Nakata Yasutaka to produce new soloist, debuting in Spring

Electronic producer Nakata Yasutaka will be working with Momo Mashiro who is set to make her debut sometime in the Spring. Momo was discovered through the “Lawson Dream Artist Audition”. Lawson, who is the parent company of a large chain of convenience stores as well as the music chain HMV, partnered with Nakata to find talent within their 170,000 part-time employees.  The audition period took place between September – December 2016.

Momo has always had a dream of becoming a singer, so she jumped at the opportunity. She auditioned with the YUKI song “Yorokobi no Tane”. Judges were enamored with her voice, calling it powerful yet pretty. Previously Momo worked as a small-time hair model for salons around the Harajuku area.

Upon winning the audition Momo was awarded with a contract to Warner Japan, and the production services of Nakata. Momo stated that she wants to be active not only in Japan, but around the world as well. Before her official debut you can keep up with Momo on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Additional photos from the event can be seen below.

(via fuckyeahystk)

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    • K

      Reminds me of how TK would keep holding auditions even though he produced almost every singer in the 90s which led to his music going to the crapper.

      Except ystk is the main producer for only 4 acts and his music has already gone to shit. He doesn’t need any more on his plate.

      • circe154

        I doubt Mito will be doing anything else after her album flopped an it seems like Kyary’s days are numbered. A blank slate might renew his creativity.

      • Does he even have a clsssic like TK, who has several?

    • Guest

      Debut some time in spring? There’s only about a month left.

      • circe154

        This was announced back in February, it might have been pushed back.

    • “within their 170,000 part-time employees” Wonder if it’s like when AKB48 were going a mom audition and found a “mom” with no experience but wota found out she was in a band before and trying to build her into something l o l

      Can Nakata even do anything with her? He couldn’t do shit with that bucky banged girl, his music’s been super dry and mediocre as of late and Perfume’s his only produced act that are selling…

    • guest

      She’s hot

      • Samuel Lama

        She’s the full package : hot and has talent. Let’s hope her management won’t let it go to waste.

    • Ben

      Damn who’s that japanese daddy? He looks like the good looking version of Ken Watanabe

      • Omg

        Fucking lmao

      • Samuel Lama


        • Ben

          seriously. I need his fucking name… @disqus_TQVKnTMJed:disqus can you do some research on this?

      • yacchaitai

        genichi tamatsuka???

        • Ben

          Thanks!!! He’s 54 years old. But he’s fine… He can have me anytime he wants

    • Samuel Lama

      I really am interested for Momo’s debut and direction. She gives the traditional idol vibe as compared to Pamyu Pamyu and Mito and I wonder if her single would be rather mainstream than other Nakata productions.