Arashi releases「untitled」album lead track “Mikan” previews

As previously announced, Arashi will be releasing their latest album「untitled」 on October 18, reportedly to be a fusion of various genres. Song and music video previews for the album’s lead song 「未完」 (Mikan) are out! The song epitomizes the album’s title「untitled」in every way, intertwining many sound elements such as ‘Japanese Wa,’ digital, classical, and hip-hop.

How will it sound? Check out Arashi’s latest song below!

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    • light

      I really like the dancing part, they look good and the dancer is great! But the other parts were they just stand are anticlimactic for such an upbeat music, i hope they add a choreo for those in the live perf.

      At first the song was confusing but it grew on me fast, can’t wait for the album!

    • I want to be relevant :(

      the song sounds so disjointed….too many weird transitions…. :(
      maybe it will grow on me….

    • The pair dancing looks amazing, can’t wait to see the whole pv.

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Aiba 😍😍😍❤️❤️👌

    • monica_monami

      i love mikan! <333 and i love green light too!

    • OnceUponAJdrama

      It sounds… a bit all over the place 😅 The mv looks good though, really like the transitions between the spaces, the camera zooming in/out through that thread curtain with their faces projected on it.

    • SpxzZ

      This song is still a mess lol.
      But i believe the live performances will be good, and I like they did something new with the female dancer here.