Koda Kumi to release two new studio albums simultaneously in March

Singer Koda Kumi has finally shared details on her upcoming 13th studio albums. She will be releasing two albums on the same day, titled W Face -inside- and W Face -outside-.  With this release Kumi wanted to showcase two very different sides to her, W Face -inside- will be an emotional and “soft” album  focusing on ballads and pop tunes, while W Face -outside- will be much more aggressive and sexy featuring dance songs, J-Urban, and a soulful R&B ballad sung only with a piano. On My Way a track from W Face -inside- has also been announced as the theme for the Tokai TV drama Mahiru no Akuma starring Rena Tanaka and Aoi Nakamura.

Each album contains 10 tracks and will be released in three editions each, CD only, CD+DVD, and CD+Blu-ray. Three songs from each album will also reportedly be getting a music video. Exclusive editions and goodies for avex’s online shop mu-mo, and Koda Kumi’s fanclub “playroom” are expected to be announced shortly. W Face -inside- and W Face -outside- will be released on March 8th, 2017. Check out the tracklist for both albums below.

W Face -inside-

  2. Bring It On
  3. 喜びのかけら
  4. Stand By You
  5. 好きでして
  6. 君想い
  7. On My Way
  8. What’s Up
  9. Promise you
  10. My Fun

W Face -outside-

  1. W FACE
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. insane
  4. Damn real
  5. Heartless
  6. Bassline
  7. Shhh!
  8. Bangerang
  9. WickedGirls
  10. Cup cake
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    • yacchaitai

      Hope these will be better than bon voyage and walk of my life, both albums had maybe 2 okay songs.

      • Kyle

        ya i don’t really remember what anything from walk of my life sounds like. i also can’t remember the last time i was actually really interested in listening to something from kumi tho, i think it’s cause she actually went away for a bit

      • M

        I loved Bon Voyage personally, but only the last half of Walk of My Life was good to me… I can’t stand Lippy or Mercedes, they had potential but those songs’ choruses ruined it.

        The only songs I truly loved were Piece in the Puzzle, Gimmie You, Walk of my Life, Life so Good, and I like most of Fake Tongue but it falls just shy of “really like” for me. Like It grew on me but it’s still not something I listen to often at all.

        The rest I didn’t care for or straight up hated, like I mentioned above. For a 15th anniversary album, I was a bit disappointed. But based on the amazingness that is Cupcake and Bring It On, both of which have already been performed, and how nice Promise You sounds (was used in a CM), I’m excited for this one. I think she’ll really deliver. The preview that’s already out of one of the tracks is apparently amazing and everyone I’ve seen that’s listened to it has had nothing but good things to say. I haven’t checked it out and won’t until MVs are out and such – I like listening to the album in full when everything’s fresh, it’s fun that way. There’s no singles on this one so it’s mostly 100% new content.

        (So sorry for rambling! Lots to say, haha)

    • Mr.Taxi™

      The Kum rag is coming back

      • 浜崎あゆみ


        • Mr.Taxi™


          • 浜崎あゆみ


            • Mr.Taxi™


              • 浜崎あゆみ

                yes. just leave.

                • Mr.Taxi™


    • 浜崎あゆみ buy #WFACE

      YAS! The preview of “W FACE” is fiah!
      I need this.

    • hhhh

      insert a “two-faced” jibe here

      • yamakita

        Koda Kumi is really a man.

    • Roni Dez

      I used to be obsessed with her music 9 years ago but my music taste has changed drastically since then. As I’ve gotten older and I don’t find myself impressed with her discography anymore.
      I’ll check out “W Face -outside-” since I enjoy and prefer R&B & Urban genre based songs.

      • yamakita

        “9 years ago” Ouch. I think you just diagnosed her problem.

    • Himi Tsu

      I love the picture ! Really well done ^^

    • Well, finally! I will be extremely curious about this one… both about the music and the album’s reception.

    • Thomas


      (jk, Cupcake feat. AKLO is coming out, yay!)

    • analog

      what’s the W for???

      • 浜崎あゆみ


    • This not releasing as a double disc album with one SKU is a mess. No doubt a ploy from Avex to have 2 entries in the chart and double the sales.

      If Kumi’s last few albums are anything to go by, these will more than likely be weak offerings. Her music always sounds outdated to me. I wish she’d just hone her style and refine it, rather than try to chase trends.