Covers for Namie Amuro’s new single “Hero”!

Covers and more information regarding Namie Amuro‘s 43rd single “Hero” have been revealed! The song will serve as the “theme” for the upcoming NKH broadcast coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. A b-side titled “Show Me What You’ve Got” will also be included, luckily for fans “Show Me What You’ve Got” will receive it’s own PV along with “Hero”.  The single will be released on July 27th.

“Hero” is described as an uplifting song filling the listener with hope and courage, inspiring them to become their own hero. The power of song truly knows no bounds?

Check out the covers and a short preview of “Hero” below!





(via Natalie)

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    • yacchaitai

      Finally decent covers

    • Ryusei

      Typical olympics song, can’t say i’m surprised and it’ll probably be a big hit but I like Mint a whole lot better than this type of song

    • starlightshimmers

      “Hero” sounds great and Namie Amuro looks gorgeous as always.

      I think the best Olympic song of all time is “One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston.

    • einam

      Love the covers, she looks gorgeous and fits the song.

    • light

      She looks really pretty on the covers, the song sounds fine, fits the Olympics