GACKT gets sentimental in “SEASONS” pv

As previously reported, J-rock legend GACKT will be releasing an official cover of one of Ayumi Hamasaki’s biggest hits, “SEASONS”. The full music video was uploaded on Nestle Japan’s official youtube channel, and is being used to promote the successful “Dolce Gusto” coffee machine.

The music video follows the story of a young couple, profiling the ups and downs faced in many relationships. The lead actor in the video plays the role of a film director, who is ‘directing’ the video he’s starring in! After giving some instructions to GACKT, he sits down and watches the video shoot take place. He takes a sip of coffee made by a “Dolce Gusto” which triggers memories of his relationship.

Check out the full video below.

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    • Lovely cover of Hamasaki Ayumi’s song! <3

    • yacchaitai

      drink our coffee to get sad

    • Ash

      Yay coffee

    • HyperMoot .

      good cover, neat video me thinks

    • kazu_no_ko

      Generally, I dislike it when artists cover songs because people sometimes equate good/great singer = good/great cover. Honestly, covers are hit or miss regardless of the singer’s skill/talent imo. I think that there are just some songs that are very difficult to cover and I believe “Seasons” is one of them. I love Gackt’s voice and I think he did a good job for such a challenging song. He did better than I had expected.

      • Ben

        I know “Seasons” is insanely popular esp when it was released but it’s one of my least favorite A-sides from Ayumi. But I LOVE Gackt version.

        • kazu_no_ko

          Seasons never really registered for me. I like the remixes more than the original. However, it’s a hard song to cover well. Gackt did a good job but I think I’ll always like her version better.

          • Ben

            I’ve never finished listening to Ayu’s “Seasons” or “Dearest” in one take. But I’ve repeated Gackt’s version a few times already. Maybe the arrangment, maybe the voice. Who knows. But I like this way more than the original

            • kazu_no_ko

              The Season remixes are better. I would try those over the original. The only singer that does covers very well is Crystal Kay. She’s amazing at it. If you get a chance, listen to her too.