Arashi’s 「untitled」 album details

Popular idol group Arashi will be releasing their 16th album 「untitled」, which is said to be a fusion of various genres, on October 16.  Even though the group recently celebrated their 18th anniversary on September 15, the quintet continues to challenge themselves in their music.

The album will feature past releases Power of Paradise, I’ll be There, and Tsunagu.  There will also be 11 new tracks by the group as well as 4 unit songs!

The covers and tracklists have been revealed!!

「untitled」 – Arashi 16th Album
Release date: 2017.10.18

Limited Edition

★ 80-page lyrics/photo booklet and special packaging

[CD: 13 tracks]
1. Green Light
2. つなぐ (Tsunagu)
3. 「未完」 (Mikan)
4. Sugar
5. Power of the Paradise
6. ありのままで (Ari no Mama de)
7. 風雲 (Fuu-un)
8. I’ll be there
9. 抱擁 (Houyou)
10. Pray
11. 光 (Hikari)
12. 彼方へ (Kanata e)
13. Song for you [“suite”]

「未完」 (Mikan) PV and special making of

Regular Edition

★ 36-page lyrics booklet

[CD 1]
Same 13 tracks as LE

[CD 2 – 5 tracks]
01: バズりNIGHT (Bazuri NIGHT) – Masaki Aiba/Satoshi Ohno/Sho Sakurai
02夜の影 (Yoru no Kage) – Jun Matsumoto/Kazunari Ninomiya/Satoshi Ohno
03UB – Masaki Aiba/Kazunari Ninomiya
04Come Back – Jun Matsumoto/Sho Sakurai
05: カンパイ・ソング (Kanpai Song) [Bonus Track]

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    • yacchaitai

      fuck that limited cover is ugly, yall shitlords will vote it for best cover of the year anyway.

      • surfboardt

        Justice for SxWxAxG tbh

        • Azura Of Ylisse

          This deserves an upvote just for the use of that GIF with your comment.
          Perfect 👌

      • TBF, it was nice cover without the big ugly font.

        IMO, Arashi has consistently have nice album covers out of all J&A groups. There are one KAT-TUN and T&T covers that make you shudder when you see it. :P

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        As if this comment will affect their success.. Try harder

        • yacchaitai


        • Nyet

          Chill. The cut off is ugly and annoying.

          Arama’s best cover award is nothing to brag about anyway.

          • Hatori Sachiyo

            And they topped the sales this week with 668 408 copies :P it’s even higher than last year. See.. Your comment have no effect at all. やめたら?they got more money, you got one comment. Congratulations~

      • idk I sort of like it lol. the fact that the lettering is so big across the cover appeals to me for some reason. but it shouldn’t be best cover of the year material….I hope???

      • Aki

        Maybe arama should do a worst cover of the year award just to balance it out. The thing is always a popularity contest and Arashi fandom is just too huge.

    • MomoHirai

      Two 46 Groups, Arashi, and Twice all having a comeback within the same span of 3 weeks. It’s going to be packed with awesome stuff.

      The cover tho..I kind of don’t like it

      • yacchaitai

        how do they have a comeback if they never went away

        • rs34

          it is called comeback everytime they release new stuff. i thought this phrase is normal to be used ? or is it just in kpop?

          • guest

            Just in kpop. In jpop (and pretty much everywhere else?) people come back after they actually went on hiatus or just disappeared for few years.

          • rshina

            looks like it’s only in kpop. whenever jpop acts releasing something, they usually just said new single

          • Yeah

            Not normal. This is one of the most annoying kpop terms.

    • Taima-kun

      LE cover is just hideous with the huge ass Courier font title
      it destroyed the pretty background especially with Matsujun totally feeling the breeze

    • Keny

      I’m not too pleased honestly. I don’t like the cover art for LE (like most everyone), not too happy about the team choices for their unit songs, and disappointed that we don’t get solos (although I think they could have fit in some with 11 completely new titles) . I know i am petty af also bcs i preordered and now feel like I lost all excitement over it…but whatever. I will have to wait and see, maybe the album turns out good anyway.

    • SpxzZ

      I’m not too pleased honestly. I don’t like the cover art for LE (like most everyone), not too happy about the team choices for their unit songs, and disappointed that we don’t get solos (although I think they could have fit in some with 11 completely new titles) . I know i am petty af also bcs i preordered and now feel like I lost all excitement over it…but whatever. I will have to wait and see, maybe the album turns out good anyway.

      • Aki

        What team choices would make you happy?

        • SpxzZ

          Well , my main picks would have been Sakumiya or Ohmiya , Juntoshi..& maybe Ohba. But when I typed my comment it was still my initial bitterness talking. By now I sort of accept their choices and actually think it may not be half as bad. I actually think Ninoai might be a good choice now because I remember them sounding good together in ‘Miles away’ (and I love their friendship). Still a bit skeptic about Sakumoto but maybe it will be good too. As for the teams of three I don’t have much of an opinion but I am a bit sad Ohno didn’t get to be in a duet.

    • SsunShine

      Y’all can go wild on how sad y’all are on the choices of unit groups and all that, but I’MMA STAY WINNING AFTER GETTING SAKUMOTO ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜 THAT’S THE ONLY CURE OF SADNESS FOR ME AFTER SEEING THAT FCKING UGLY ASS COVER, FONT AND OUTFITS. I’m really expecting them in suits or something seeing how the title sounds so mystery too me -_-

      I’m hoping for some behind the scenes of these two awkward men. They better perform live side by side, instead of standing at two ends, ignoring each other, thinking it is a solo song -___-

      • Lol

        Jun would forget this unit songs after pretending it is not happennjng loool

        • SsunShine

          Right! His selective memories are so obvious now, what an idiot 😂😂

    • Sara

      unlike majority of people I saw, I’m happy with the unit choices. They didn’t go for the obvious fanservice-y choices like OhMiya and such. Yeah, the arrangements were kinda unexpected but then again, I’ll just hope to be (gladly) surprised by the result.
      Also, I gotta say I truly admire how incredibly EVENLY things are distributed in Arashi. Even though one member sings way better than the others, the lines are always fairly distributed even if they have to chop one single phrase in five parts so everybody gets to sing a word (Ohno gets some harder parts but then again he’s the best vocal). Even for this unit thing, everyone gets to feature in exactly two tracks. I expected no different.

      • light

        Sakumoto is totally fanservice though, with all the talk about their supposed awkwardness this year lol

      • neko

        I ordered limited but wish I had ordered the regular edition those units seem nice

      • comeback

        yeah like sakumoto is not fanservice lol

      • Comebackx2

        Sakumoto and NinoAi are totally fanservice material, a lot more than Ohmiya lately.

        • Aki

          NinoAi aren’t totally fanservice material although i do remember nino being sweet to aiba on vs recently.

          Nino has weaned off touching Ohno’s butt on a regular basis but they’re still joint to the hips, giggling and whispering nothings to each other on the back ground of their shows for all to see. They have toned down considerably but business as usual. The Japanese fandom was most excited/hopeful about Ohmiya when they first announced they are doing units. As for Sakumoto, it trended after the final units are finalized.

          • I mean, what isn’t fanservice anyway?

            But NinoAi are like, that one sole relationship that are legit friends since forever and still do stuff alone together, you can tell in their bday messages, and Aiba said how Nino is more than another member in an interview like 1 or 2 years ago, but anyway to me it shows, that difference. But it is popular in Japan where as far as I know it’s not Ohmiya > those other ships. So in that sense it is fanservice idk (but I mean fanservice would mean it’s more business-y, right?). Like when I think fanservice I’d think Ohmiya and Sakumoto if it came to the international fandom, but over there it’s more even.

    • light

      That font on LE….I like Nino’s clothes though.
      Sad about no Sakumiya but Aimiya is great too, i wonder what kind of song they’ll do,the title doesn’t tell me anything lol

      • light

        Nino/Sho would have made a great unit though..

    • I want to be relevant :(

      01: バズりNIGHT (Bazuri NIGHT) – Masaki Aiba/Satoshi Ohno/Sho Sakurai

    • monica_monami

      I dunno how to react. I’ll wait until I hear the songs. Not so excited abt the combis now it was revealed lol

      • Aki

        What combis would have made you excited?

        • monica_monami


          • Aki

            I’ve never heard them sing together

            • monica_monami

              maybe if they keep the unit format, my dream will come true one day.

    • Himi Tsu

      The limited cover is ugly, but then maybe it’s some transparent cover with only the title and then you can remove the CD case inside which only has the photo?

      Beside that, sad for no Ohmiya but happy they still made it so that each member has 2 solos!

      I’m looking forward to this album!

    • HyperMoot .

      ‘In their autumn before the winter comes men’s last mad surge of youth’
      but honey what are you talking about?

      • Aki

        Umm… What are you quoting? One of their lyrics? But none of the songs are out yet…

    • some_dirty_questions

      Everyone here is complaining but I’m just too happy for the Sakumoto unit song!!! TAT <333

    • Jorge Alison

      I don’t see why people are so disappointed by the unit songs. Unexpected is a great thing. We might be surprised.

      For me honestly Aimiya is a perfect choice. They were inseparable during junior days and have so much chemistry together. Sakumoto was probably a really smart and calculated choice, due to their awlardness being mentioned for so many years now. Ohmiya and Sakuraiba alone would maybe be too obvious. They got paired together anyway, with a third member. I’m guessing they had to work out the balance with each member being featured twice, but I’m happy enough with the units. Can’t wait to listen to them and see them perform it.

      • Aki

        I like the way you think. To be fair, Ohmiya SK has had their performance recorded on one of the dvds and I’m not looking forward to another gag song. It’s great they made into ohmatsumiya instead. Sounds like it’s going to be a sexy ballad.

        Just sad there’s no units combining the genius that is SakuMiya but I guess a sacrifice is needed.

        • Where is that Sakumiya rap track we needed.

          But I love NinoAi just as much so I’m happy. Ohmatsumiya will sound fiiiine.

    • mikamika

      I always suspected it, but reading the comments here I have finally proof: I’m different from everyone else :p
      I like the LE over the re, re is a bit too bleak for my liking. Okay, so the big font isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but I think it gives off a nicer feel than the sky with some Arashi at the bottom *lol*
      I like the units idea and am curious how the songs will work out. True, Sakumoto might be for fanservice, but that doesn’t mean the song can’t be nice. I’m already excited for Aimiya performing theirs – if there’s ever lots of member-ai to be expected, it’s here!

      • same

        • mikamika

          Now I’m relieved in a way… *wipes off sweat of forehead*

          • lol yeah, seems we’re in the minority. I tend to be optimistic when it comes to Arashi albums. Even if the album art is not as colorful/pretty and units or songs are unexpected, I’m still gonna buy it. I might be surprised.

    • NinoAi <3 I can't wait for this one tbh! They've been close since forever I would have been pissed if they didn't make it. Let it be silly and energetic.

      Jun makes great use of low harmonies so I hope the one with NinoRiida is full of that type of combinations, wouldn't mind a ballad-y song or something like Tell me why.

      Sakumoto lmao calculated af, please let it be kinda fun and awkward. I can't remember how their voices sound together.

    • Partay

      I still cant believe that LE album cover was approved and sent out for the public to see…for the people to buy…..

      The singles this era were a mess. Hopefully the album will make up for it.

    • Paola Mejia

      I don’t understand the cover… xD but whatever, the unit songs compensate, I am looking forward to 夜の影 (Yoru no Kage) with my 3 favorite. As long as Ohno is in it, I am happy ^_^

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    • Asia Argentina

      Really that’s the Album tittle?? XD

    • dandahlian

      My opinions about the album:
      – I love all the 13 tracks in the LE. The variety was amazing! I particularly love Green light’s sound (not so much into the lyrics but the sound was great), and my fave songs are: Pray, Mikan (which grew on me), and Song for You. Ari no Mama de’s lyrics was <3 <3 <3
      – As for the unit songs, I was wishing for a Sho-Ohno-Nino because they are my fave singers in Arashi or Ohno-Nino (I'm not a shipper/fan; I just love how their voices complement each other :P) but they weren't given unit songs. Hahaha. Anyway, I love UB so much! It was such a creative song (XD) and it sounds really, really good! The other units weren't able to get me though.
      – Overall, an amazing album. I'd definitely buy the LE when I've saved enough.