Arashi to release new single “I’ll be there”

The super group Arashi has been laying low for some time and their fans have been in need for a new release.  Finally, the wait is over and they will be releasing their first single of the year, “I’ll be there“, on April 19 2017!  We last saw them shaking those dad bods in the “Don’t You Get It?” PV for the Are You Happy album back in October and demonstrating some patriotism in the 2016 Summer Olympics’ theme song “Power of Paradise” in September.  Now they are back with their 51st single to be used as the theme song for next season’s getsu9 drama starring the group’s very own Masaki Aiba.

The new drama “Kizoku Tantei” (The Aristocrat Detective) airs in April and will celebrate Fuji TV’s getsu9 30th anniversary.  Aiba will be portraying a character who identifies himself as an aristocrat and works as a private detective for a hobby. Although his age, address, and family remains unknown; he spends his time talking to women involved in cases while his employees carry out the investigations.

The theme song will depict the mysterious world of the drama through this cool song featuring a brilliantly dynamic melody.  The single will be released with a limited edition and a regular edition.

(via j-storm)

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    • Jules

      Yes, the kings return!

    • light

      Can’t wait for it! For Arashi standard it’s been a long wait (still waiting for arena dvd) lol

    • Dada

      “We last saw them shaking those dad bods
      They are so dad materials lol.

      So Arama won’t post Sho’s gossip? It was such a hot topic.

      • chlowerrr

        What was it?

        • Dada

          He’s dating AsahiTv newsanchor lady. She’s like the female version of Sho, from her education to her looks. There were several pictures of them together and Sho smoking at her apartment veranda.
          Officially both sides only confirming they are good friends but we all know that’s code for “uhuh. Yeah. They’re dating”, especially with j&a approval.

    • Elodie Genia

      Yes ! I’m so happy ! 1 month yet T-T

    • Summersplash

      I’m a huge fan who haven’t connect with their music for a long time. The last one was Fukkatsu Love, why can’t they make the same kind of vibe