Nishino Kana to Hold First Dome Concerts

Nishino Kana debuted on February 20, 2008 with the single “I.” The single debuted at #155 on Oricon, charting for one week and selling 500 copies. The past few years have seen Kana rise to become the preeminent female soloist of her generation, a time which has not been particularly kind to¬†female soloists, once a top staple of the industry.

To kick off her 10th anniversary celebration, Kana has announced a new tour, set in venues that very few female soloists have performed in for the past few years: domes.

Kana will play Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on August 26 and 28, followed by Tokyo Dome on September 23 and 24. These will be her first dome concerts and by far the largest venues she has performed in.

Kana expressed gratitude to those who have supported her over the years, enabling her to reach this milestone in her career.

Preliminary ticket reservations for fan club members are open until January 26.




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    • mamoswine1

      I heard she is the first one who was in Hei Sei era to do so, congrats; I wonder if any H!P soloist did it before since they are always being mentioned before by their fans

      • Maia

        You know they haven’t and you know their fans don’t say that lol

        • mamoswine1

          actually BEFORE their fans always brag how great H!P soloists are so I am asking that question, there are even AKB soloist but they are not that great and we don’t brag them that way

      • Christina Gmiterko

        The only female artists that have held dome tours since 2000 are Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro. I believe Koda Kumi also did a Tokyo Dome show, but not a dome tour. Other than that, i can’t think of anyone.

        • MISIA was the first female soloist to do a five dome tour in 2004. There have been more who have done Tokyo Dome since then like YUKI and Nana Mizuki. Actually, I decided to just go and make a list of female soloists who’ve played Tokyo Dome:

          Misora Hibari (4/11/88)
          Watanabe Misato (11/30/89)
          Janet Jackson (5/17-18/90, 11/6-7/90, 3/29-30/94, 1/17-18/02)
          Madonna (12/13,14,16,17,19/93, 9/20-21/06)
          Diana Ross (12/11/94)
          Mariah Carey (3/7,10,14/96, 1/11,14,17,20/98, 3/7,9/00)
          Whitney Houston (5/13-14/97)
          Namie Amuro (8/2-3/97, 12/20-21/12)
          Celine Dion (1/31,2/1/99, 3/8-9/08)
          Ayumi Hamasaki (7/6-7/01)
          Britney Spears (4/25/02)
          Yaida Hitomi (12/25/02, 12/23/04)
          MISIA (1/17-18/04)
          Beyonce (4/10/07)
          Koda Kumi (12/1/07, 12/5/10)
          Avril Lavigne (9/16/08)
          Nana Mizuki (12/3-4/11, 4/9-10/16)
          YUKI (5/6/12)
          Taylor Swift (5/5-6/15)
          Nishino Kana (9/23-24/17)

          • Christina Gmiterko

            Excellent post. Yeah, I knew there was ere several that had at least done the Tokyo Dome.
            For Misa, were there always five domes or did the fifth one open after 2001ish?

            • Sapporo Dome opened in 2001. A lot of acts have a problem playing Sapporo Dome though due to the local population not being as interested in certain acts as the rest of the country.

          • starlightshimmers

            One of my complaints in the past is why BoA never did a Tokyo Dome show, cause at the peak of her career her arena tours were sold out (even over-capacity).

    • hasawa

      Although i’m not as fond of her music as i did when she debuted i’m really proud of her achievements. She really worked her ass off to be where she is now (she took english classes and she translated by herself from English to Japanese the lyrics of ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’, her first single) so i think she deserve her success. Congratulations Kana! :-)

      • starlightshimmers

        Kana Nishino reminds me a lot of Ayumi Hamasaki, a very “joshi” (girly?) singer-songwriter. I’m just surprised most people don’t see it. Kana’s very capable of making pop “diva songs” (like Ayu, Kuu and Namie), with songs like Where are you, Distance, Happy Birthday, Make Up and Candy (pretty much on-par with Kuu and Namie songs, IMO). Kana just hasn’t had an entire era of those songs, she usually spreads them out as B-sides or album songs.

        • hasawa

          Tbh even if i really enjoyed Kana early hits (esp b-tracks, which as you rightfully pointed out have been completly left out as most of them haven’t even been included in her best of which is an utter a shame imo), i wouldn’t compare her appeal to Ayu’s and even less to Kuu’s, who is often titled “Queen of hoes” lol (i mean sure “CANDY” is a kinda ‘hot’ song but it is kids’ play in comparison to “JUICY” or “KO-SO-KO-SO” – look up the MVs/lyrics lol). Kana released great bops but i wouldn’t compare them to the pop-diva charisma impact of “evolution” “fly high” or “M” for example. Also, besides her ‘diva songs’, Ayu was mostly famous for her reckless atittude (she was an icon & inspiration for gyarus and it is also said she was a borderline delinquent before being scouted by Matsuura) which is wolrds aparts from the the ‘baby sweet’ sugary image of Kana, which is still present even when she tries to push off the ‘diva’ imagery (like in “Distance” or “We don’t stop.” for example).

          Even though her music was much more ecclectic and well-balanced at her debut (as you said the number or upeat song ridiculously decreased in her last realeases) i think it’s fair for ppl to judge her for what she’s doing NOW, which is indeed quite ‘boring’ cause mostly ballads or weird country-ish songs…
          Also as western counterpart i would rather compare Kana to Taylor Swift as she’s currently “Japan’s sweet baby girl” haha! xD

          • starlightshimmers

            Oh I do that a lot. I have a word vomit then I edit it to like one sentence. Sorry!

    • Christina Gmiterko

      Honestly, I can’t imagine her concerts being interesting enough to support a dome tour. I’ve just always found her live performances to be very boring, but I guess overall that’s kind of the direction jpop has moved in the last 5-6 years or so.

      • yacchaitai

        I’ve always enjoyed her live performances on tours

      • Ryusei

        have you watched a concert of hers before?

        • Christina Gmiterko

          Of course, but at least for me personally, her lives are very boring.

          • Ryusei

            ok just wanted to make sure you’re not talking about regular TV Performances

    • Ryusei

      proud of her ^^

    • honey girl

      Not Jugglypuff getting a bigger stage to sing Japan into a coma.