Kanjani8 announces new album, DVD and Dome Tour this summer

After skipping an album release last year, Kanjani8 made several announcements regarding upcoming releases during the last day of their current Dome Tour. This includes a new DVD release in spring and a new album and dome tour in summer. Details are not yet available but tour schedule is already out!

Before that, the group will be releasing their newest single, “Naguri Gaki BEAT” on January 25. The title song is the theme song for the movie starring Yokoyama Yu, “Hamon Futari no Yakubyoogami” The first-run limited edition includes the “Recital” Remixes of “Maemuki Scream!” and “Tsumi to Natsu”. RE will include “Tokyholic” with lyrics, music, and arrangement by Nishikido Ryo and a newly recorded version of “BJ” with arrangement from Nishikido.

Since the single is for Yokoyama’s movie, he’s gotta get some limelight, so watch out for trumpets and his grand entrance in the PV.

Kanjani8’s Summer Dome Tour

Sapporo Dome – July 15
Kyocera Dome – July 20 – 23
Nagoya Dome – April 6 – 8
Tokyo Dome – Aug 13-16
Fukuoka Dome – Sep 9-10



First-run limited edition

1. Naguri Gaki BEAT)
2. Maemuki Sukuriimu!) “Recital” Remix
3. Tsumi to Natsu Recital” Remix

Music video & making-of “Naguri Gaki BEAT)”


Regular edition

1. Naguri Gaki BEAT
2. Tokyoholic
Lyrics, music, and arrangement: Ryo Nishikido
3. BJ
[Newly recorded version]
Arrangement: Ryo Nishikido
4. Naguri Gaki BEAT (Original karaoke track)


[New Year’s Special Edition]

1. Naguri Gaki BEAT

“A 2017 New Year’s party with just the 7 members”
A DVD where you can see the members talk about themselves in regards to 2017 at a New Year’s party.

(via J-net)

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    • the groupie who

      congrats my boys on becoming the first artist ever in japanese industry to hold a 5 dome tour twice within the same year.

      I’m not really excited about the new single but I’m really curious about Tokyoholic , hope it’s as good as ppl who attented this tour says :) …. and yaaaaaaas about the new album!

      • さくら

        ‘I’m not really excited about the new single” Poor Kanjani 8 even their fans do not support them.

        • the groupie who

          I don’t think a true fan is someone who force themselves to like every single release … fortunately I liked many of their releases last year and even tho I’m not excited about the main song of this one I’ve heard awesome things about the new BJ and Tokyoholic. Sorry to dissapoint you but I’m supporting this single ;)

        • jk332

          im into so many fandoms and this is something i like towards the eighters… they are not the type wholl buy the single for the sales, theyll only buy the singles if they like it… but it doesnt mean we dont support them, they are just not crazy like the obsessed fans who believes their idols are the best even though their idols sales wont even reach 100k despite of buying all 3 versions…:P

        • WD79

          Doesn’t matter. It never stops them from being one of the top groups anyway. And yes, Eighters are both sadistic and masochist. We praise and criticise openly.

    • Reileen

      “Lyrics, music, and arrangement: Nishikido Ryo”

      trust Nishikido and no one else

      • the groupie who

        exactly the reason why I’m totally buying this single … Ryo is seriously gettin better and better at producing music, I loved what he did on the Genki CD

        • Reileen

          I meant that as a dig at his choice of song titles (tho I like his songs) bec last time we had, like “Banana Juice” and “Ice Cream”

          • the groupie who

            more of the time they’re hopeless at naming songs

    • What the hell their stylist was thinking when he made them wear these costumes? Seriously..

      • WD79

        Nobody should be surprised when it comes to Kanjani8 anymore.