Mika Nakashima releases 8th album “TOUGH”

After several years of compilations and live albums, one of which, MIKA RANMARU,  was an attempt to recreate her NANA rockstar days, Mika Nakashima has returned with a new original album titled “TOUGH”. The record features all of Nakashima’s singles since 2013 and, in her usual fashion, most B-sides, both collaboration songs with Miliyah Kato as well as another version of her SALU feature where she dominates. One of the songs, “Alone”, was taken from her 2016 Songbook.

See the full tracklist and the album covers under the cut.

“TOUGH” Tracklist

  1. Hanataba
  2. Forget Me Not
  3. Koi wo Suru
  4. Fighter
  5. TOUGH*
  6. Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa
  7. Birukaze Swimming School feat. SALU
  9. Ai Kotoba
  10. indigo*
  11. Ai no Uta
  12. Best Friend*
  13. Gift
  14. Alone
  • * – previously unreleased songs

  • Comments

    • honey girl

      Lmao so this is a best album guised as a studio album. And those covers tho….it makes her look old. Well I’ll give her album a try just to see what her sound is like. I’ve only heard a couple of songs from her that’s not Nana related and liked what I heard.

      • How is it a best album? It’s not as if “Yuki no Hana” and “STARS” are on it.

        • She obviously meant compilation, not best of. As that’s correct, as it is really more like a “Mika Anthology 2013-2017” kinda release and not a proper new album.

    • Guest

      Those eyebrows…no…

    • Mika Nakashima

      Besides “Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa” and its b-side, the first songs and MV (kind of liked hair and how it was edited) I’ve listened to and watched (and liked) by Mika Nakashima, there’s something about her and her image that I just don’t really like. I don’t know, perhaps I haven’t listened to her best songs, but still…

    • lymli

      it’s because of her eyebrows or her face is fugly?

    • Michele

      Her first studio album in four years with just 3 new songs. Watch this selling less than ‘W Face’.

    • vivi911

      She doesn’t look 34 at all, yikes.