M-flo’s Taku Takahashi creates song using female pubic hair

No, there is not a typo in the headline.

Taku Takahashi who is most known for his DJ work and being one-half of the popular hip-hop duo M-flo has taken a new unique approach to making music. Taku’s latest offering is a collaborative track titled “Pubic Hair Grooving – In Motion”. The song is an instrumental piece featuring no vocals, the smooth beats give the track an elegant vibe overall.

What makes this song so unique is that 15 women helped create the song, these women aren’t musicians however. All of these women were volunteers who donated their pubic hair to help create the song. This was achieved by mapping the hair as sound waves which then created a melody, Taku then put a beat on top of that. Each woman’s pubic hair created their own different sound.

“Pubic Hair Grooving – In Motion” is a tie-in with Datsumo Recipe, a specialty product for female pubic hair removal. Shiboru Yamane works for “Ningen”, an advertising company who helped work on the campaign. Shiboru was inspired because he thought pubic hairs kind of looked like sound waves. Then after that realization all he wanted to do was “create those soundwaves”. On Datsumo Recipe’s official website you can hear the sound created by some of the women’s pubic hairs.

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    • soup cans

      That’s interesting lol

    • Diego

      Is this some kind of joke? It’s extremely disgusting and it looks like a desperate attempt to get some attention

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        Why is it ‘extremely disgusting’…? I agree it’s not particularly tasteful but… xD

      • PigeonPop

        Happens all the time in contemporary art. Interesting idea, but the kind of project that will make the GP cringe and effectively result in the artist (or in this case, musician) lose credibility as someone to treat seriously.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      “only a small percentage of japanese women groom their pubic hair”
      Don’t start ladies… -_-; Don’t let this advertising make you think you should.. haha.

    • Thomas

      what the f.

    • Michele

      Only in Japan, I guess.

    • maguro part deux

      I have to admit, it sounds better than I expected pubic hair to sound.

    • relmy

      My reaction is a mix between what the fuck and… well, that’s kind of cool? Making pubes musical!

    • hasawa

      This is because of this kind of shit aliens don’t show up and Jesus is not coming back : humans are fucked up!

      • circe154

        I don’t know what aliens you’ve been hanging out with, but this wouldn’t even register as kink to the majority of them.

    • Amy

      This doesn’t too far off from the typical m-flo song actually lol

    • Hm, unexpected. I ain’t mad about it. And I can groove to it. Can’t let anybody read the title tho. 😂

    • SlyMoonFox


    • iGleaux

      ……………I guess.

    • ProllyWild


    • eplizo

      Absolutely spectacular.

    • Mary Daniella Peterson