KAT-TUN announces Comeback!

KAT-TUN is back in 2018! The group is ending their charging period which started on May 2016 and will ‘restart’ in 2018 with the theme song to member Kamenashi Kazuya’s drama “FINAL CUT” titled “Ask Yourself”. In addition to that, the group will be holding Tokyo Dome performances in April.

The announcement was made during Johnnys Countdown 2017 -2018 held at the Tokyo Dome. Initially, only the attendance of Kamenashi was confirmed as part of “Kame to Yamapi”. Days prior, JCD teases a significant announcement to happen during the Countdown which had fans guessing.

The ‘significant announcement’ is KAT-TUN’s comeback and Kamenashi was joined by Nakamaru Yuichi and Ueda Tatsuya on stage to sing “Real Face” and the new song “Ask Yourself”.

The group entered a charging period in May 2016 after member Taguchi Junnosuke left in March of that year. KAT-TUN will continue with the remaining 3 members.

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    • Kiang Sheryl


      • Kiang Sheryl

        their New Year’s Greetings vid on JFC omg it’s 6mins. omg they are so prepared and i’m not!

        • Hermione48fan

          Do you have the link to the video?. Please?.

          • Kiang Sheryl

            nope sorry. i can only see it because i’m in their FC

    • SlyMoonFox
    • me


    • kazumi

      Welcome back!!

    • Phantom S

      KAT-TUN 120% fully recharged.
      After this never unplugged again boys or atleast prepare a powerbank!

      Welcome back Nakamaru-kun Ueda-kun Kamenashi-kun & HYPHENs. Let’s be even better this year.

      • Reileen

        lol they literally had chargers as con goods last time. maybe they’ll have powerbanks in the comeback con

    • ran

      Ask Yourself sounds great!

    • Crystal-chan

      I cried when I saw them together on stage- oh my god, even though I’m a bit worried about what will happen from now on, I pray that these three will stay strong, stay together, and defeat the KAT-TUN curse once and for all! 😊

    • guest

      Kame looks like a vein is about to burst in his neck in that screencap. His voice is way too weak for that sort of straining.

    • HevRev

      This makes me so freaking happy… Welcome back KAT-TUN ☺☺☺

    • Eri

      SO happy :D

    • Bib

      Welcome back..my boys…huhuhu..crying …

    • Misaki

      so happy to hear this! love all three members. they all did great individually during the recharging period.

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    • SnowDrop

      Oh, I’m so happy! Of all the tears I’ve cried this year, finally they’re happy tears.
      KAT-TUN has been such an important part of my life for over a decade now, I’m so happy to see them continue on. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f788a7832b678f255f5381b7ddcfe0a4db291dd79cab2ec86e60f5c238871ab.gif

    • Sabi

      Without Koki, I just don’t care :/

      • kattun4

        he is doing fine by himself and he can continue sharing dick pics through the years
        ja-anon.livejournal com/6134.html?thread=34809334#t34809334

        he can get caught with weed also and he won’t bring down his group on the way

        • Sabi

          Funny thing is, they are all adults and should be allowed to do adult things. They all have sex. They all do “naughty” things. It shouldn’t be a career ending move to send a dick pic to a thirsty ho that asked for it and then decided to show everybody. I realize that’s just the way things are with idols and such and it makes sense when they are teens but once you’re talking about 30 year old men, it gets a bit silly.

          As for weed, I don’t see a single thing wrong with it. It should be legalized and as far as I’m concerned, he was punished for something that shouldn’t be a crime in the first place. I will give you that he shouldn’t have been such a dumb fuck as to wave it right under the police’s noses like he did, though. That was just dumb -_-

          • alliz

            But the real motive for having his contract finished was the fact he had a side business with one of his brother. As you said, I can understand dick pics and weed because those aren’t bad per se, but he was way too stupid to have another business when his contract clearly stipulated he couldn’t do so unless he had JE’s authorization, which he hadn’t.

      • Guest

        We dont care too abt koki and all exs haha

        • Sabi

          That kinda makes you a shitty fan then, doesn’t it? I’d love to see them all back together but Koki’s playful personality really brought out the other member’s and added something special. Junnosuke, too. After Koki left (or was fired, however you look at it) it sorta became Junnosuke’s job to joke around and keep everyone loose. With both of them gone, the band is just boring and lifeless.

          But whatevs, everyone likes what they like, I suppose.

          • matrix

            So ur a shitty fan too.
            Coz u dont care to 3nin Kat-tun too, well as you read, some people bluttantly will said about don’t care af about this comeback coz exs aren’t on it.
            Ppl on other JE fandom celebrates then theres many bitter exs fans.

            Well, its ur choice, but Im not a dick pic thirst to not be able just to focus on Koki than congratulating the remaining 3.

            • Sabi

              Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they are successful, be it in Kat-tun or not. But, for me, it’s just not the same. I will continue to support them but a small part will always be a bit disappointed.

              • alliz

                It’s difficult to care when ex members like Taguchi and Koki harmed KAT-TUN. I’m not taking Jin into consideration because, all things considered, he was the only one to make a decent leave from the band (and we all knew he had other interests for his career and future). And as a side note I’ve just realized there might be something wrong with me because I laugh the most at Nakamaru’s jokes wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

        • iGleaux

          Nah Koki is still cool in my book.

    • eplizo


    • guest2
    • I’ll care when the three members break away from Johnny’s and then bring back Koki and Jin.

      • Himi Tsu

        Didn’t Jin leave the group by himself the group? Why would he join them again?

      • What about Junno?

        • alliz

          Taguchi just plain lied about his motivations lol Jin was honest and Koki was stupid, both were never dishonest about their interests. tldr who’d want junno

          • What is his real motivation? To go solo?

            • alliz

              He said he would retire from entertainment, but then dropped a CD and said he would go solo. It was also discovered the date of purchase of his website domain was way before it was announced he’d retire from KAT-TUN. Jin was completely honest and said he wanted to go solo, never lied about it and followed through. Many fans thought Taguchi would get married (hence why he said he would leave entertainment) but then he came back. It was all planned and honestly, extremely disappointing. Hadn’t he lied, many fans would still care about him, like with Jin, but his behavior is just disgusting.

              • Thank you! Didnt know about this.

                • Smh

                  What alliz said is not correct. First of all Junno said from the begining that he thought about his life and decided to go a different path. Second his announcement was on the 23rd November 2015. He left the jimuscho in mid-end of March 2016 and his Website was purchased on the 2nd of May. Till the 8th August it was just a blank Website. People are just mad that their wrong assumtions didn’t come true. The only disgusting thing is that some People rather spread hate and wrong informations instead to educate themself and move on.

                  • Ohh thank you for telling me this. I obviously didnt know anything lol

                  • Pipe’sIDIC

                    I really hope that there were friendships formed within Kattun, both the exs and remaining members. And that with their different paths, maintain those relationships at least.

              • ‘Smh’ has replied to me with a different POV. Did you acknowledge her comment? It seemed like Junno has been saying that he thought about his life and decided to go a different path.

                • alliz

                  Publicly, he said he thought about taking a different path for his life (which is really ambiguous, hence the rumours), but privately he told Nakamaru he would quit showbiz. I can’t recall for my life where I read that information, since it’s been a long time, but even disregarding that, it’s still really shady to buy a website just a month after leaving. In order to make a new career he must have been in talks with producers, agencies, music teams, etc; so that fills the blank time between march (leave) and august (website isn’t blank anymore). I don’t think Taguchi knows anything about making webs, so at least since june someone must have been in charge of making the website. And by june he must already have had something solid to start building on it. Tbh I don’t really care if he was about to get married or not, I still think it wasn’t the way nor the time to make a comeback solo career. As I mentioned, he should have been clear like Jin was, instead of fueling other kind of rumours. I don’t think anyone who’s been “thinking for a long time” (as all members from KAT-TUN said he was, because they tried to change his mind on the subject) decides from one month to another that maybe they could go solo after breaking with their band. Nope, this is something he had given thought for a long time. And again, he should have been clear about his intentions, because going solo the same year of KAT-TUN’s 10th year anniversary of course hurt like a bitch.

                  • I totally understand you. Like you said, going solo at the group’s 10th anniversary is just very distasteful. Like the group means nothing to you. :(

      • Guest

        Why they should go out from je and reunied with exs?
        Jin out frm kattun bcz he wanna do solo n all that ‘usa’ debuted..
        Koki out bcz broke je rules,,
        Junno out bcz wanna go solo too,,

        All exs clearly are not interest in kattun anymore
        So why the 3 last membs should go out frm je?? Haha

      • iGleaux

        So just said fuck Taguchi lmao.

    • Kameneko223

      So happy that they are back! And finally, another Kama drama theme song by KAT-TUN. Ganbarre!

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    • AoZora

      I am so happy for KATTUN.. Literally jumped with joy after this announcement. All the best for the three nins :)

    • Reileen

      the Dome went wiiild 😂
      How time flies mygawd, finally!

    • Yay! Welcome back!!!

    • angel223_

      Im crying!!!!
      WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

      Break the curse, I believe the power of 3…

      • angel223_

        What make me so PROUD are people screaming!!!! Its so explosive welcome!!!

    • あっちゃん

      This group & NEWS needs to disbanded. And I don’t know how they’ll work as a 3 from now which will end up as a major flop. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Himi Tsu

        Absolutely not. NEWS is currently the best they never were. The members were able to bloom and are now shining with their own abilities.

        I don’t know about KAT-TUN but do not ask for disbanding. If you don’t like them, then don’t listen…

        • あっちゃん

          KAT-TUN is no longer as what it used to be as a 6 members. It’s pretty embarrassing to see them as 3 members only. Kame has the only nice vocal and others 2 members can’t even sing that well. It’s better if they were to continue as a solo instead in joining as a group again.

          • KAT-TUN embarrassing to see as three happens only in your mind because it seems you don’t care about the remaining members and their struggle to remain still. For me, it is not a shame even if the number is small. For me, I’m proud for what was left. It’s like gold being cleansed after being put under the fire. Though, I don’t mean that the lost members are just dirt. Actually I want them as 6 but the lost members have their own issues and reasons to keep from remaining in the group whereas the remaining three made this far to keep their grips. They are like marathon winners. I want to congratulate them that they have come up to this time. And I will be more happier if they will prove that in spite of their small number, they can keep the power up. I’ll suggest for you not to look into the number but into the power that they could bring. Sometimes, the smaller the number the more powerful the thing is. The more you remove the water from saltwater, the more the saltwater becomes salty. Well, in case they become boring, maybe they just need to change management. Remember, this is not a one-man show where an idol can decide whatever he wants.
            I don’t agree that only Kamenashi have a nice voice. Do you know how to sing a song that doesn’t suit you? Do you know a singer who became more expressive and better after changing his genre? Koki, In my opinion is an example. Check INKT in YouTube, you could see how he glows with artistry, passion and energy like he was bein’ released from a den called “Johnny’s”. Sometimes, the problem is not in the talent.

      • ami

        thank you for your opinion ^_^. don’t worry, the boys and us take good care of ourselves. even flopping together would be fun if we’re together. lmao.
        tldr: i couldn’t care less about the future coz KAT-TUN is back y’all!!!

      • Thats what people first thought about NewS. But they are selling just fine without Pi or Ryo.

      • Angel

        The group you said as flop group is bcm ttww for 6hours yesterday.. hahahaha..

        And for news they still manage to be num 1 in oricon with sale 200k more,.

        So i dont und what do u mean with ‘flop’ here…

      • ellyrubi

        maybe news and kat-tun should combine

    • james

      This is not KAT-TUN.

      • alliz

        and of course you aren’t a fan either, since you can’t support their evolution through time

    • Mary Emgy Garces

      So happy to hear that they are coming back!!! Now how to score the concert tickets when I am a non-member… Sigh.😔

    • I couldn’t not care less about Johnny’s in general, but I am actually happy that KAT-TUN returns. They are the agency’s only group (well, besides maybe NEWS) that does not sound and look like damn bad ’80s throwback boyband.

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