KinKi Kids Break Oricon Record for Maintaining a #1 Single Every Year Since 1997

Released on July 12, the latest single from popular duo KinKi Kids entitled “The Red Light” topped the weekly single charts selling 200,257 in its first week.

With this release, KinKi Kids have broken an Oricon record as artists that have maintained dozens of years with consecutive #1 hits. KinKi kids has topped Oricon’s weekly single chart every year between 1997 and 2017, amounting to 21 consecutive years with a #1 hit.

The record was previously held by rock band B’z, who maintained a #1 weekly single ranking consecutively for 20 years from 1990 to 2009.

The duo made their debut in 1997 with the double release of their first single “Garasu no Shonen” and album “A Album“. Both went on to sell over one million copies, making them the second Johnny’s artist to have a debut single sell over one million after Masahiko Kondo’s debut single “Sneaker Blues” and the first to have a debut album sell over one million units. In fact, KinKi Kids boast 38 consecutive #1 singles since their debut.

KinKi Kids celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut this month. A commemorative event was held at Yokohama Stadium on 15th and 16th without member Tsuyoshi Domoto, who was unable to attend after developing sudden deafness in his left ear.

(via Oricon)

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    • Mary

      They’re just that great <3 omedetou

    • I read the title wrongly and had to reread like 2/3 times because I thought they broke their consecutive #1 streak and ready to let out an ugly cry (lol).

      I kinda wish this single is more to the sound they famous for ala Kagi no nai Hako (what an amazing song) or Ao no Jidai (memories!) but fans seemed to really like their upbeat songs since the number is slightly higher everytime when they release it.

    • annie


      the song’s a bit weird (a lot of pauses and breaks) but i do like it

    • eplizo

      damn. congratz kings.

    • WD79