Namie Amuro and Jolin Tsai collab confirmed!

We previously reported on the rumors surrounding a collaboration between Namie Amuro and Jolin Tsai, turns out those rumors were true!   

The two divas will be releasing a song together titled “I’m Not Yours”, this marks Jolin’s first attempt at composing a song by herself. The lyrics are a mix of both English and Chinese, and the two girls will reportedly be singing in both languages. In-regards to her Chinese vocals Namie commented “If the Taiwanese fans like it, I’ll be happy”. 

From the looks of things the video takes place in some sort of brothel/hostess bar, with Namie and Jolin playing the “Madams“. Bring on the new girl power anthem!

“I’m Not Yours” will be included on Jolin Tsai’s upcoming album “Jolin Play” due out November 15th, no word on when the music video will premiere.

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    • Hillary


    • snare drum

      Beautiful, selfless Saint Jolin risks it all by allowing this struggling Akihabara idol to feature on her gracious hymns. This is the sacrifice she has made to cleanse not only this fallen anime singer, but all of us, of sins past.

      • Nenad Jovanović

        Oh, man ,you are full of it .

        • snare drum

          Full of Jolin’s grace and love for all humanity? Why wouldn’t I be? I am born again in Jolin, our Lord and Savior.

      • yanderenightmares

        A true believer.

    • AAApanda

      ohohho so exciting!

    • surfboardt
    • Guilherme Teruya

      JFC this is too good. Can the world handle this much power?

    • I died of happiness. Then came back to life even happier.

    • keehayi

      For once in your life Namie look alive. I will not have your zombie ass ruining this pv for me.

    • Guest

      Here for my queen Jolin. I hope the collab turns out to be as great as the hype surrounding it.

    • Taima-kun

      as much as i worship Namie, she looks inferior to Jolin XD
      looking forward to the MV!

      • Berry Nutty

        lol irk?

    • Berry Nutty

      can’t wait for the album! woohoo!

    • yanderenightmares

      Ooh the outfits look gorgeous. Anyways I’m a namie fan so this is nice. haven’t really heard any Jolin Tsai, on,y heard of her but I understand she’s a big deal.

    • meanie

      wno the fuck is jolin tsai?

      • Basically Namie’s Taiwanese equivalent.

      • me

        i bet you only follow Jpop in your life then!

        • Guest

          How the hell does not knowing about Cpop equal to only knowing about Jpop? Also, it’s not like it’s a requirement for people who like Japanese music to like Chinese music….?!?

      • Guest

        Shame on you for not knowing who she is. She’s one of the C-Pop queens.

        • meanie

          aah a chinese…that’s why idkh -_- trying hard wannabe Diva…ok

          • l3012

            Not knowing someone just because you’re invested in just one genre isn’t equal of them being a wannabe.

          • Guest

            Taiwanese actually and if Queen Jolin is a tryhard then so are Hyori Nami and every other Asian female artist doing the same shit as her. You really need to listen to more than just J-Pop.

            • meanie

              now that i’ve listened to her…she basicallly have weak vocals, she can’t sing! lyk i’ve said THSM.

        • Seekaii

          I love this song :3

      • Seekaii

        The queen of C-pop basically. She’s amazing if you haven’t listened to her yet.

      • shannie4888

        Jolin is EVERYTHING. A diva. A Cpop queen.

    • yacchaitai

      For sinners who don’t know who Jolin is:

      • I REALLY hate this new direction…

      • l3012

        My favorite is Honey Trap

    • mee-KE-le

      Two of my favourite Asian Divas together. I couldn’t be more excited!
      The set and the costumes are intriguing.

    • Karusuke

      Cant wait to hear this and this Jolin sounds amazing.

    • Jardel Ferreira

      This collab will shake Asia. The world. THE UNIVERSE.

    • Seekaii

      Hell YEAH!

    • eplizo

      saw this the other day. The MV is set to come out late December or early January

    • Nay

      i dont like jolin at all, namie will not sing in japanese??? ahh maybe a little will be good =p anyway.. namie is singing =p