Nearly an hour ago, EXILE revealed the music video for their dance number, DANCE INTO FANTASY. Though not a single, the song will be included in their latest album to be released on March 25th, “19 -Road to AMAZING WORLD-“. The album will be the first to be released in the group’s third chapter as 5 new members join them. It is similar to their previous video PERFORMERS’ PRIDE as it only features the dancers doing what they do best. We’re sorry fans of ATSUSHI, TAKAHIRO, NESMITH and SHOKICHI but the vocalists and vocal+performers don’t make an appearance in this music video.

Please check out the video below

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    • eplizo

      lmao I watched this a few hours ago. it’s kinda like EXILE’s take on a 3JSB concept. I like it tho

    • annie

      At least they got over the dumb party pv’s lol

    • ts

      sorry the music is kinda nothing new to my ear, so no matter how varied the dance’s moves are or how colorful or futuristic the MV are, it’s a bit boring for my taste. but the again lately i have been having contradictory taste than others.

    • Guest

      Oh another performers’ music video. EXILE still got 2 more music videos under their sleeves for their upcoming album.

    • semperINA

      I feel bad for Shokichi and Nesmith. :(

      • Guest

        Lol I completely forgot about their existence, what happened to them btw?

        • semperINA

          They’re still in the group, but in singles they never get to sing and in dance PVs they never get to dance. I guess it’s not so bad for Shokichi since he did have a solo debut…

      • yanderenightmares

        I want a new the second single.

    • Justin

      I can never understand how some performers of other groups are in Exile while some others were not. For example, 3JSB, why is only Gun-chan part of Exile but not Elly and Ken-chan. Naoto and Naoki was originally from Exile so there’s not questions why they’re there. What? Is it because they’re not good enough?

      • semperINA

        It’s cause they’re not popular enough.

        • kihychan

          Please if you don’t know the case please don’t say anything.

      • GUN was one of the winners of the Performers Battle Audition last year, the age range was 15-25 so only GUN could participate and ELLY and Kenjiro are already over the range

      • WISH

        I wished Elly was in this rather than Gunchan. He’s like 10x times better than GunChan.
        But seeing as EXILE is sinking ship/flopping these days, I guess they could use some of GunChan’s popularity since he’s like LDH golden boy rn.

    • What

      I’ve been waiting forever for something like this since the addition of the new members!!
      The dancing slaaayed, as usual, but the song wasn’t that great..
      I see they used intro to 3JSB’s O.R.I.O.N and the mirrors from E-girl’s Dance all night

    • I’d rather see the singers than a bunch of dancers. That being said, the song is actually good. Sounds more like an ATSUSHI solo song though, which is a good thing.

      • eplizo

        tbh, I’d rather see the dancers do their thing if the singers are just stand there and lip-sync lol. The visuals the dancers provide is more entertaining than having only the singers appear at least, especially if it’s an uptempo track. The vocalists are kind of the focal point during a lot of the their live performance anyway, so I guess that kinda helps balance it out.

      • dhirrr

        The founder of Exile is a professional dancer Hiro. He will always put importance on his dancers not just songs or singers. With the new performers, they want to show off their individuality and keep refreshing the image of Exile which has been around since 2001.

        • I know but it just gets god awfully dull after a while. I’m not impressed.

          • dhirrr

            This song is for dancers. Music you dance to. That’s why you don’t get it.

    • dhirrr

      This video is like heaven for those who appreciate great dancers. Exile performers have mad skills and do not hesitate to show them off in their PVs. Love it!

    • Jo

      i couldn’t finish the video even though it’s only 4 mins. That’s how boring it is to me.

    • Naddee

      Not digging it very much, which is sad.. Cuz I’ve been a fan for so long, but lately, they’re just lacklustre..

    • aaahyphenfext

      It’s the group’s fourth chapter. Not third.

    • yanderenightmares

      This is funky. I like funky.

    • Guest

      The song is boring as fuck even by J-Pop standards. They need to stop putting all their money into their videos and get new producers instead.

    • Alpacas in Space

      IDK about you but i have this on ∞loop -mind blown- can’t stop watching it!
      Naoki x Mandy part though~☆ brb dying ♥♥