CAPSULE release digital single, promotional mega-mix video

Electronic dance unit CAPSULE (Yasutaka Nakata, Toshiko Koshijima) recently followed their appearance at COUNTDOWN JAPAN with news pertaining to their upcoming album WAVE RUNNER, slated for release on February 18th next year. The track “Feel Again”, which previously served as music for a Christmas light show in the shopping complex Canal City Hakata, will be released in 111 iTunes stores worldwide as a promotional digital single for the album alongside its extended mix. Additionally, WAVE RUNNER has gone up for digital preorder in the same 111 iTunes stores.

In a surprise move, a special video showcasing a “mega-mix” of four tracks off the new album was released. The video features footage from CAPSULE’s club performance at the¬†ASOBINITE!!! HALLOWEEN event held at ageHa. Check it out below!

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    • elsupertai

      It sounds AMAZING! Or at least much much better than CAPS LOCK. I’m not crazy for EDM but I love the fact that Yasutaka Nakata can pull off almost any music genre. Definitely looking forward to the new album!

    • Ryusei

      excited about all the toshiko vocals I’m digging it so far ^^

    • surfboardt

      This is giving me hopes that Toshiko will actually be utilized properly this time (The last few albums felt really “Nakata’s solo release with Toshiko as a musical tool that he can use in one or two tracks”). That said, it kind of seems like I’m the only one that didn’t hate CAPS LOCK. ngl, only the tracks with Toshiko were listenable tracks on their own, but I thought the album was good if you just listen through it as a whole and treat it as a (more?) hipster and experimental Nakata/CAPSULE album.

    • Hajime Crea

      Not digging the EDM sound but loving Toshiko’s vocals. The song from 1:00 to about 2:15 in the megamix (which I THINK is Beyond The Sky) is shaping up to be my favourite. Nice to see CAPSULE putting some effort in their promotion this time round.

    • Omnirosa

      This doesn’t sound completely horrible