Hey! Say! JUMP releases “White Love” music video

Hey! Say! JUMP released their latest single “White Love” last December 20. The song is currently as used as the theme song of the movie “Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai” starring member Chinen Yuri, Sexy Zone’s Nakajima Kento and Taira Yuna.

Dressed in black suits, the group performs a cool choreography for the love song in the music video. A White Love x Misekodo movie version PV featuring behind the scenes of the movie filming is also up at the movie’s official website.

Check out their newest PVs below!

White Love PV

White Love x Misekodo Movie Ver PV

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    • james


    • eplizo

      Absolutely love it. Both the song and MV. This release is the first I’ve liked from them in a while.

    • Am I the only one getting major Love So Sweet vibes from White Love?

      • Eris_03

        I thought I was the only one! 😂
        I feel lik it’s Love so Dweet with a dash of Beautiful Days

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I like the video and the choreo. Song is just okay but it’s growing on me.

    • TM

      I was a Johnny’s fan for years, and I have always thought it extremely ironic that the guys working in Johnny’s as idols have to sing love songs while they are in paper prohibited to date, at least publicly. I know they have their own private lives and they might or might not have fallen in love in real life, but nevertheless, above 90% of the time, once their private affairs are leaked, the agency would interfere and probably separate them from their lovers. It is extremely ironic therefore that they have to sing these romantic songs and are always asked in magazines, what type of girl do they like, what are they going to say to the ‘girls’ they like, how they will pursue relationships, and those kind of shitty stuff that should be private; it’s like, dude, they can’t even date in public. Maybe that’s why while many of their songs are quie catchy at least, they sound empty.

      • Nika Jer

        When you know about it, but don’t think too much, it seems ok. Now I’ve read your post and it makes me sad.

      • M

        I’ve always thought this for years too. Same with girl groups, like H!P members… Sayumi (Momusu OG) even said when asked if she’s dated since leaving MM that she doesn’t even know how to or what it means to be in love, despite being an adult over the age of 25 and having spent years singing love songs. She doesn’t know how to love or what that would even be like. It’s so sad.

    • monica_monami

      i like this song