Namie Amuro collaborates with 7-11 for new Christmas campaign

Singer Namie Amuro has joined forces with 7-11 for their upcoming Christmas campaign. A brand new song titled “Christmas Wish” has been recorded for the project. A special music card of the song will be sold exclusively at 7-11, it will be the only way to purchase “Christmas Wish”. While supplies last a special poster will also be given to customers who purchase one of the new Christmas cakes featured in the campaign. “Christmas Wish” will allegedly *Wendy Williams voice* not be distributed on any future singles or albums. The only way to ever buy/own the song is to do so during the campaign.

In addition to this two new limited edition goods have been revealed for Namie’s current “LIVE STYLE 2016-2017” tour. An extravagant pop-up Christmas card priced at 1,700 yen and a holiday themed t-shirt priced at 4,000 yen. Pictures of the new goods, as well as the 15 second version plus behind the scenes footage of the “Christmas Wish” CM can be seen below!

(via 7net)

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    • yacchaitai

      she looks so good

    • ChaiChai

      So pretty! And I want that food.

    • PrinceOtaku

      so beautiful <3 and that food looks so good too

    • One thing about Namie is that she always takes beautiful pics. She looks really good here

    • Brett

      “The only way to ever buy/own the song is to do so during the campaign.” We’ll see what Jpopsuki has to say about that.

    • MoMoCHu5360

      4 singles in one year? is that a record?

      • Nah, Koda Kumi has her beat with that 12 singles in 12 weeks thing she did ages ago

        • MoMoCHu5360

          I meant a personal record for Namie. She’s sometimes quite selfish with singles. But I see the last time she did 4 in a year was 1996.

          • Lady Sara

            Preparing for her 25th anniversary?

            • MoMoCHu5360

              That makes a lot of sense. Probably another single in February and the 25th anniversary album in July. I figured she didn’t want to tread on Utada’s ground this year.
              It would be great if the 25th anniversary album is a complete best (at least singles) album with a 3 disc edition including one disc with 6 new tracks and all the latest A-sides and their couplings. And of course all the music videos on Blu-Ray.