Fujii Shuuka leaves Flower, to retire from entertainment industry

Fujii Shuuka of Flower (and former E-girls) announced her retirement from the entertainment industry on December 31. She will be leaving both Flower and ShuuKaren, a unit with her younger sister Fujii Karen. Last October, Shuuka took a break from activities due to a cervical herniated disc.

She says that her diagnosed injuries were severe and are not going to heal soon and does not wish to cause trouble to members, staff and fans awaiting for her performances as Flower and ShuuKaren. Thus the decision to leave the entertainment industry and establish herself in a different environment, leaning art, fashion and photography.

A translation of her message can be found below.

(via Oricon, message translation by @queenshuu)

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    • surfboardt

      Shit, she was my favorite member of Flower. Completely understandable given that it’s cervical herniated disc, and hopefully she’ll be able to recover and thrive in whatever new field she finds herself in.

    • bailey darbii

      ugh, one of their best female act. she really stood out despite not being the lead singer. LDH will have to try to find another as charismatic but i doubt that will happen soon. in 2017 their girl groups didn’t sell too well.

    • Clarissa Ann Lomo

      i like her :(

    • Midori

      Oh my bb! ;___; It’ll be so strange to not only watch “e-girls”, but also “Flower” PVs without her and I’ve really hoped for a comeback of “ShuuKaren”, but health is much more important. She is a really popular model and I’m sure she’ll make her way! All the best to her! <333

    • Grace

      I cried so hard when the news came out. But still wish her all the best since this came out on the last day of 2017, I’m going to throw away my negative emotions that came with this news in the previous year and start anew in this new year with a positive outlook just as how I would hope shuuka’s choice would have a positive impact on her future and life❤️Fighting💪🏻

    • death_signs

      My favourite member in the whole of eg family.
      Was really heart broken when the news came out.
      Was preparing to count down with my friends and started to break down when I saw the news on instagram.
      But I can see where shuuka’s coming from. With a legitimate and logical reason I can’t even come to resent her, as I feel that is was definitely a hard and painful decision for her as well.
      As she continues her pursue and challenge herself in a more artistic environment, all I can do is hope the best for her.
      And hope she realises that there are still many fans who already voiced out that they will be supporting her from the shadows in whatever route she chooses in future.
      Keep fighting for what you want to achieve and know that there’s always people who will love and support you shuuka!

      From a long time fan since 2011❤️

    • Katherine

      I honestly thought it was some kind of joke. I had to read the post 4-5 times before I really understood what was going on. Still crying over this😢. She’s my most adored member in e.g. Family. Some one I look up to so much. And though it sucks that she’s leaving I hope she’ll still succeed in whatever she does🙆🏻

    • Idy

      The Japanese music industry just lost someone great. Though groups like flower does not get as much attention and promotion compared to other well known groups in Japan, they definitely produce top notch music, dance and mv in terms of aristic qualities. And such definitely has to do with their members, for me shuuka especially.
      A very charismatic performer be it in egirls or flower. She knows how to present herself in front of the camera to draw the audience in and even when she’s cast to the side, I could still easily identify her. That’s how much of a presence she has.
      Hope she gets well soon and even though she’s left the entertainment industry hope we are able to still see updates on her future activities and may she be able to overcome any challenges that may come her way and succeed in what she pursues.

    • Joel

      Honestly I never thought I would support a performer more than a vocalist. Didn’t feel that way with exile or other singer dance groups, but Fujii Shuuka was probably the first performer that made me felt this way. Really upsetting news but a really selfless decision. Wish her all the best. Would still continue to support her though if she continues to upload her imstagram.

    • SlyMoonFox

      Not an avid fan of flower but i seriously enjoyed theme especially Fujii. Hope she recovers and lives happily.

    • Aww. Hope she recovers soon.

    • Tsundere Maki-chan

      I’m sad she left but health comes first so I hope she recover and takes good care of herself.

    • i`m crying. i hope you get well soon.

    • vragile

      I love Flower and Shuuka definitely had a charismatic charm, she always stood out of the group. Wish her the best in her recovery and future.

    • She is not my favorite but i feel sad she has to retire at a young age due to her health :(
      I wish her the best in her journey .
      She was once of their best dancers in flower nonetheless.

    • Troublechan

      I’m just glad that she’s taking care of herself – it’s what her family, friends and fans would want.


      Oh no, I love FLOWER! They kept losing members one after another :( I hope Shuuka heals soon and don’t strain herself.