Morning Musume ’17 celebrate miso soup in “Morning Miso Soup” MV

Morning Musume ’17 have released their first music video for 2017, a new rendition of their classic hit Morning Coffee titled Morning Miso Soup. As previously reported the song was created in celebration of Morning Musume’s new campaign with miso paste company marukome. Limited edition packaging featuring the girls are currently on store shelves nationwide in Japan.

The Morning Miso Soup video was originally released over the weekend, but somehow accidentally got deleted. Morning Musume ’17’s manager apologized for the mistake on twitter re-uploading the video today.

Morning Musume ’17 have also announced their first single for the year, a double a-side titled BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealously Jealously which will be released on March 8th, 2017. Check out the full video for Morning Miso Soup below!

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    • BAD KID

      why does this look so better than all their usual cheap-ass videos

      keep this director

      • Ann

        For real. This MV reminds me of a 48/46 MV. Even though most of their songs are bland, their MV’s are masterpieces

    • mamoswine1

      They are starting to learn now? well TBH I don’t have any bad coin to the current MM member anymore so I bother to check this out and their MV is clean

    • Midori

      Just ate miso soup this morning, but now I want some again! xd
      The song is cute and the PV is fun! Love some of their outfits! <3