NEWS “NEVERLAND” album features tracks from GReeeeN, Kameda Seiji, Taku Takahashi & more

NEWS welcomes you to “NEVERLAND”! The group’s latest album will be released on March 22. This ‘fantastical’ album features the dream sound of fire,  water, light, uplifting dance, mysterious elements, and absolute love.

The album will contain 16 tracks including “U R not alone”, written and composed by GReeeeN, “Brightest”, written by LISA and composed by Taku Takahashi, and “Nagareboshi”, arranged by Kameda Seiji. The album will also contain solo songs including Masuda Takahisa’s cover of Yamashita Tatsuro’s “FOREVER MINE“. Back in 2007, GReeeeN wrote the group’s hit song “weeeek”.

The album will go along their NEW LIVE TOUR 2017 “NEVERLAND” scheduled forApril – June 2017. Check out the tracklist below.



First-run edition
*“NEVERLAND” exclusive special package
*28-page booklet
*Key to “NEVERLAND” enclosed
*ID to watch streaming contents enclosed
Providing special footage so you can enjoy the world of “NEVERLAND” even more!!
[Distribution Period] 3/21 Tue. 11:00-4/1 Sat. 16:59

1. “The Entrance”
Script: 髙橋拓/Music: 中西亮輔

Lyrics: ヒロイズム, Hacchin’ Maya / Music: 中西亮輔, ヒロイズム / Arrangement: 中西亮輔, 黒田賢一

3. Un, Deux, Trois
Lyrics, music, and arrangement: ヒロイズム

Lyrics: Hacchin’ Maya, ヒロイズム / Music: ヒロイズム / Arrangement: CHOKKAKU

5. “7 Elements”
Script and music: 髙橋拓

6. Brightest
Lyrics: LISA / Music: ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo), LISA / Arrangement: ☆Taku Takahashi, Mitsunori Ikeda (Tachytelic Inc.)

7. Silent Love
Lyrics and music: ヒロイズム / Arrangement: 芳賀政哉 / Rap lyrics: Lotus Juice

8. Koi o Shiranai Kimi e
Lyrics: ヒロイズム, Hacchin’ Maya / Music: ヒロイズム / Arrangement: ヒロイズム, 中西亮輔

9. “Neverland Cast Members”
Script and music: 髙橋拓

10. Mysteria
Lyrics: Hacchin’ Maya / Music: TAKA3 / Arrangement: 佐々木博史

Lyrics and music: JUON / Arrangement: JUON, 岸田勇気

Lyrics, music, and arrangement: ヒロイズム

13. Nagareboshi
Lyrics and music: ヒロイズム / Arrangement: 亀田誠治

14. “The Grand Finale”
Script: 髙橋拓 / Music: 池田充徳

15. U R not alone
Lyrics and music: GReeeeN / Arrangement: Tsubasa Takada [Diosta inc.], JIN

16. “To Be Continued….”
Script and music: 髙橋拓

(DVD) ※Approx. 25 min. planned
2. “NEVERLAND EPISODE.0” Making-of


Regular edition
*20-page booklet
Tracks 1-16 are identical to the first-run edition

17. I’m coming [Vocals: Yuya Tegoshi]
Lyrics: TAKA3, Hacchin’ Maya / Music and arrangement: TAKA3

18. Nyanta [Vocals: Keiichiro Koyama]
Lyrics: Keiichiro Koyama / Music and arrangement: ヒロイズム

19. Ayame [Vocals: Shigeaki Kato]
Lyrics and music: Shigeaki Kato / Arrangement: 芳賀政哉, 中西亮輔

20. FOREVER MINE [Vocals: Takahisa Masuda]
Lyrics, music, and arrangement: Yamashita Tatsuro

(via Natalie, Jnet)

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    • eplizo

      The lineup of writers and producers seems good, so I’m excited for this. I love that album cover too.

    • Alice

      Nerverland is Peter Pan’s. Their concept is more Alice in Wonderland.

    • Reileen

      The album interludes are the ones in “Italics”? 5 interludes?? all done by Taku

    • Lady Sara

      Recently Johnny’s groups tend to collaborate with big names artists…

      • suezu

        it not recently. they did too since long time ago since their senpais

    • Ryusei

      “i’m coming” vocals by tegosshi yuya lol Bet that sentence went over his lips more than a few times before

      • PikoTaro

        slow clap. An adult man had sex in his life before??! Spectacular. You sir are the sherlock holmes of the 21st century, man

    • hhhh

      “This ‘fantastical’ album features the dream sound of fire, water, light, uplifting dance, mysterious elements, and absolute love.” – who writes these press releases, and how can I stop them?

    • suezu

      im glad they do collab work with GReeeeN again <3

    • Hmmm, maybe I’ll give this album a listen. I actually haven’t listened to one of their albums since LIVE. D:

    • styllsh

      I’m waiting for this;Let’s go NEWS