New AKB48 sister group announced to perform in the Seto Inland Sea: STU48

Announced at today’s AKB48 Janken Tournament 2016 at Kobe World Memorial Hall, AKB48 will setup a new sister group in Summer 2017: STU48.

As soon as the Janken Tournament was over, the curtains dropped on the crying AKB48 member Tanabe Miku, who was awarded the title of Janken Queen 2016. Rumors of AKB48 sister groups for Naha, Sendai and Sapporo have been swirling for a while, so when a map of Japan was projected it came to no surprise, but the reveal of a group for the Setouchi region did.

Their official web site has been launched, and the official announcement video is uploaded on Youtube.

The region of Setouchi encompasses the areas on the islands Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu that border the Seto Inland Sea. The group will represent 7 prefectures that touch said sea: Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Okayama, Hyogo, Ehime, Kagawa and Tokushima.

STU48 is a sister group not based on a Japanese city, but instead their theater is on board a ship that is planned to sail throughout its namesake Seto Inland Sea.

This brings the current and future 48family to 10 groups, including the Bangkok, Manila and Taipei groups that have yet to debut.

(via Oricon)

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    • yacchaitai

      gotta admit the name made me laugh

    • Ryusei

      STOP48 next pls

    • The jokes write themselves.

    • Maknae

      Indeed, STFU48 is how I feel whenever Akimoto makes these new announcements.

    • shinryu

      like NGT48 haven’t even officially debuted yet??

    • light

      This has gotten out of hand

    • Sio


    • Trump-P


    • guest


    • King of the Kats

      sorry but ST(F)U!

    • STU48 PID48

      It’s Summer of 2038.
      List of participants for the FNS(48) music festival:

      AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, STU48, ABC48, BBC48, CNN48, FOX48, MTV48, SFX48, MNM48, SCI48, SEX48, XXX48, OOO48, TIT48, ASS48, POO48, PEE48, LEG48, ARM48, EYE48, BUM48, QUE48, ICK48, KKK48, BRO48, SIS48, ONE48, TWO48, SIX48, TEN48, PUN48, AGE48, APE48, YAY48, BOO48, WAX48, SHH48, UKE48, YOU48, DAD48, URR48, MUM48, YZA48, FAT48, COW48, MOO48, TEE48, HEE48, TIC48, TAC48, TOE48, DIS48, ISA48, PEN48, ZZZ48

      • LOL

        I don’t know why TEE48 and HEE48 has me howling lmfao

      • Where is hbo48?

        • why48

          in their space station theatre, along with UFO48?

      • Ash

        I am crying! xD;;;

    • surfboardt

      Obvious oversaturation aside, who wants to take a bet that a member will get seasick within the first week of their stage debut?

    • bailey darbii

      i am disappointed this came before the virtual vocaloid 48 group…

      • Amazingly, I wouldn’t mind that kind of 48G.

    • STOP

      Enough you fat fuck

    • Taima-kun


    • STOP

      Just how many 48 groups are there????! lol

      • lwavesurfer

        akb, nmb, ske, hkt, snh, jkt, ngt. There would be 23124938 more to come, so stay tuned.

        • DoSHachiko

          SNH is no longer part of the 48 family. They rebelled against Aki-P and pretty much said, “Yeah, we’re an independent group.” after making their own groups in China without permission.

          • lol48

            should we expect a war between AKBG and SNHG in 2048?

          • lwavesurfer

            Really? I must have missed the news.

        • Curious

          Whats the most popular 48 group as of now?

          • lwavesurfer

            in my opinion, it’s HKT mostly because of Sasshi, Sakura, and Haruppi.

    • surfboardt

      Speaking of 48G, I just finished the 3rd chapter of Liar! Undercover the Truth, and there is an Aki-P parody in one of the chapter’s endings. It’s not subtle at all rofl

    • lwavesurfer

      Jesus take the wheel.

    • girlymatsu


    • aainaa

      OMG!! I’m a casual fans of 48G but this is too much.. NGT48 do not even debut yet.. thsy should focus on that 1st.. people will only laugh at this.. how many more Japanese school girls they want to make into idol? neglecting their education & all.. it’s like 20 out of 40 student in a class are idols (well maybe a bit exaggerating)..

      I love idols but 48G dominance made me bored..
      I wish they focus more on current groups & make 48G ‘great’ again.. just look at HKT48 songs this year (&even AKB).. trash songs.. they should focus in making good music first.. Yeah I know It’s all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY.. Yeah who wouldn’t want to board a ship with their fav idol..

      • Ahmad Ridwan

        your answer for the complaints: nogizaka46 and keyakizaka46

    • Jay

      …facepalm. The AKB family needs to stop expanding. Before they began expanding, they had some good songs but now… it’s mostly garbage.

    • l3012


      Where are the new stages?!?

    • Sunny

      This whole AKB48 and their affiliated groups make me puke. I am just bored of them. Can they please stop creating more groups and focus more on quality of songs?

      • No.
        because many people like them and having an idol group as a company (ex Toyota – Team8) is a nice thing, it attracts people, especially men who has money.

        even though the songs are boring (not always) these groups represent many things that professional entertainment cannot reflect. especially group spirit, working hard with the fans, dedication, honest feelings. these things cannot be seen if someone only looking at the surface. tho, AKB is not the best example of this but it’s the most accessible for foreign people…

        i’m not talking about Sashihara Rino level famous idols and hype entertainment with them, and company powered exploitation of the idol-fan relationship through gimmicks. these disgusting things that were bulit upon the foundation, the Japanese idol culture.

        • TruthSpeaker

          I have nothing against Idol Groups. Its just that too many 48 groups have been announced and many are yet to debut. And the ones that debuted,their quality of songs is not stable.
          Also having such huge 48 member group,I fail to recognize/identify many of the Idols in them. The fact they need to fight it out to get better positions in their singles PV can build enormous pressure on the Idols.

    • Risa

      I need to get this out of my system: STU!? I seriously read STFU (*shut-the-f*-up) first *LOL*

      How many groups do they already have? I mean, I know JE and Exile Tribe have tons of groups too, but even with all graduated and Junior (or however they are called) members from both groups together, it seems there are only 1/8 of the number 48/46 girls.

      Don’t they run out of girls that apply? I mean, by now, almost every girl between 11-20 is probably part of one of their groups. Are these sister groups even selling? Are people buying their stuff? I don’t understand how this is supposed to work…

    • Ash

      How many ABC48s do they need ?!?!?

    • oberdamujigae

      aren’t uncles tired already with all the 48 groups