European GENERATIONS concerts canceled due to Manchester terror attack

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE were scheduled to hold European live performances in London, England and Paris, France on June 2nd and June 4th. However, due to the recent Manchester terror attack those plans have been canceled.

Two days after the attack on May 24th, GENERATIONS’ agency “LDH” did some serious consulting not only among themselves, but with the concert venues, local promoters and travel agencies. Considering the huge impact of the attack, and the current social situation in Europe the difficult decision to cancel the performances was made. It’s expected that the boys will eventually return to Europe again, but no concrete dates have been set.

LDH apologies to the fans looking forward to the event, but stresses that their safety is important and must always come first. LDH also gave their heartfelt sympathy to everyone that was affected by the attack. On May 22nd a suicide bombing was carried out at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. 23 adults and children were killed in the blast, and over 100 were injured.

The London and Paris concerts were supposed to be the final two dates of the “GENERATIONS 2017 World Tour  ~SPEEDSTER~”


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    • aaa

      It doesn’t make sense to me that they have to cancel Paris concert. Manchester and Paris are not even close. I don’t think London and Paris police officers will let those situations happen again.

      I went to see them yesterday. It’s seem like after they rebranded, they separate themselves from usual LDH style more than before. There’re Fantastic and some EXPG boys too, but Generations members have changed a lot just like how Flower already distance themselves from LDH.
      During meet and greet event, I don’t know how other people experience but they treated me very nice and start conversation with me first. They have more preppy vibe especially Ryota and Reo. I barely feel LDH aura from them. Their music style change in a good way too. Their b-side make most a-side sound suck.

      • What rebranding? And why this distancing from LDH?

      • zephyr

        Hmm by ‘rebrand’, care to elaborate what that means? Their last single still sounds like any other of their releases and I bet their new album is no different. And “Flower already distance themselves from LDH” …they just tweeted something about a new E-girls project (‘E.G. Evolution’ whatever that is) so I doubt they ‘distance’ themselves from LDH. If you mean their music genres, Flower’s music has always been more melancholic/ballad than E-girls stuff since their debut.

        • aaa

          They change their logo and their image change. It’s hard to explain. I graduate from Graphic Design major and we always remember that logo is the brand identity. Changing logo has an impact of brand image.
          Happiness change their image when they move to avex. The logo change to and at that time their styles change from cute pop to more edm and more mature. They dress themselves in usual LDH style.
          Flower rebrand themselves after Kyoka departure. They change logo and they throw away their princess like stuff. They dress different and they start doing more fierce song. They keep doing melancholic song but for the whole package is different. Some Japanese fans complain how they threw away their princess like but general public prefer this way.
          Generations used to do pop and weird image. They wore ridiculous cloth like those LDH but now they start to stop wearing it. It’s not my first time see each groups concert but this time, Generations changes a lot. I used to hate a lot of their EDM but they might did something because the instrument change in some part and they sound better.
          There are Exile members and a lot of LDH in that concert but Generations members have different aura. Their dance movement start to change too. Ryota and Ryuto also change the way they sing.
          I used to pay more attention to the girl but I have Japanese society to interact. I have seen how general public see Flower different from usual LDH groups and they talk about how Generations change so I give them another try and I’m not regret buying ticket at all.
          // I extremely hate LDH weird clothing and weird sound so the more they distance from LDH image, the more happy I am.

          • zephyr

            Thank you for your explanation, your first reply made a lot more sense now. I haven’t watched Gene’s PVs/live in forever (only catching up on their music) so I had no idea they changed their looks/image. I still feel like Flower’s style has always been the same though or maybe that’s just me.

      • hasawa

        “I don’t think London and Paris police officers will let those situations happen again.”
        *sigh* This is what we got told here in France after the early terrorist attacks happened and yet here we are, loosing count of the number of attacks each and every year… (FYI we got 230+ dead people in France since 2015 because of islamist terrorism)
        I can understand the fan disapointment but so do I with GENERATIONS’ staff decision since the security levels in Europe are a joke : terrorists come and go as they will and it’s like the authorities don’t wanna take real measure to stop it.
        I’m really ashamed and horrified that my country is not safe place anymore and that people are scared to come in….

        • HyperMoot .

          “I’m really ashamed and horrified (and lowkey angry) that my country is not safe place anymore and that people are scared to come in.” not mentioning the daily attacks -mugging, assault, verbal abuse and so forth- Asian tourists have to endure even in the apparently safe places of the city

          • hasawa

            Yes, Asians are mostly targeted because they are said to have a lot of money (pickpocketting) but the attacks against tourists of every kind of country are really common unfortunately~ The governement never did anything to prosecute and kick back away all the people responsible of these threats (who are mostly illegals for Eastern Europe) because of ridiculous policies, so it’s probably not going to change….unless there is another French Revolution (hopefully) lol

            • Aaa

              I’m going to France next month. It seems like I should not rely on police officer that much right???

              • hasawa

                lol No actually police officers individually are trying to be good at doing their job and they are in their majority good guys who are really appalled by the stupid policies they have to obey to (they protested multiple time lately after one of them almost got burned alive by Antifas because policers weren’t allowed to fight back(!!)). Since the current Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is doing a great job at destroying what has been left of Paris, like leaving illegals campsites popping up everywhere, spending off the taxpayer money on lousy ass artsy exhibits and basically leaving Paris slowly becoming a trashbin in plainsight, you can’t really expect something good to come from the city current state. An example : since there are more and more illegals (who are mostly MEN from Eastern Europe and Middle East), women are being (sexually) harrassed in the street and the solution authorities came up with is that we should make larger sidewalk to leave more space between women and those harrassers…… – this is what Paris politics are at.
                But France is not only Paris so if you’re going to another (smaller) city you should be doing ok :-)

                • Ann

                  Sorry, I have to reply – not related to the article but to the vision you are giving of France and Paris. I am French and really feel you have a very biased view of what France is. You have your opinion. I have mine. There were terrorist attacks in France, there were hundreds of deads. These are facts. What I do not think/feel is that you cannot live/enjoy life in France/Paris now because everything is going downhill. France is still a country that in some measure welcome ppl in need and this is, I think, a good thing.
                  As for burglary and harassment, really? Again, unfortunately, it happens (should I say like everywhere? except if you stay at home ofc)… You will however much more likely spend your holiday without encountering any difficulty, other than getting understood by French ppl who are not always willing to try and speak English

                  • hasawa

                    You said it yourself : you have your opinion and I have mine so why telling my opinion is “biased”? You also overlooked how i told Paris wasn’t France and that other cities were doing okay. France is a country of 65+ million ppl of course but I think ppl here are intelligent enough to understand i’m entitled to my own opnion which doesn’t necessarly match with every and each one of my compatriots’.
                    “As for burglary and harassment, really?” Yeah REALLY. And i’m not talking about holiday, i’m talking about being able to run
                    down the street in MY neighbourhood without feeling threatened by some
                    crazy dudes. It’s not “encountering difficulties” at this point, it’s
                    not being able to feel safe in my own city anymore. And I put quite a distinction between the usual catcalling and seeing men who don’t speak my language (and it’s not english…) coming from God knows which country, hanging around aimlessly in the streets calling me a “b*tch” because i refused to give them money or tell my name #truestory. We already got enough fucked up dudes in France, so I don’t think it’s necessary to bring in even more of them. Generosity is great when we can affort it, which, in my opinion, is not the case (anymore) in France. I’ve seen enough ppl sleeping in the streets to realize we can’t afford to import even more misery. THESE are the “people in need” we should take care of FIRST.
                    Good for you if you never encountered this reality, but this is mine, and i’m really tired of it.

    • More like low ticket sales. It’s just low to use the attack as the reason to cancel their flop tour.

      • Uli


      • HyperMoot .

        “More like low ticket sales” do you have figures? Each time there’s a terrorist attack in Europe, hundreds of Japanese guests cancel their trips and reservations, why would they behave differently?

        • It’s just funny that this is the second time they’ve gone on an overseas tour and then suddenly had to cancel dates.

      • Unknown

        What is your problem with LDH? You claim you don’t like them, yet you’re always leaving snide remarks.

        And they wouldn’t cancel a show because tickets didn’t sell out. They didn’t sell out their Europe dates last time and they still performed those concerts.

      • LDHfan

        How I got tired of it. What have you done to make a lot of fans come to a concert in Europe? Nothing! Why so much hatred? You have posted gossip bought award. Did you have any documents that confirmed this? No! Do you think this is a normal working of a journalist? Really you do not have to support Japanese artists? You may not like their work, but you should not impose your opinion.Why do you blame them for copying kpop? You do it on purpose?Based on this logic, you can blame any rock band for copying The Beatles. What users accused LDH of copying? What kind of journalists? Where are the specific copying? I’m disappointed in the fans of Japanese music.Instead of support, people do their best to drown groups that are trying to do something. One of the reasons why jpop is unpopular. Although maybe you do it for money. Congratulations, you have found a vocation in life

    • Salty tbh

      There’s really no need to cancel the concerts. It’s not like the attackers gon’ be like “Oh I heard that a boyband from Japan is gonna perform here, let’s blow up their concert”

      Seriously, I think they would rather choose a much popular artist or a bigger concert to attack than some unknown Japanese boyband and this is coming from a Gene fan

      • hasawa

        “I think they would rather choose a much popular artist or a bigger
        concert to attack than some unknown Japanese boyband and this is coming
        from a Gene fan”
        tbh i would never expect terrorist attacks to happen in big venues since i expected (like anyone else) that the security levels would be very strong, and see what happened in Manchester….
        The Bataclan was also a ridiculously small venue and The Eagle of Death Metal was a totally unknown band (at least here in France) so it’s not like anyone could have expected shit to happen there as well. Small or big gigs, confidential of famous artists, we never know when and where they will strike again.
        That’s what the terrorists want people to feel : not feeling safe ANYWHERE.

        • trufax

          following that logic, nobody in europe will ever be holding concerts again. Tightening security at the entrance should be the measure taken to be safe

          • hasawa

            I DO want concerts to keep on being held in Europe (i’ve been to a few ones since 2013). FYI They already tightened security at entrance (not only concert, but museum, shopping mall etc), but it seems like it’s still not enough since terrorists still manage to find their way in. Thus ‘more security’ is not enough for ppl to feel safe here anymore.

    • yamakita

      All sarcastic comments aside, I guess it’s better safe than sorry. I doubt it’s because they have the name recognition, but more because no one wants to get caught in the crossfire. I would seriously consider canceling the trip if I had a vacation scheduled. It’s natural to worry about such a thing after a tragedy like this.

      • wat

        Manchester / Europe is not in a war zone

      • trufax

        You’d consider canceling a trip to europe? dude…

        • yamakita

          If I want to have the next trip, probably.

    • Guest2

      By canceling their shows because of potential terror attacks, they are just doing exactly what the terrorists want. They might as well never return to Europe if they’re so scared because I don’t see the situation in Europe changing any time soon. 100% security doesn’t exist. Never has and never will. We have to learn to live with it, as scary as it is, and canceling shows and staying at home when one wants to go out is not the right way to do so.

    • eplizo

      Come to America then, huns. make sure you get your visas resolved ahead of time tho.