magic they have within them and stop giving into commercial stuff. <3

      • hasawa

        I’m far from being a fan but i enjoyed JinseixBoku (“Deeper Deeper” is such a smash!!!) and in some ways 35xxxv
        I really didn’t like their early albums which (already) sounded like some cringy teen rock bops so i don’t understand why fans consider them like the second coming’s achievement or whatever lol but that’s probably because i’m a not a fan to begin with lol
        Anyway, this review was really funny so kuddos to the author for putting this up knowing the shitstorm that was going to ensue, you’re the real MVP lol

        • How many OOR fans have heard of ELLEGARDEN though?

          • Auriane Laïly

            Certainly more than you would imagine -ELLEGARDEN used to be mentionned as one of the bands OOR looked up to. Don’t underestimate people’s curiosity. For instance, I’ve listened to ELLEGARDEN because I wanted to hear what one of OOR’s inspirations sounded like; but even before that I had heard of them, as they had their reputation. It just didn’t hook me as much.
            Also not all OOR fans are teenagers who just recently started their discovery of japanese music (and thus naturally know more of the actual bands than the non-active ones); I know plenty of early fans who follow OOR since before they became huge, and are approaching/in their 30’s (or more), which means many have had time and interest to dig in the J-rock scene before OOR existed, and know the names from those times. Also I know some who came to OOR after ELLEGARDEN’s pause, as they were looking for a “replacement”.
            They’re simply not the ones we hear the most on fan websites or social medias.

            • That doesn’t make them the majority either though.

              • Auriane Laïly

                Didn’t say they were the majority; just saying many have. You were asking how many heard of them, as if very few had in your opinion.

    • lwavesurfer

      Niche syndrome is their best album imo

    • Yeah, sure, not their greatest work, and definitely not their edgiest, but… Avoiding and judging a band because something the singer did some 10+ years ago, when he was 15 (!!) years old? That’s just ridiculous.

      • MightyLongFall

        This is just a troll review. I too fall to their trap because I thought this was a dedicated music site. Stupid me -_-

        • The problem is that sometimes it seems, that Arama can’t really decide what it is. A tabloid posting sensationalist rumors and clickbait articles or a music site, that wants to be taken seriously. I still like Arama though, as it does a fairly good job covering the small segment of the Japanese music scene that they choose to deal with, but well, it certainly has its problems and shortcomings.

          • HyperMoot .

            You have fine contributors here who put a lot of work and thought in what they post, we also get fresh news items, I must admit that Ronald has to be thanked for that as he is doing the job on a regular basis. On the other hand, and I’m not going to develop much, some articles belong to the tabloid genres, others that are supposedly about music are posted just to target celebs, insult their fans and invite the trolls and the haters to finish the carcass, smells like vulture spirit.

      • HyperMoot .

        They’re the Eye in the sky, watching over Taka’s sins. Not forgotten, not forgiven. Hopefully they’re just running an online tabloid, imagine the damage if those noble Christians ran a tribunal. LMAOOOOOO, oh? I need some pineapple cream poor butthurt me!

    • Wakaran

      Way to judge a band on the basis of one release alone which, from reading the comments on here, seems to be there worst and a lead singer on the activities he’s ditched almost 15 years ago /o/
      I mean if you really wanted to judge Taka on something non-OOR, picking on his being a “son-of” would be the more legit route imo.

      Anyway, as always when I see people shitting on modern bands for being a boy-band with guitars for teenage girls, I am curious about OP’s opinion of The Beatles…

      • Alexdhamp

        Those with prejudices tend not to think rationally, huh?

    • Taylor

      “One Ok Rock does not rock ( except if you’re a teenage girl)” what on earth makes you think only teenage girls like them, first off? That was a terrible line. Just because a band’s main audience is teenage girls doesn’t give you the right to put them down for it. By doing that you’re basically saying teenage girls aren’t a worthy audience and that therefore makes the band unworthy. A bit offensive, honestly. This whole article sounded whiny and pathetic. I mean, sure I agree Ambitions was a slight let down. But as an “avid One Ok Rock fan” I thought you would have actually listened to their older songs? Because those were actually rock? Or maybe you would have actually put some research into the band at all? Besides the play on words for the rock (being a rock band and having rock in the name) part, their name is based on the phrase “One o’clock” because that’s how it’s pronounced in their Japanese accents and that’s when they used to practice together. I definitely recommend actually putting thought into something before you put it out so confidently like this awful article. Thoroughly disappointed.

      • Himi Tsu

        Didn’t know about the name origin :) interesting piece of information, here at least! Thanks!

    • Chester Payne


    • Navin

      Just a badly written piece of clickbait with a bunch of poorly researched very personal opinions then. Like you said, ‘under the pretense of doing a review’. Which is too bad, because you say things that are probably right but in an obnoxious tone and without any other sources to back your statements up.

      Putting that much emphasis on Taka being a debuted Johnny for a very short period of time instead of focusing on the fact that he’s an unfair product of nepotism tells me a lot about your lack of research.

    • TruthSpeaker

      This article doesn’t seem as genuine review. Even a non-fan of OOR can feel that this is an article writen to vent out hatred under pretense of review.
      As much as the author of this article questions authenticity of OOR as rock band, I want to question the authenticity of the reviewer as a genuine rock music fan.
      Nothing is clearly explained as to what was lacking in the album. Just saying OOR isn’t rock isn’t enough. We need proper explanation as what the album was lacking/having using proper technical words.
      I have always liked Taka’s voice and found him way better than many singers I have come across in Japan.
      I will keep supporting OOR no matter what haters at Arama have to say.

      • HyperMoot .

        Same here, I think Taka is a very capable singer, it shows on stage for example. Now, I don’t think there’s what can be called hatred there or in some similar review a while back, just scorn and preconceptions about those who might like the album or the band. To clarify, I’m not really into OOR but once again this is not what can be called a review. However, I urge genuine OOR fans not to resort to insults or/and personal attacks, they’re just waiting for that in order to play the victim party.

        • TruthSpeaker

          I don’t mind reviews where shortcomings of any album are pointed out. This writeup didn’t come across as a review and it’s also filled with prejudice regarding the band and it’s followers.
          I understand they want the Internet traffic. I will stop at this.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      What garbage… lmao. Why so condescending, hateful and pointless… remind me not to read reviews here. I don’t need to insert this kinda poop into my brain. I’m not even a fan of OOR either.

    • Ryusei

      First article that will for sure appear in the most commented articles list of 2017

    • Char just proved yourself to someone who just criticize another persons effort. And most of all compares it to other bands. Wow.if you dont like thier songs then dont listen to them. As if all artist has thier songs liked by people. Seriously. Be more mature in making articles. If you want attention then congratulations you have it but not in a respectable manner.

    • Ahmad Ridwan

      nowadays people are calling them one ok pop

    • Yes, Ambitions is garbage and so it’s 35xxxv with the latter being a bit less but still garbage.
      HOWEVER you should check out their older albums like Jinsei x Boku, Niche Syndrome and Zankyou Reference, those albums are good and those are the ones that paved their career to the top, now they are just fucking it up by going mainstream. Sad to see people think ONE OK ROCK has always been this shit because of their newer stuff, sad to see the band get so shit too.
      May Suchmos and other rookie bands not go the same road OOR did. 🙏🏻

    • guest

      Haha, have you guys even SEEN some of this writers other articles? He’s laughing it up for sure right now.

      • Azrul Hakim

        Well, at least this the most talk-about article of 2017 Ronald hoped for!

    • anon

      If you know so much about rock them have not heard your name? Haters gonna hate right? No matter what you do you won’t get to be where they are. Insecurities knows no bounds.

    • Midna

      Every time someone from Arama releases a review, people get so pressed. Lol.

      • Azrul Hakim

        Sigh, might be due to lack of RESEARCH from the part of the reviewer as well? and lack of knowledge that is needed to properly review any album for that matter? and making teenage girls as their enemies? Well, at least this the most talk-about article of 2017 Ronald hoped for!

        • But let’s just say someone wrote a good, positive review for an album. Would anyone care if it wasn’t a Johnny’s group?

          • Azrul Hakim

            Hmm never said that you must write positive review all the time, at least be FAIR (weigh down the positive and negatives of the album itself), not all the song are great, tried to watch Trini Trent albums’ review on youtube He can’t stand Beyonce and her’s beehive but when he gives a review people do listen as he is very knowlegable and points out the high and low of the albums

      • HyperMoot .

        “Every time someone from Arama releases a review” My, I’m learning every day. A litany of sneering jokes against the band and what is more aggravating against their fans plus absolutely no arguments about the instruments, the production, the songwriting -we just have that paragraph about Taka singing like if he were an idol, presented not as an opinion but as some truth you are supposed to swallow- all that is … a review?

        And then you’re wrong, you do know whose ‘reviews’ are the constant source of backlash. There are people who write reviews here, people who can be critical and write stuff you might disagree with but accept and discuss in a civil manner cause they focus on the music and their articles are totally free of all the condescending rant. Alas, those people really belong to a minority to a point I’m wondering why they are still contributing !!!

    • MightyLongFall

      If the reviewer is a true rocker we will see more of Crossfaith, coldrain, MFS, FLILV, MTH, Miyavi and others on that site but guess what NOTHING!!! It’s just a jpop blog supporting some particular artists which means the article is just a way to express ‘whyyy not mah favee?’ kind of jealousy

      • MightyLongFall

        Yeah these aren’t rock AT ALL



        Keep judging a band by one album (which is their weakest album so far, yet not that bad) arama japan :) that article definitely deserve a pulitzer LOL

      • Omnirosa

        Justice for Coldrain!!! IDGAF about the rest though

    • REMISU

      this Isn’t even a critique or a well/written review of an album. There’a so much hate behind each words..

      I don’t think this blog post should have been posted on Arama. I think I’d understand if this was a comment on an open post, but a full post is just rude.

    • so much for what readers want

      Remember that thing that people were talking about when Ronald asked what people wanted from Arama in 2017? The thing about less click-bait bullshit?

      This is exactly what they were talking about.

    • AkeyKeu180

      Ok, Oor does not rock ANYMORE. this album can’t tell you who they are, that’s some kind of promoting for American fans. ew.

      Try to listen their older album, they actually were standing out between other bands.

      And for taka being an idol… hey dear that’s a stupid tag. if he was an idol, whe would stay there definitely longer than one year.

    • Nikki ok

      I thought their fans know that they don’t rock but judging from the salty comments here apparently not lol
      I really don’t get their appeal, none of them is handsome, their music is mediocre at best so why are teen girls all over them

      • kuku

        taka is cute..emo at its best XD

      • ElaEnchanted

        none of them is handsome? well, that is subjective. and of course, they turned handsome in our eyes when they start playing their music. because we appreciate their music.

        • Nikki ok


    • Cc

      I hate u.attention seeker.
      Congratulations if attention is what u want there u have. But pls. U must know how hard for artist to create there own songs. But i gues u dont.

      • guest

        I don’t disagree about the attention-seeking, and imo this review is way off and terribly done.

        But an artist working hard on their music doesn’t exempt them from criticism.

        • Alexdhamp

          lol “Criticism”… XD

    • Antc

      Just thought I’d let you know that this “review” made me go check out some of their recent stuff. I actually liked quite a bit of what I heard and will be following them more closely from here on out.

      So. Thanks :)

    • hhhh

      You can tell who wrote this before even reaching the bottom of the article by the constant abuse of italics. Isn’t this what your personal blog is for?

    • Guest

      I thought the reviewer is a legit “rock guy” like he said he is. But when I see his post history, idk why ppl get so pressed lmao. He know nothing about Japanese rock, that’s for sure.

    • Shinra-Electric

      ONE OK ROCK are shite. This truth has always been known.

    • kuroshi

      Dude I don’t know but this review sounds more to let OOR look like a shitty band. I’m a fan of them since years and the fact they have a pop sound it’s not a big discovery, I mean they were always an alternative-rock band. Yup they did a more popish album but if you would really know OOR, if I were you, I would nevert try to find the rock in it cause they never were as hard-rock as people thinks but just a mix of sounds. Make a review about the album and not about the-rock-i-was-trying-to-find-but-actually-feeling-upset-so-imma-gonna-shit-on-them…what the hell with you??

      • MightyLongFall

        This is just a troll review in a troll blog. I too fall to their trap and taking this too serious. I thought this was somewhat a dedicated music site. Stupid me -_-

      • Alexdhamp

        Don’t bother. They’ll just fall prey to confirmation bias, anyway.

    • ran

      never thought too highly of them but i’m not here for the dig at teenage girls

    • Nem

      The review is terrible. The person is probably a fan of obscure visual kei bands that sound dead x_X

    • Jibz Jibz

      What the fuck is this shittshitty review. Using beautiful words doesn’t make you a great reviewer.
      On a dide note OKR also said that they are exploring new kind of musics with their new album! That was like a year prior to the release of this album.
      Also check out their previous releases… God dammit.

      • MightyLongFall

        This is just a troll review in a troll site. I too fall to their trap and taking this too serious. I thought this was somewhat a dedicated music site. Stupid me -_-

      • HyperMoot .

        “Using beautiful words” pardon?

    • jupernia

      I don’t think the writer of this article knows what ‘ROCK’ music is. Rock music is such a vast genre. Who cares if it doesn’t meet YOUR personal standard of rock music. Hell, 80’s hair bands didn’t meet a lot of people’s personal standards but it’s still Rock. Yes I agree this album wasn’t their strongest but you can’t judge a group on just one album when they have more that are better examples. So maybe you should change the title to say that this album it self isn’t a good rock album. And leave the fact that it’s fronted by a Former Johnny out of it. Snark is not always needed.

    • UnapologeticFan

      First, let me just say that I am an avid fan of One Ok Rock and I will continue to support them no matter what music they choose to produce now or in the future.

      That being said however, I have to agree that their style has changed slightly since their beginning. For a few songs on their new album, American Girls & Take What You Want in particular, I found myself saying “when did they become a boyband?” These two songs are strongly infused with a more pop, innocuous radio friendly sound that is a diversion from their previous work. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily.

      OOR have been producing music and albums for over 10 years, since their late teens. The band themselves say they were influenced by Good Charlote, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park and others But like many bands before them, as they grow and change their style and taste are going to change with them; it’s only natural for a band to experiment and play with their sound based on experience. In addition, they have long said that their dream is to bring their music to and tour North America. Their last album, 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition) was their first major attempt at breaking into the American audience. Produced by John Feldman, the album plays with a more “Americanized” sound for the band and begins to smooth some of their hard edge from previous tracks.

      And it worked.

      35xxxv (Deluxe Edition) debuted at #20 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums. They then went on to tour with such bands as All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, Issues, Crown the Empire, and yes, even 5SOS, bringing their new music to a larger audience. After finding some success with a newer sound, is it really surprising that they would continue to move in that direction and produce songs that widen their fan base? It’s a compromise that seems to be paying off.

      To really gage the band’s talent, you can’t base your opinion on ONE album and ignore their full body of work. To do so is both ignorant and biased. The songs “Deeper Deeper”, “Re:Make”, “Nobody’s Home”, “The Beginning”, “Mr. Gendai Speaker”, “Nothing Helps”, “Ending Story”, “Liar”, “No Scared”, “Answer is Near” and so many others are a more accurate representation of the band and who they are as musicians. While some of the songs on Ambitions are decidedly more pop, I’d argue that the rest are more inline with their previous work. “Bombs Away” with its strong drum and guitar sound is particularly reminiscent; “We Are” represents the same sentiment as “Be The Light”, and “Hard to Love” evokes the same feeling as “Wherever You Are”. Do your research before labeling them as any one thing.

      Whatever your thoughts and feelings about this single album are, the band continues to change and evolve. They will never be what they “used” to be but continue to move forward. And that’s not a bad thing.

      • vorpax

        “The band themselves say they were influenced by Good Charlote, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park ”
        Well, everything makes sense now.

    • Nobody can catch a break on arama. I don’t even listen to them and I’m like “damn fam, you gotta go in that tuff?”.

    • kie

      For those late to the party Arama has never had any credibility as a music site. It was created as a circle jerk for the writers to laud their own particular preferences and bash the one’s they don’t like. Arama’s hatred of anything to do with Johnnys borders on pathological.

      • kamben is here

        Thank you.
        I have been their reader since LJ days, and I’m only interested in reading people’s comments :D They do polls and stuff to ask what readers want to see/etc but they actually don’t care, I guess? If they DO care about their readers, I believe that they will try to be better at being ~snarky~ and ~sarcastic~. I don’t know and don’t bother to know about their age, but they sound like the so-called ~teenagers who listen to OOR~ to me.

      • Yet we have staff members who post about them and I give them good reviews. Me and the staff members who write about them should be bullied away by the rest of the staff.

    • kamben is here

      LOL Taka’s voice is good. I first came to know about him in 2006, which was the year I found out about NEWS. He was barely in the group, LOL. He appeared on Shin Domoto Kyoudai, Shounen Club and what was it again..either Utaban or other show as a NEWS member and then I saw him no more. I guess he realized that the kind of music that he wanted to do was totally different from the style that NEWS was (and is still) doing, so he left. He was one of the good singers of the group (beside Tegoshi and Masuda) AND I honestly loved his voice more than the other two!

      Johnny’s is not all bubblegum pop actually. Ever heard of KAT-TUN? Try to listen to KAT-TUN’s earlier albums/singles and tell me that idols can’t rock. Some of them can, actually. I know that they are not the ones who compose/arrange/produce their own music but come on, you made it sound like Taka doesn’t have the ability to SING rock music or something. Also, ever heard of BABYMETAL? Yeah, you can hate them for being ‘gimmicky’ or whatever, but SU-METAL ROCKS. She was part of an idol group called ‘Sakura Gakuin’.

      I don’t listen to OOR much (‘Yume Yume’? is the only song of theirs that I love), so I can’t comment much on their music but I just wanted to say that IDOLS ARE NOT AS BAD AS SOME PEOPLE THINK. I bet those people who call themselves fans of ~rock~ music can’t even play guitar as well as Arashi’s Ninomiya, LOL and that guy can play piano as well.

      I’m a fan of various styles of music, so this kind of ~review~ is meh.

      • I wouldn’t put KAT-TUN and BABYMETAL up as examples of rock…

        • Alexdhamp

          Yeah, because BabyMetal is an example of METAL. If you disagree, doesn’t matter. Experts categorize their music as metal and that’s all that matters.

          • Metal is a style of rock…

    • Foxxy Fuyumi

      check their older stuff first and then we talk.

      • Alexdhamp

        Don’t bother. It’s clear they’re already prejudiced by their preconceptions. So any “research” they do will be besieged by confirmation bias.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      This article is a mess…whatever still going to listen to One Ok Rock. Let the haters hate! One ok Rock is still making coins LOL.

    • honey girl

      Aren’t you tired Ms Hilly?

    • BAD KID

      does the writer of this review have a twitter? get to work oor fans :(

    • One5

      Try kankazu dreamer!! Music is a trend. You have to accept that people not always want your ” American” rock.

      • But OOR is trying to sound as American as possible…

        • llazy77

          not in the past they didnt

        • One5

          K pop and J pop, is very populair now, because people has heard a lot of American pop and looking for alternatives. Its the same for OOR, people want a band different from what they used to see. I don’t think it’s wrong. But the author thinks only from his American side. That’s what I mean with “American”

          • Ash isn’t American though… And I still don’t follow what you mean seeing as how OOR’s sound isn’t anything unique. Bands from around the world have been doing this music for ages.

    • jordan rayburn

      i respect your opinion but its sh!t. you cant say anytging about the band as a whole by listening to one freaking album. they have tons of good songs out there man just look it up on youtube.

    • Tabata

      si hablamos del álbum “ambitions”esto deja claro que no es rock lo que escuchamos .pero ….hubo un tiempo que esta genial banda(si,soy admiradora) producía increíbles canciones las cuales eran claramente Rock…. si criticaremos a la banda según TODOS los álbumes anteriores seria una opinión completamente distinta ya que tiene muy buen contenido en si ,de todos modos estoy de acuerdo hasta cierto punto en cuanto a esta critica mientras se trate del álbum ya que, esto ultimo deja mucho que desear de parte de One OK Rock… definitivamente la esencia de la banda se pierde con sus ultimas creaciones…es una lastima pero es la realidad la banda comenzo con rock y actualmente crean pop,sigo siendo admiradora de esta banda pero por las canciones que para mi es de gusto escuchar ,aquellas canciones que marcaron a esta banda … como Lost an found,mr gendai speaker,the beginning,no scared entre otras maravillas… es fácil notar las diferencias…esta opinion solo esta basada en su ultimo álbum lo cual no hace completamente valida la opinion demostrada en el articulo… ya que SI HAY ROCK PRESENTE en esta banda solo que en álbumes anteriores y de mejor calidad.lo que dice este articulo no es completamente valido si hablamos de la banda en toda su carrera ….solo es valida para ser una critica en cuanto al álbum,por lo menos hace honor al titulo One ok rock actualmente no esta creando rock …pero pensemos…esto no hace que la banda no tenga contenido rock ya que si hay…este es mi punto de vista…ambitions deja mucho que desear tratándose de esta banda con origen en el rock… ,prefiero a el One Ok Rock de antes …aquella banda que demostraba profundos sentimientos en 4 minutos a diferencia de ahora que solo producen juegos de frases pegajosas sin contenido profundo…definitivamente se desviaron del camino… aunque no todo es malo ,todos los integrantes de esta banda poseen gran talento ,tanto vocalista,guitarrista bajista y baterista…solo que ahora no están dando todo de lo que realmente son capaces ,siguen siendo increíbles personas dotadas pero vuelvo a repetir…dejan mucho que desear… por ahora en concierto tienen gran calidad cuando salvan un poco con sus canciones destacadas… deberían volver un poco el tiempo atrás y observar quienes eran realmente jaja viva One Ok Rock !!

    • Ash

      Ok. I guess at 213 comments you guys deserve a response to the main criticisms.

      “I didnt listen to the rest of their catalog, so you can’t have an opinion”….
      I went and did the right thing. I’ve gone and listened to everything you guys posted in the comments. I really wish you guys hadn’t done that, because to be honest, I think I like it even less, it sounds like.. Attack Attack!, done by a boyband. I’m not gonna get condescending here, but honestly, if I’d known… I woulda ripped in way harder. I also thought that going in with no kind of backlog/history would be more fun than reading a review by someone who is a fan.

      “How dare I use teenage girl as a criticism”
      To be fair, I probably did go a little far, but I only meant this as a joke. It’s no excuse really but look at my avatar. It’s Seiko Oomori, the irony is too great here. She’s definitely an artist that has a high teenage girl fanbase, to be fair I really don’t care about this, just knew it would hit hard as fuck. Which it did.

      “This is just a troll review”
      In a ways, yes. In a ways, no. I feel Arama is getting a bit calculated and stale, I like to play around a lot. Just looks like I hit a nerve this time.

      “It’s clickbait”
      The reaction here was way more than I thought it would be. I thought the title was a shitty little Dad Joke pun, no more no less. Guess I didn’t see it that way till people started pointing it out. I will be more careful with my titles from now on.

      “He’s not a Johnny”
      Then honestly, why did this article get a reaction like a Johnny’s act would?

      “What do you consider rock”
      I meant this sarcastically, I don’t even care about rock whatsoever, pretty much anything can be rock. But this readers, is really pop. If you do need to know my favorite Japanese rock bands, then Boris, Melt-Banana, Vampillia and older Shiina Ringo are probably my faves.

      Overall, the damage is done. I don’t expect anyone to forgive, I’ve picked on one of your faves. But there’s my two cents.

      • llazy77

        Listen to this it definitely not pop

        • Ash

          I still wouldn’t want to listen to this, but it’s certainly ‘rockier’. Still very poppy though. However, it really makes me question whether this would be as overly-defended and praised if it were in English.

          • People think they’re hot, so yes.

            • Alexdhamp

              Some don’t care how they look…they just don’t people talking shit about something they like. It’s called being an avid fan. Talk shit about ICP and see how “Juggalos” would react…none of their fans care how they look.

              • They need to get a grip.

              • Ash

                I’m not sure what you are trying to get across. Are you saying that OOR fans are like Juggalos in nature? And Juggalos do care about how they look… they wanna look like clowns. As for attacking ICP or Slipknot… doesn’t everyone already do this?

      • Alexdhamp

        “Then honestly, why did this article get a reaction like a Johnny’s act would?” I’d like to see you attack ICP or Slipknot the way you attacked OOR here. Fans are FANS for a reason…

      • HyperMoot .

        Maybe too soon ! 260 comments is way below the expected record (400+)
        but nice featured comment Ash, however you forgot the official policy
        stamp “they’re public figures so they’re open to attacks”. But
        (there’s one, not necessarily hurt) why write this: “Overall, the damage
        is done”, man, reactions were just opinions and basically humor, like

      • disgusted

        “I feel Arama is getting a bit calculated
        and stale, I like to play around a lot. Just looks like I hit a nerve
        this time.”

        So basically, you’re an unprofessional fuckwad deliberately posting bullshit to get more attention to the site.

        Tell me, Ash, knowing this, how can I trust ANYTHING you post ever again? How do I know that the next article or review you post isn’t just you “playing around” again? How do I know that there is anything sincere or genuine in your contributions to this site when I now know that you are not above posting something that you openly admit to be a troll-piece?

        This calls into question everything you’ve ever posted on this site. If you’re not above this, how do I know you’re not above exaggerating or outright lying on news pieces? How can I trust that any information you post is REAL and not fabricated for attention?

        This “opinion” piece and your “follow-up” have completely destroyed any journalistic integrity you may have had, and in the process have severely damaged Arama’s position as a “reputable” news source.

        I hope it was worth it.

      • hey Ash, this review is a success, congratulation!
        the amount of comments here is crazy. it’s worth a retweet on twitter too… ok it’s done. :D

        could you write a review about SCANDAL – YELLOW album too?
        it’s ok if you think it’s poo but much better than this OneOkieRookie album. :p

        watching / listening to this “We Are” PV, i can definitely feel what you are describing here (target audience especially). honestly, they probably would have be better off with a FLiP cover album. lol


      • Himi Tsu

        To be honest, I didn’t mind that review that much beside the mention about Johnny’s (which I just found an old and easy criticism that brings nothing) and well, the “teenage girls” which was also un-necessary.

        Now, I like your answer because it took all “recurrent” comments and seriously, frankly, answered them :)

        Beside that, I’ve finally listened to the album in question and I find it a bit Nickelback-ish and to me they’re rock :3 Now this album of OOR is maybe on the poper side of rock ^^

    • Helena Hetkowski

      I’ve been reading Arama since it was still ‘aramatheydidnt’, and this is one of the few posts I’ve ever read that speaks the truth. As for the ridiculous fangirls and fanboys who are defending this shitty band, they are just naive teenagers who are not capable yet of having a valid opinion on music (like johnny’s or akb48 fans).
      Thumbs up for the writer, s/he did a good job!

      • llazy77

        Its not a good article, they based their opinion on the band on one album, which was supposed to sound more poppy it was the sound they were going for, for this album. You can see that their older stuff is way more rock oriented. This article is just meant to “trigger” people. How is saying he was a Johnny’s relevant at all? Their music is nothing like Johnny’s or NEW’s type of music. You can call them a shitty band or whatever but Taka’s vocals are pretty amazing and they also sold out stadiums of over 100,000 people last year in japan. Although I do count thier new music not to be as good as their old music, as they are trying to break into the american market and made the new album more pop rock to get it done.

        • Helena Hetkowski

          You are just being redundant summarizing all the arguments already posted in the comments in your reply.
          It is a good article for people who are interested in opinions about music. It could be summarized in one line: “If you really like rock, don’t listen to this album”. Since it expresses the opinion of the writer regarding this album, and s/he explains her/his point of view, it can’t be considered ‘not good’. Do you people here read serious reviews of albums at all???
          In addition, I already listened to all of this band’s discography previously when I was trying to find new good music; and I honestly think they are shitty not because they are poppy, but because they are plain and unoriginal. If this article was meant to trigger people I don’t see any problem at all, in fact is a smart move since usually websites feed on access, right?!
          If you say it’s not relevant that the vocalist was Johnny’s then you know nothing about japanese entertainment at all, the way idols are trained is an approach totally different to music than the experience average artists have. Even if he was in only one single or whatever, most of the training is done before they official debut. Taka’s vocals are not good, they are only well trained, if you listen to different artists (with really good vocals) you will notice how plain and boring Taka’s vocals are.
          I’m also aware they are trying to brak into american market, but what difference it makes?? It’d be still a shitty album even if it was n.1 on Billboard.
          And why do you use selling out stadiums as an argument at all??? Don’t you know how much Johnny and AKB sell? Do you really think this argument can be used in favor of good music??
          Oh, give me a break!

          • Alexdhamp

            “Do you really think this argument can be used in favor of good music??” Like your OPINION is any better of an argument against it being good music? Some people seem to forget that music, like any other art, is ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE. :/

            • Helena Hetkowski

              Have you read my comment at all? Since the beginning I’m arguing against the childish fans who are attacking the writer just because in their delluded minds there can only be a review that speaks in favor of the object reviewed. You are missing the point here by thinking my opinion about OOR’s music is my main argument.
              I know people are entitled to their opinions, what it seems to be happening is that you people are the ones who don’t know it.

              • llazy77

                The thing is I actually agree with this review the album is weak, but the author is trying to call one ok rock shit and overrated because of that. Hes making it sound like a review of one ok rock in general instead of a review of just the album. If he just talked about the album that was fine. But if you are going to do a review of one ok rock in general you have to talk about all of their works instead of just one. That is why people are angry.

    • Bloodforge

      Struck a nerve this one has.

      • Alexdhamp

        Yeah, being a general asshole and disparaging a whole fandom due to their musical interests…not to mention misrepresenting them…well, it’ll get that kind of reaction.

    • HyperMoot .

      Maybe too soon ! 227 comments is way below the expected record (400+) but nice featured comment Ash, however you forgot the official policy stamp “they’re public figures so they’re open to attacks”.
      But (there’s one, not necessarily hurt) why write this: “Overall, the damage is done”, man, reactions were just opinions and basically humor, like yours.

    • Teeg

      Ah, another corner of the internet that either doesn’t understand the ‘edgy rock music fan’ angle or is too blissfully ignorant in their j-pop or top40 bubble to recognize it.
      Anyway, opinionated pieces work when they get people talking and listening to new music, no one website or even band forum will have everyone in agreement . I’m sure a lot of people have their personal opinions on how the site should be ran or the tone of pieces, but ultimately telling someone what they should or shouldn’t write is censorship and I’m not sure that’s more important than your feelings. Out of many comments I saw criticizing the piece for ignorant hate were guilty of the same crime, and my advice is to be constructive, even if it’s not quite deserving for a slam piece like this

      • Alexdhamp

        “ultimately telling someone what they should or shouldn’t write is censorship” Oh, but telling someone what they should or should not like is just fine, right? :/

        • Teeg

          Pretty sure there’s nothing in the article that states the reader shouldn’t like something, rather that the author found OOR far from what they expected them to be, and dislikes their music or at least what they represent in the music industry.
          Also a false equivalency, because I didn’t justify the author’s actions, just the right to express their personal opinion.

    • Travis Colin Leech

      Ironic that “We Are” is about good-hearted folks not feeling too beaten down by imbeciles like the author of this opinion piece. Any one who “needs a cold shower to wash off the unbearable stench of lame” because they didn’t care for an album probably has the maturity level of, oh let’s say, ‘a teenage girl’? Btw, bringing up Linkin Park in any type of comparison to One Ok Rock just shows how far away you are from what their fans hear. In the end, who cares if you don’t like it, or if you think they are rock or not. From a compositional standpoint, they absolutely are.

      Did I give the troll what they wanted???

    • Jesherry Marie Tan

      Stupid shit 😡😡 You might CALL YOURSELF an avid rock fan but you’re NOT a good judge for it. You don’t know how to appreciate rock music of THIS GENERATION. Sure, other rock bands before were good and unforgettable, but doesn’t mean that you can use them as basis for your shitty opinion

    • Jesherry Marie Tan

      I usually respect the opinion of other people but THIS IS JUST PURE BULLSHIT.

      Stupid shit 😡😡 You might CALL YOURSELF an avid rock fan but you’re NOT a good judge for it. You don’t know how to appreciate rock music of THIS GENERATION. Sure, other rock bands before were good and unforgettable, but doesn’t mean that you can use them as basis for your shitty opinion

      *Not being biased because I’m their fan, mindless insults and bashings can just be ignored, but this is something someone worthless, made time to create. So the least I can do is to let others know just how fucking stupid this is 😂😂

      Sincerely yours,
      A teenage girl who read this shit

      • Mmm, he’s always finding new bands though, so this thing about “rock music of this generation” is super off. And if anything, this band’s sound is very last decade, so how is it this generation exactly?

        • JMarieAT

          Rock music is such a vast genre. One doesn’t have the right to decide if this kind of rock music is truly the representation of the whole rock music genre.

          And about the “last decade thing”;One ok rock has been around for almost 10 years so last decade sound is somewhat right. And “this generation” for me is a different amount of time than what you’re thinking of.
          One ok rock decided to explore and change their style. And Nobody has the right to criticize a rock band trying to change

          • So because they’ve been around for a decade they’re allowed to make music that would’ve been played at Hot Topic in 2005?

            And what do you mean by this generation exactly?

            • JMarieAT

              Of coure they’re allowed to, there’s nothing wrong with creating music that has already been done. They might have been doing that for years now and maybe that’s why they’re trying to change.

              Another thing, their songs might’ve been a hot topic in 2005 and it doesn’t matter, and it’s s good thing since they’re trying to give millenials a chance to hear good music of the past.

              What I mean about this generation is our generation, the millenials. Yes I might be a teenager, but I won’t stand for fallacious comments thrown at One ok rock.

              • LOL, the Hot Topic music of 2005 wasn’t good.

                We were thinking of the same generation and your comment still doesn’t make sense.

                • JMarieAT

                  Oh, is that so. Songs of one ok rock are good so I thought hot topic music of 2005 was good. Your comparison is very wrong then.

                  Why does it not make sense?

                  • Because you’re acting as if they are representative of rock music of this generation and they’re not.

                    • JMarieAT

                      No im not. As I’ve said before, no one has the right to pick a certain type of rock music as the representation of the rock genre.

                      • I stand by what I said.

                • llazy77

                  One Ok rocks old stuff 2007-2010 did not sound like hot topic music of 2005. You can make a argument that the new stuff does though. I mean giving blanket statements of a band while only hearing some songs is just dumb.

    • Jesherry Marie Tan

      Stupid shit 😡😡 You might CALL YOURSELF an avid rock fan but you’re NOT a good judge for it. You don’t know how to appreciate rock music of THIS GENERATION. Sure, other rock bands before were good and unforgettable, but doesn’t mean that you can use them as basis for your shitty opinion

    • Rikka_Is_Mine

      That was also my first impression of them…I just don’t like them, but I don’t care if others think they are good :) It’s more like…i just don’t “feel” it you know what im saying? xD Anyway that’s just my taste x3

    • Ricci

      I just always get a chuckle out of the band’s name – “one o’clock.” :P I don’t think they necessarily meant their name to reflect their adherence to any musical style.

    • Guest

      Echo chambers sure are amazing

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      This article somehow makes me sad and I’m not even that big of a fan of ONE OK ROCK..

    • Sensei

      While I agree that the album is not my favorite, it’s in no way shape or form bad. I felt that your review about Taka and his singing abilities are NOT justified whatsoever. This article really is click-bait because I honestly wanted to see the kind of ass kicking you got from the comments. My review, 7/10. Not OOR best – that goes to JinseixBoku= IMO… but that’s just me and my opinion.

    • vorpax

      Really liked this article, good job deadgrandma. And One Ok Rock is pure shit.

    • SRTJ

      I feel that the only people who are speaking reasonably here are the ones who use to go to Electricmole forums.

    • リナ

      Please allow me to throw in my humble two cents: It seems that there’s a silent preconception behind this review that rock = good music, rock = originality, and rock = cannot be targeted at teenagers. According to this review, since One Ok Rock does not meet the three conditions, they cannot be called a rock band… but is that preconception true at all? Please kindly realize that ‘rock’ is a genre of music, not a quality descriptor. Moreover, it had always been a part of ‘popular music’, and targeted at young people, including the teenagers you seem to be excluding from the rock-worthy audience. It has evolved and diverged into numerous subgenres and styles, some of which I agree are very ambitious and way beyond the expectations of a ‘badass radio hit’, but then again, every genre has its geniuses among the sea of average performers. What all of them have in common though, is that the sound they produce is centered around an electric guitar, electric bass guitar and drums, it has blues-influenced, evenly accented rhythym, and lyrics that are often rebellious or defiant. By definition, One OK Rock is a rock band. Simply not a good one :P

    • gwen

      So not ranting on the writer, because a lot of you did. Yet, This is business. If the writer did listen to their early songs back in 2006, maybe a different opinion. Their latest album is to attract NEW fans in America. I with many long-term fans have criticize their new sounds and wishing they go back to making music like before. But thinking about american modern alternative rock they executed their new album well. I don’t like today’s alternative rock since it’s not the style back in the 90s with green day and REM. So, what to do? keep loving them or move on to other bands?

      If anyone has gone to their concert this year in America will realize they played a lot of their old songs, and a couple songs from the new album. So simply hoping this is business and they will mix it up in the future.

    • Miyagusuku

      I’m sorry but what does the author of this article consider to be rock? Sounds to me like a wanna be “cool” kid on the playground trying to get the attention of all the other kids. Rock is a genre that has so many variations that you can’t define it. The styles of rock music are so vast that most genres don’t sound anything alike. Every rock genre has its zombie followers and you sound like one that only follows a certain type of rock so to be using your lacking self to critique a group is just lame and honestly pathetic. I can tell you right now that no matter what group u name from Japan a zombie from the “only American rock cult” will tell you Japanese rock sucks and is not rock. And that is exactly what you are doing, sticking to your zombie cult of whatever rock it is you listen to. I guess Arama has its fair share of doppies walking about putting to shame the already laughable industry we call the media.

    • DANG

      oooh come on its just a matter of taste.

      if you want your oh-so-perfect taste of music. do your own band, man.

    • Turtle

      “ONE OK ROCK DOES NOT ROCK (except if you’re a teenage girl).”

      the only conclusion I take from this post, resuming it by this last sentence, is a very sexist message. Just because teenage girls might be more appealed to their style, doesn’t make them less rock than it is… and just because you stopped in time and can’t listen to other evolutions of rock that doesn’t mean the Rock isn’t there.
      This is what annoys me the most, people complain about rock not being listened to nowadays, but everytime a band comes up with a more Rock sound style people will put it aside just bc their “fanbase” is mainly girls, or its “too pop”, “too commercial”… well, they still need to live, and they still need to make their music being heard. Music develops like everything else does in the world, like there’s lots of sound variations in pop, in hip-hop, or even classic music, the same happens to Rock Music. I’m sorry if the “rock sound” is not the same it started, but it’s not less Rock just bc it doesnt taste your “exquisite” rock taste…

      Second of all, youre judging a band by one album… an album that was mostly to suit American’s market.

      I personally don’t find it their best work and surely is not the “traditional” Rock sound. But their fanbase doesnt really decide their music gender. And even if it did, why the hell can’t tennage girls listen to rock music ? Or why does tennage girls music taste has always to be some kind of “fake” thing ?

    • iGleaux

      I started rolling my eyes when whoever wrote this started whining about SJWs. People whining about SJWs is as lame as this album at this point.

    • SingleCarb


    • Lakiesha Cassady

      one OK rock is a great rock band in my opinion,they seem like a rock band that want to try out other styles of rock and learn more fun experiences and such(they are young remember), and yet people judge and mock them because they choose to be open about using different styles in is not all about being the best and being number 1 on the billboard. music is something you put your emotions in and share it out which is what they do,and people can relate to this,that’s what make their music uplifting and why people listen to them. one OK rock actually have a bond unlike other bands they act like brothers which is what draws more fans in. one OK rock is awesome!! luv u one OK rock!! i wish i could go to Ur concert in aus. OOR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cathy Hatter

      I just have to point out that the author of the article spelt Rurouni wrong. That alone is pretty pathetic. If you are going to bash a band at least have the sense to get all grammar and spelling correct.