Arashi releases “I’ll be there” PV

Arashi just released their latest single “I’ll be there” last April 19! The song is currently used as the theme song of the Fuji TV’s getus9 drama “Kizoku Tantei” starring Aiba Masaki as an aristocratic detective whose age, address, and family remains unknown. The cool, colorful and dynamic song links to the drama’s mysterious world.

Arashi are dressed to match! Catch their latest music video below.

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“I’ll be there” TRACKLIST


[First-run limited edition]
・16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

1. I’ll be there
Lyrics: Goro.T/Music: Fredrik“Figge”Bostrom, 佐原康太/Arrangement: 佐原康太, metropolitan digital clique

2. Round and Round
Lyrics: Funk Uchino/Music: Christofer Erixon, Josef Melin/Arrangement: Josef Melin

M3. Round and Round (original karaoke track)

“I’ll be there” music video + making-of


[Regular edition]
M1. I’ll be there

M2. unknown
Lyrics: Macoto56/Rap lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music: AI Swettenham, HIKARI/Arrangement: 吉岡たく

M3. Treasure of life
Lyrics: Tutti/Music: Erik Lidbom, Simon Janlöv/Arrangement: Simon Janlöv

M4. I’ll be there (original karaoke track)
M5. unknown (original karaoke track)
M6. Treasure of life (original karaoke track)

(via J-net)

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    • byebicycle

      jun looks so good. and i love the b-sides 😭

    • light

      I like I’ll be there but the pv could have been less dark and serious, the second part is nice though. Unknown is so good too!

      It’s too bad it’s doing worse than Power of the Paradise, which was meh….i wonder if the announce of the double concert dvd just before the single release could be a cause, they are pretty expensive. Or they could just be declining in sales but it was kinda sudden.

      • chlowerrr

        How much are they declining in sales?

        • light

          Not that much from the last single (that came with almost no promotion though), but it may not hit 400,000 for first week. It’s still a lot lol but for Arashi standards and with a drama tie-in it’s a bit low.

          • Are

            How much was their usual 1st week sale for a single with a member starring drama tie-in?

            • Taima-kun

              400-500k, 700k if it’s a double-A side

              here’s a ranking of their best 1st week sales for singles
              *1位 756,410 Calling/Breathless
              *2位 737,951 I seek/Daylight
              *3位 572,050 果てない空
              *4位 557,430 A・RA・SHI
              *5位 550,014 ワイルド アット ハート
              *6位 543,269 Monster
              *7位 542,334 Troublemaker
              *8位 541,424 Lotus
              *9位 530,469 迷宮ラブソング
              10位 528,844 Love Rainbow
              11位 526,106 Face Down
              12位 511,696 Bittersweet
              13位 502,487 明日の記憶/Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~
              14位 501,988 Believe/曇りのち、快晴
              15位 501,493 GUTS!
              16位 501,010 青空の下、キミのとなり
              17位 500,730 Dear Snow
              18位 485,006 復活LOVE
              19位 477,869 Endless Game
              20位 477,820 Your Eyes

      • Diaz Marche

        What do u mean they’re declining in sales! It’s still no.1 on the oricon daily charts! And the song has JUST been released. Give it some time.

        • light

          Because this single is clearly not doing well compared to their other ones (Power of the paradise was expected to have “low” sales).
          It could just be because of the dvd announcement as i said though.

          • Charlie

            The drop in sales could also be because of Jun and Sho’s dating scandals this year (and Nino’s ongoing one).

            • light

              I wonder, the album and concert dvd released after Nino scandal did well enough, it’s the singles that dropped more. Well, we’ll see if the trend continues with the next release.

            • Rosem

              Can you direct me to some details please? I haven’t been keeping up well with “news” lately. Thanks! :)

        • may

          Usually their first single of the year will get around 480k-500+k in 1st week. They’ve been consistent within that figure for years. They are likely to only sell below 400k on debut week + dvd and that’s rare.

    • Taima-kun

      too serious and dark (like really the resting bitch faces at the beginning just made LOL) for a jazzy song but the latter, dorky parts are greatly appreciated
      another solid single from them, i like all the songs especially “unknown” – which could have been great as a title track instead
      it’s just a bit frustrating that it isn’t doing so well sales wise compared to the boring Pawapara

    • Kokoro Ai

      I like Unknown more than this single.

    • Risa

      Jun looks so handsome, it’s crazy! Lucky dude is aging really well.
      I like the single a lot, more than most of the releases from last year.

    • OhNana

      It’s been a long while for me. Why is Nino less handsome than i remember him to be? Lol

    • mikamika

      Lol, reading the other comments it looks like I’m the only person who isn’t too thrilled by unknown…😂

      • may

        maybe you have plebeian taste

      • I ain’t thrilled about anything on this single.

    • may

      Listen to Unknown, the true gem of this single