Haruna Kojima blinds everyone with her beauty in new AKB48 photo book, ‘AKB48 no Inu Kyoudai’

Girl group AKB48 released the photo book we’ve all been waiting for, ‘AKB48 no Inu Kyoudai‘, on June 30th, meaning CUTE GIRL WITH CUTE DOG PICS GALORE.

The book is literally just a bunch of pictures of some of the members with dogs, including shots from when they were shooting their latest music video for ‘Labrador Retriever’, pictures of Haruka “Paruru” Shimazaki with her beloved dog, a cute “day in the life of” with Minami Takahashi and a dog, and more.

But the real winner of the photo book is hands-down Haruna Kojima, who is dropping jaws with her stunning shots on the beach.

Check out some pictures from the book below!

Source: Model Press

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    • Minako

      So cute <3

    • sandreen

      LOL, I honestly thought OP confused Paruru with Kojiharu for a moment there, since Paruru was the one in the cover.

      • utabiko

        Oop sorry for the delay. I didn’t wanna give away the goodies in the header so I put the cover of the book there. Changed it because it was confusing though!

    • Amelie

      Then why in the fuck isn’t Kojiharu the header image? No one cares about Paruru’s frosty, personality-lacking ass.

      • Cozy Heart Penguin

        Well some people care, her fans and the people who like to see and hear about her.

      • Ponkotsu Ale

        That’s just you, don’t talk for everyone else

    • yanderenightmares

      You mean saynee

    • Ponkotsu Ale

      This is just the wish of the one who wrote this article, since it’s the first time i read about “Kojiharu blinding people with her beauty” lol (unless you have a source somewhere)

      The real talk about the photobook is Paruru being on the cover with her dog, and that maybe Mayuyu should be there but with her fear of dogs they chose Paruru. And even that is a rumor lol