Kis-My-Ft2 Subgroup Busaiku’s Second Single, “Ti Ti Ti Terette Teretiti~ Dare no Ketsu”

Busaiku, the subgroup formed by the four back members of Kis-My-Ft2 have released a new single, “てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ ~だれのケツ” or “Ti Ti Ti Terette Teretititi~ Dare no Ketsu” following the success of their first single, “Tana Kara Botamochi.” They recently performed the song on SMAP”s special “27 Jikan Terebi.” Check out the bizarre song and performance below:

The song possess the same camp value as their previous effort, with members doing eccentric choreography with fart jokes and butt references sprinkled in between. The group brings a whole new flavor to songs about butts. At the end of the song, the inevitable shout out to their group mates was made, with the same “Tama, Kita, Gaya” play on words that was used in their previous single. Despite having come out of the shadow of their three group mates, they were still kind enough to mention them in their own song yet again.

Perhaps if this single is equally as successful, we may even see an album by Busaiku.


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    • This time I chose an image that didn’t make them so fugly. They are actually not bad looking…
      Also I don’t even know where to begin with this song LOL

      • guest

        Nikaido looks cute but you’re fighting a losing battle with Miyata.

        • Not Miyacchi! Lol he may not be necessarily good looking per se but he has his charms..Senga is the best looking one in my opinion.

          • guest

            He’s not an ugly man by any means, just unphotogenic. I’d say Senga is the best looking too, but now I’m wondering at what point in time Nikaido started looking decently attractive.

            • Nikaido has always been cute in my opinion. Have you seen Bad Boys J? I was like when did Nikaido stop being silly and awkward and get a little bit of sexy going on? It’s the god awful hairstyles and outfits they put them that dampers their actual attractiveness. He was looking good in Bad Boys J. He can actually act too so I hope he gets more roles.

              • guest

                I like him so I’d like to see more of him, but no way was he cute at least up until debut. Very true about the hairstyles though.

    • Reileen

      When I saw them perform this at Music Station I LOLed hard when during the ‘Gaya, Kita, Tama’ shout out they showed those three members’ faces at the back screen. They are not being subtle about it lol

    • DoSHachiko

      I remembered seeing them performed this during MStation and UTAGE. c: Their music video concept is super weird, but made me giggle a lot . I still kinda prefer Tana Kara Botamochi music-wise, mainly because it gets stuck in my head more easily than this, but this one is catchy as well. <:

    • greeeeeen

      They are seriously ugly. I could grab 4 random classmates and have a better looking group. Johnny’s sure hv a really low standard.

      Hopefully these four have some talent to make up for the faces.

      • merkypie

        johnny’s gave up on standards after smap.
        cause how the fuck have they managed to stay so relevant.
        also japan’s standards of beauty seems to be the most basic the better as of late.

        • Ib my opinion, beauty standards seem stricter on women than men…but then again the same can be said for any country. A lot of Japanese netizens agree with what you’re saying though, that Johnny’s has dropped the ball regarding looks.

          • merkypie

            when i mean that japanese beauty standards are basic is that there’s no emphasis on wearing heavy makeup, dramatic clothes, or trying to be sexy.

            just. basic. basic hair. basic conservative dresses. and encouraging having a body type similar to a 12 year old. japanese mainstream fashion is conservative and basic as hell.

    • merkypie

      27 hour television was bizarre. especially when they brought a cow into the studio while singing smap’s fly.

      then that nonstop live where nakai nearly had a heart attack on stage.

      he’s only 42, what the fuck.

      • TK

        He’s only 42 but he also was just on TV for nearly 27 hours straight, having to be alert and entertaining and certainly he was actually awake for much more than that considering prep time before the show.

        Certainly it was uncool of him and he clearly needs to take care of his health more and prepare physically for this kind of thing better, but its not completely unreasonable that he had trouble going on. That was some serious dancing he was doing, and you’ll note what he did do dance wise, he committed to fully. I’m nearly half his age and I couldn’t have done what they did.

        • merkypie

          EVeryobe else in SMAP are nearly the same age yet they pulled through flawlessly until the end. They were up just as long. Spending half his time off stage or sitting down just showed how unprepared he was. It got annoying to see him quit on stage while everyone else is trying to make up for his slack. Screw that.

          • TK

            In addition to what I previously wrote, as the person above said he was clearly unwell. But by all means if you can perfectly control when you are injured or sick so that it doesn’t interfere with long held unchangeable obligations then you have room to criticize.

            Personally I think it was very admirable for him to keep trying and pushing himself to get back up when he was clearly about to throw up several times. Being unwell he could have just begged off the whole thing, but he did not.

      • Pi

        Nakai was injured and sick – he has IV drop mark on his hand, taping (pain or for fever) all over his neck, back

        • merkypie

          He should have been in been better prepared.

    • JAK

      honestly it’s like they didn’t even try to put effort into making a title that makes remote sense in any language

    • erruhurr

      Their faces are somewhat have that soothing feeling that it’ll be fun to hang out with them. The other three are just too intense, tho’ I’ll put kitayama out.

    • Hotaru Hime

      Busaiku’s 2nd single might be bizarre ww, but it certainly is difficult. i tried singing along and got tongue-tied >__< and the dance moves are energy-draining too. they certainly put in alot of effect to make it a success =D Come to think of it, they're kinda refreshing and different from the usual johnnys concept.