Avex Trax’s new band GIRLFRIEND to release 1st album “CHOCOLATE”

Rookie band GIRLFRIEND is preparing for the release of their debut studio album CHOCOLATE.

The average age of the band is only 17 years old. The girls continually work hard on perfecting their instruments, performance abilities, and musical craftsmanship. All four of them lend a hand in songwriting duties for all of their material.

Back in December 2015 they released their very first indie single called 360, they soon caught the attention of various record labels and agencies. In 2016 they secured a contract with Avex and released their first single in November 2016, a double A-side titled 15/Hide & Seek. Two more singles were released in 2017 leading up to the release of CHOCOLATE.

CHOCOLATE is almost more of a compilation rather than album,with 3 out of the 14 songs being new. It will be released in the standard two versions, a CD only and CD+DVD edition. The DVD will include five music videos, three performances from their GIRLFRIEND 1ST ~BIRTHDAY SPECIAL~ live concert, off shot footage from a fanclub event, and behind the scenes footage from ミライリスト the albums main promotional track.

CHOCOLATE will be released on February 21st, 2018.

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    • hasawa

      Wow that’s pretty surprising for a newly signed band to pull out something so middle of the road. A shame considering they play instruments.. I’d expected something more interesting composition-wise~
      I’m always down for new JRock bands to appear on the scene (although I always found male bands were FAR better than females ones) but listening to this song felt like I heard this before a hundred times already :/
      Also their social medias being showcased on their profile screams millennial generation lol I wasn’t ready!! I’m getting old!! lol

      • toak

        Female j rock bands > male j rock bands. Tricot, Akai Koen, Shishamo, The Peggies etc. I can think of some good co-ed bands though.

        • hasawa

          lol I’m sorry but IMO the best J Rock bands are male.
          I listened to a bunch of female JRocks bands and while they may sometimes be quite enjoyable they always came off below the (good) male ones.
          I HATED Akai Koen, and Tricot is boring AF. Band-maid is okayish. Regal Lily is cute (although the singer’s voice of the latter is a bit irksome).
          SCANDAL (they were pretty interesting when they debuted – their 3 albums from 2009-2011 had a bunch of gems) and chatmonchy are the only female bands that got my attention and that I actualy REALLY enjoyed for quite some time. I can hardly think of any JRock female bands/albums that a LOVED while I have a fair bunch of male bands ones to remind of.

          • toak

            If you think tricot are boring AF you just have shit taste so I can’t help you, sorry

            • hasawa

              Sis, it’s just music, it ain’t that serious.
              What’s shitty is getting deadass butthurt over someone having different taste. Take a seat.

    • Missa

      They did a cover of AAA’s LIFE last month that I really enjoyed, but most of the original stuff on their channel bored me. Still gonna keep an eye on them, though; they’ve got a lot of potential and hopefully having an official debut will help push their music in a stronger direction.

    • Artemis

      The general style of this particular song reminds me a bit of old-school SCANDAL. I like that the vocals aren’t overly high-pitched and squeaky like a lot of Japanese girl bands too.

      • All the things you mentioned are the reasons why I like them too. I’ve tried to get into some girl bands (like Silent Siren) but the pitch that they sing just grates me ears.

    • This song reminds of that one song by Ikimonogakari a little bit…..it was a Naruto Shippuden opening song…………..Blue Bird?

    • pondloso

      They are ok but song just so plain .

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