Kanjani8 invites you to “Jam” in new album and announces performance at “METROCK 2017”

Announced during the Music Station episode aired last Friday, Kanjani8 is the final cast attending the outdoor festival “METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017”. METROCK is an outdoor event held in Osaka and Tokyo, and this year will take place on May 13, 14, 20, and 21. Kanjani8 is added as a surprise guest performing at the WINDMILL stage at Wakasu Koen Park, Tokyo on May 21. As per the announcement, tickets are already sold out for this show. This is the first time the group is attending an outdoor festival.

The group might have skipped last year in releasing their album but it looks like it might be worth the wait. On June 28, the group will be releasing their newest album “Jam” . The new album will include five singles released as well as new songs with contributions by top artists and producers that they have connections with through TV Asahi’s regular program “Kanjam Kanzen NenSHOW!” Packed with everything Kanjani8 and their ripening over one year and seven months, “Jam” has been put together. Full of pop, rock, and a variety of music, it is a new album that has something to offer to fans of all music genres.

Contributing artists for the album include Nise Akira (Hoshino Gen), Okazaki Taiiku, Koichi Tsutaya, BEGIN, Mizuno Yoshiki (Ikimonogakari) and UNICORN. Group songs written and composed by the members “Ikiro” (Shibutani Subaru), “JAM LADY” (Yasuda Shota) and “Traffic” (Nishikido Ryo) are included.

eito jam

Jam Tracklist 

[First-run limited edition A]
*Original box packaging
*Original paper cover (included)
*Visual “Jam” lyrics card (included)
*Photo book A (40 pages, consists of exclusive photos, included)
*Members’ unit song (A): Only included with first-run limited edition A

・5 singles – Samurai Song , Tsumi to Natsu, Panorama, NOROSHI, Naguri Gaki BEAT
・6 songs contributed by other artists

“Ima” (Lyrics, music: Nise Akira, arrangement: Kanno Yoko)
“Egetsunai” (Lyrics, music, and arrangement: Okazaki Taiiku)
“Seishun no Subete” (Lyrics, music: Mizuno Yoshiki, arrangement: Honma Akimitsu)
“DO NAI” (Lyrics: Ishiwatari Junji, music and arrangement: Koichi Tsutaya)
“S.E.V.E.Nkorobi E.I.G.H.Toki” (Lyrics, music: UNICORN, arrangement: Onishi Shogo)
“Yume e no Kaerimichi” (Lyrics, music: BEGIN, arrangement: Onishi Shogo)

・First-run limited edition A tracks
“(Title to be determined)”: members’ unit song (A)

・“Seishun no Subete” music video
・Documentary video “フトコロノカタナ (Futokoro no Katana)”

[First-run limited edition B]
*Original box packaging
*Original paper cover (included)
*Visual “Jam” lyrics card (included)
*Photo book B (40 pages of behind-the-scenes shots from the music video, etc., included)
*Members’ unit song (B): Only included on first-run limited edition B

・5 singles
・6 songs contributed by other artists
・First-run limited edition B tracks
“(Title to be determined)”: members’ unit song (B)

・“Ima” music video
・Variety clips “filming making-of video”

[Regular edition]
*Visual “Jam” lyrics booklet (included)

・5 singles
・6 songs contributed by other artists
・Regular edition tracks
“Ikiro” (Lyrics, music: Shibutani Subaru)
“JAM LADY” (Lyrics, music: Yasuda Shota)
“Traffic” (Lyrics, music: Nishikido Ryo)

(via Jnet, Oricon)

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    • the groupie who

      Kanjam is one of the best things that have happened to eito ;_; all the collabs and now this chance to perform at METROCK

      viva la Kanjam! <3 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b03cdf41e246b935c5d16c789933ce4ac6b0bb6f5234955e6ada958e505b491d.jpg

    • yui223

      if they think eito didnt deserve the metrock, they havent seen enough eito performance yet…:D

      also Jam sounds so good, im excited….

    • Reileen

      METROCK May 21 is sold out before they announce K8, Good luck to the fans trying to attend, resale prices went up a lot

    • Welp

      METROCK? But why?

      • yui223

        eito’s really good at band songs…they’ve been doing since, i dont know for how long already so it’s good that they are giving them more chance now… I guess their show music show, Jam was the reason.

    • Uuuy

      They’ll be playing on the same slot as Sakanaction. love both bands!

    • Risa

      This is great! I’m following Kanjani since 2007, and I’ve always loved their band songs the most (never was a fan of the recent more gimmick-y stuff) Ryo’s voice is ♥ for me. Kanjam is a great thing.

      Yay for this opportunity!

    • Album looks good!