Ayumi Hamasaki announces new tour “Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017”

Ayumi Hamasaki has announced plans to embark on a brand new tour later in the year. In a message released on a new website created specifically for the tour, it begins with the bold statement “The stage is the place where Ayumi Hamasaki lives”. The majority of the dates will be held at halls, however it’s expected that she will do a couple arena dates also,  all the specific dates and venues  she will be performing at has not been revealed yet.

Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017 will be Ayu’s largest and most ambitious tour to date,  60 dates are currently scheduled in Japan alone. The 20 in the tours title signifies the start of her mission to her 20th anniversary, which will officially begin on April 8th, 2018. Ayu and her team are promising a very multifaceted show to give her fans the full experience. Elaborate stages, costumes, and dance numbers have been the norm at Ayu’s tours for many years now giving them a very theatrical ambiance. Describing the tour as “unprecedented”, she plans to completely change things up compared to her previous tour Arena Tour 2016 A ~M(a)de in Japan~.  This is leaving fans curious to see what she comes up with next.

In terms of the setlist her most famous chart toppers will be performed, along with songs marking the trajectory of her debut.  At Ayu’s last concert, COUNTDOWN LIVE 2016-2017, Ayu performed her single Kanariya for the very first timeAre there any hidden gems from her early discography you’re hoping make the setlist?

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    • J

      She butchered Immature the last time she performed it so I’d rather not, as much I love her Loveppears ~ Duty work.

      • elsupertai

        I just want her to take a break so she can let her voice have a little time to rest. Some biased fans don’t notice how her voice had changed (for worse) through the years, but the difference is clear. I blame her left-ear loss, but she shouldn’t push herself so hard like she’s being doing all the time.

    • I haven’t been super into her music since… well, probably anything post-2010, but her tours always seem pretty cool. It’s obvious she puts a TON of work into the choreography and such, which I really admire.

    • Guilherme Teruya

      I kinda hope this would be like a small, intimate tour, maybe with acoustic songs nothing over the top. She needs rest, her voice sounds like it’s being pushed too hard.

    • Ben

      Can she even pull this kind of audience into her shows anymore?

    • relmy

      I’m excited, I really enjoyed the CDL. I’m guessing more dates and including halls means no TA tour this year? She needs to rest though, I’m saving to see her for the 20th anni and she best be on top form for all that money I’ll be spending.

    • nijiminto

      but she has no voice anymore